UUM forum video is shocking, shocking, shocking

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YOURSAY 'Anyone who watched the video saw how uncivilised and undemocratic Sharifah was - certainly a badly brought-up bully.'

Clip of panellist berating student goes viral

Anonymous #44199885: It's shocking that we have not heard a word from the Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) against this act of intimidation against a student for offering a reasoned comment/ question.

Shocking that such a person could have been invited by UUM to be an emcee or moderator. Shocking that students in UUM applauded such a bully.

Shocking that a person who disagrees with the official policy/position was invited to leave the country and in this case, invited to leave the university.

Shocking that no member of the panel stepped in to restrain the shocking behaviour of the emcee or moderator. Shocking that the emcee or moderator was not able to give a rational and well-reasoned statement in reply.

Shocking that no official statement has been issued by the government against this appalling behaviour.

For me, this video is a revelation - don't send my kids to the local universities as one can see clearly the reason for their low ranking.

Gerard Lourdesamy: Who is this woman to tell others to go to another country if they want a free education? Since we are all taxpayers, we have the right to demand for free education.

If this woman is licking Umno-BN's boots for some crumbs, so be it, but please do not pretend to be educated or even refined in any respect since she behaved like a common street hoodlum.

This was nothing but a brainwashing event. The UUM students who sat through this rubbish are equally to blame as they should have walked out of the hall in disgust at the antics of this pea-brained woman.

This is what our halls of academia have come to, a place to fish for votes for the ruling party. Frankly, the BN is behaving no better than the communists and fascists of the past and these so-called NGOs are nothing but apologists for the establishment.

Tholu: Sharifah,

1) You are the one with the least 'pendidikan' (education) for arguing that only what you say is right.

2) Respect the freedom of expression of everyone, including that of the young student, KS Bawani.

3) Respect should not be demanded; it should be earned whether from the old or the young.

You are an egocentric bully. Is this the kind of manners your parents taught you? You never gave Bawani a chance to defend herself, and you styled the forum, ‘Suara Mahasiswa'. It was more like ‘Suara Biro Tatanegara (BTN).'

And by the way, who are you to ask her to leave this country when you yourself look like a person whom the ultra-Malays will brand as ‘pendatang.'

Rakyat Malaysia: Sharifah, we complain because we know what could be done better. By complaining, we are testing the sincerity of the government and when the true nature of the government is tested, we will know if it is good enough or it can be improved.

Nothing in this world is perfect, but all of us can do something to improve it. We are the change and we will become the change that we want to see.

Jaded: I cry for the education system of this generation and pity those who have no means of going overseas for their tertiary education.

For one exposed fanatic, there must be more hidden in the midst. We must all exercise our right to vote to end this nonsense.

Anonymous #02382443: Bravo, Bawani. You won the hearts of all Malaysians and certainly many more from around the world.

She has every right to speak her mind and I am surprised that an institution of higher learning allows people like Sharifah to stifle logical and reasoned thinking.

Anyone who watched the video saw how uncivilised and undemocratic Sharifah was - certainly an uneducated and badly-brought up bully.

Anomnim: "Don't equate Malaysia with other countries"? I am sick and tired of politicians comparing us with another country when it is convenient for them, and prohibit us from doing the same when it is not for them.

Jean Pierre: How apt that Sharifah is pro-BN. How apt that Bawani defends Bersih. People ape whom they admire. How appalling that Sharifah was applauded. You are what you let people make you.

Myop101: Actually, what Sharifah said the whole time is, they are devoid of solutions for human problems in Malaysia and can only divert attention by talking about animal rights because she knows very well these animals are also suffering but can't complain.

Lim Ah Kow: Yes, everybody has a problem but I believe Sharifah has a bigger problem than most of us.

Sharifah, might is not always right

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