Sharifah, might is not always right

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YOURSAY 'If you actually took the time to listen to Sharifah's tirade you will find that there are tea ladies who make more sense.'

Clip of panellist berating student goes viral

your say LittleGiant: Suara Wanita 1Malaysia (SW1M) chairperson Sharifah Zohra Jabeen Syed Shah Miskin is clearly a product of BN and is a perfect representation of how BN leaders want to practice "leadership by example".

The way she rebuked KS Bawani, the UUM student, is typical of how BN leaders lack the decorum to 'absorb' people's true feelings without any patience or tolerance to accept differing opinion on government policies and programmes.

Also, why mention cats, dogs and sharks when she spoke about human greed? Sharifah should have the guts to mention about all the high-profile corruption cases involving BN politicians and that would have sufficed her 'lecture' about human greed.

Obviously, Sharifah was aiming for a bad argument with Bawani instead of wanting to have a good debate with her. And it was so ridiculous to see the students clapping for both Sharifah and Bawani without any understanding of what they were clapping for.

Such is the pathetic condition of today's 'education system' in our country's public universities.

Malaysian Born: If you actually took the time to listen to Sharifah's tirade you will find that there are tea ladies who make more sense. She is a bully and her behaviour was uncouth and entirely unacceptable.

You cannot blame the young students who agreed with her rants as they have been brow beaten to behave like sheep. I think the university administration needs to be taken to task about their procedures and standards for the kind of people allowed to participate in its forums.

Really when she started talking rubbish, some representative from the university should have stepped in and shooed her out of there. As it was, they were all sitting there smiling, and the fact that she sounded dreadful was lost on all of them.

Clever Voter: This is what has become of this country - a patronage system when people in power can do no wrong, and whatever views or opinions of others are rejected and despised.

There are hundreds of such characters each waiting in queue for their turn to enjoy the rewards for their loyalty to BN and spreading lies against the opposition. Just look at Umno Wanita wing.

Daud: Those wearing the 1Malaysia badge should take them off after watching this video because she has made it the badge for hypocrisy. Shame on this woman and bravo to Bawani. I am glad our deputy education minister reached out to her.

Kuasa Rakyat: I need to apologise for my earlier comments in Malaysiakini since I did not see the video and only read the report. I need to apologise because my earlier comments were way too generous.

After seeing the video, all I can say is that Sharifah is not worthy to be called a Malaysian as her attitude and character shame all of us, the rakyat.

I can't believe someone can talk like that. The only thing I can think of is that she got nothing in her brains. Not only that, she is so, so rude.

Malaysiantulin: With this kind of brainwashing, I have no regret for sending my sons to a private university. It's financially burdensome, but it's worth it after watching this video clip.

How on earth did the government allow this kind of unprofessional ‘maniac' to have access to our children. No wonder the quality of our education is going down the drain as the years go by.

Fair&Just: Well, this is one of the many episodes that showcase how the non-Malays are intimidated and humiliated by the so-called supremacists here and how they have to stomach such indignation and insult (get out of here, change university, etc) if you beggar a tertiary education or a business licence or a job (if any) or a government loan from them.

Hence, might is right and someday they will get their just dessert when a stronger and advanced entity will do to them what they done to us.

Anonymous_3fb5: I watched the video clip. It is no surprise the level and quality of our tertiary institutions have gone down the tubes. Most of these students are living in their own coconut shells, oblivious to the happenings outside.

And to see a speaker lacking in professionalism having access to university students. It doesn't look like she has the right training or qualification to be speaking at a tertiary institution.

But that's Malaysia, and you have all these students who think not with their brains, clapping away in support of the tyranical speaker. I fear to think of the country's future if such characteristics are typical of our youngsters today.

Rakyat Malaysia: I think Sharifah will make a good animal rights activist. She should start a new ‘persatuan' (organisation) called the Suara Binatang 1Malaysia (SB1M)?

Anonymous #03216792: This is the first article that has recorded more then 400 comments from Malaysiakini subscribers. This should go down in history.

Dr Suresh Kumar: I am appalled by the attitude of most of the commentators who are having a field day whacking the 'mamaks' for the misdeeds of a handful of 'constitutional' Malay ‘mamaks', who are not even full blooded 'mamaks'.

Have you all seen or befriended a true 'mamak'? I grew up watching the true 'mamaks'.

From our roti man, the Naina Mohammed traders to the original owners of the once famous Bilal restaurant - they are in the list of my dad's friends. These people are such nice, humble and respectful individuals.

Indeed, what is the difference between this uncouth Sharifah and you racist hate-mongers?

UUM forum video: Shocking, shocking, shocking

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