Honour promise of land for ex-soldiers, Kelantan gov't told

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The PAS-led Kelantan government has come under fire over its failure to honour its promise, made a year ago, to give land to ex-soldiers.

In taking the state government to task, Malaysian Ex-Army Association (Kelantan) chairperson Mohammad Abdul Ghani said the failure of the state government to keep its promise had caused suffering to the association's 14,000 members.

"As a result, none of them have yet to own a house. This should not have happened after a promise is made by a state government.

"It would not have taken place, had the state government been led by the Barisan Nasional which certainly would have kept its promise.

"We hope all state governments give land to ex-soldiers. States like Perak, Pahang and Negeri Sembilan have already done so," he told Bernama in an interview recently.

It was reported that the Pas-led government in April last year, had promised to give two acres of land to each ex-soldier, following the location of a site.

A special committee was also set up towards this end.

Pro-opposition group 'very small'

The promise was purportedly the Kelantan government's 'gift' to the ex-soldiers, in appreciation of their deeds in safeguarding and maintaining national peace.

Meanwhile, Mohammad, who was previously the association's national president, noted that some ex-soldiers leaned towards the opposition after committing offences while they were still in service.

As a result (of committing the offences), he said the errant group of ex-soldiers felt marginalised and hated the leadership.

"By right, they should remember that the precipice of welfare for ex-army personnel is in the present. The government has given us high appreciation, via numerous incentives and aid," he added.

Nevertheless, Mohammad regarded the errant group as "very small" and urged the 300,000 ex-soldiers nationwide to continue supporting the government, and not to be duped by the sweet promises of the opposition.

- Bernama

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