Allah row is Perkasa's Tower of Babel

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YOURSAY 'I'm really surprised that no Muslims in this country have felt hurt when Ibrahim Ali called for the burning of the BM Bible with ‘Allah' in it.'

Bibles of any language still a Bible, Perkasa told

your say Sfjkhglr843: Human rights lawyer Siti Zabedah Kasim, leave Perkasa alone. It is all about politics, to divide communities and create a siege mentality among Muslims so that they vote where Perkasa wants them to vote and the likes of Perkasa can remain in power and enjoy the fruits.

Do you remember in 1990, then PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad used the same strategy successfully when Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah donned a head gear in Sabah on which there appeared to be a cross-like design?

Holden: Siti Zabedah, when threatened, little bully boys like the Perkasa chief will do anything to show they're in the driver's seat. Let them keep yapping.

The more they talk, the more their stupidity is plain for all to see. You can't talk logic to an idiot, without feeling idiotic yourself.

Onyourtoes: So it is okay to burn bibles with ‘Allah' in them? The last time I checked, the High Court declared it was legal for the Christians to use ‘Allah'. So which law or precedent is Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali following?

Gofortruth: The existing law allows the use of the word ‘Allah' in the Malay language Bible, but Ibrahim Ali is provoking Muslims to break the law to burn such bibles and to instigate violence in the country.

Now not only Ibrahim Ali is a confirmed security threat, Perkasa is a dangerous organisation that aims to foment national unrest.

Our home minster is sitting at home doing nothing by allowing these people to provoke/instigate some naive Muslims into taking the law into their own hands.

What a contrast to the former home minister, who locked up a female reporter under the Internal Security Act, purportedly to protect her!

Quigonbond: I wonder what the police are waiting for. Perkasa keeps repeating they will burn the holy book. I think that amounts at least to criminal intimidation, if not attempted damage or destruction of property.

And who knows how they get their hands of such bibles. The attorney-general (AG) is not only dumb to criminal law, but he's also deaf and blind to the anger that all Malaysians are feeling, whether they are Malay, Indians or Chinese.

Kazakh: What is the Jawi script if not Arabic writing? It's not Malay. Jawi, I am sure, existed long before Islam. I am also sure that Arab Christians too would be using this writing to propagate Christianity among the Arabs.

So is Perkasa planing to go over to the Arab countries to incite the locals to burn their bibles? Please, stop making a fool of your own ‘Malay' race, a race that exists only by law of the federal constitution.

Shathriyan: Actually, I don't want to waste my time commenting on the antics of an ignoramus like the Perkasa leader. But his stupidity is growing by day and the authorities, that is the BN government, does not seem to be doing anything about it.

A holy scripture remains holy immaterial in whatever language you print it. The language is just a medium. By burning the Bible in Bahasa Malaysia that contains the name of God as ‘Allah', you are actually trying to burn God himself.

No person in his right senses shall ever burn any piece of paper, or for that matter any material, that contains the name of God that he believes and prays to.

I'm really surprised that no Muslims in this country have felt hurt when Ibrahim Ali called for the burning of the BM Bible. Don't they realise that his call actually amounts to calling for the burning of ‘Allah' himself?

Geronimo: If Ibrahim Ali can remember his religious knowledge, during the time when man tried to build the Tower of Babel to reach the heavens, God punished man by making his lot speak in different languages so they could cease their foolhardy project.

Therefore, any language that we speak today is in fact God's work and any man who tries to bring disrepute to the language is mocking God. Be forewarned, Ibrahim Ali and your goons in Perkasa.

Bumiasli: Perkasa is a group that represents fools who instead of using their brains (which I doubt they have), they use senseless arguments to show their might.

Perkasa must remember that they don't own Malaysia. Every race has equal rights and we don't need to tolerate their nonsense.

Vijay47: What is most disappointing about this controversy is that everyone seems to be focussing on Ibrahim Ali. This miserable pitiable person is nothing but a retard trying his best to gain his five minutes of fame by being his master's mouthpiece.

The real evil force, the real danger to the nation's well-being is Abdul Gani Patail, who unbelievably, is the attorney-general.

He has come out to announce that Ibrahim Ali has not broken any law, that inciting people to wreak havoc which would lead to bloodshed in the streets is not illegal.

This is the man we should all be giving our full attention to, the man who should be sacked, tarred and feathered, drawn and quartered. Along with Mahathir for good measure.

Anonymous_4031: Readers should know that the Perkasa leader won his seat in Kelantan through PAS' patronage. Now that he has angered PAS, he will not get its support in the coming election.

Now, will he get Umno support? Not likely, because Umno itself has its own warlords who wish to stand for election.

So, is there any chance that Ibrahim will get a seat? With no strong backing, does he stand a chance? Not a ghost of a chance, right? Hence, he has to do something drastic.

Anonymous #32993250: PM Najib Razak as usual is silent on such an issue that may bring disharmony to his 1Malaysia.

As the No 1 citizen, he must advise those who have gone overboard, and in this case Ibrahim Ali, to be more careful in his comments. The PM should not only win the election, but also the minds of the Malaysian populace.

Anonymous_VV: Forget 1Malaysia, that will never become a reality in Malaysia. Nations like Singapore, Australia, United States and other developed countries treat their citizens equally, at least in the eyes of the law.

We, on the other hand, are following the standards set by Palestine or the African states. How sad indeed.

Ssaniku: Ibrahim Ali is just creating a controversy on behalf of Mahathir to divert attention from the selling of the country to illegal immigrants as is being exposed in the Sabah RCI (royal commission of inquiry).

If you prosecute Mahathir, the ‘kataks' (frogs) will shut their mouths.

Odin: Siti Zabedah, I suspect you are targeted because you are a Malay-Muslim and thus are seen by them as a traitor to their evil cause.

If I were you, I'd ignore them. Let them make a report at all the police stations in Malaysia. For remember, goodness always triumphs over evil. Always.

StoptheRot: Edmund Burke said, "In a democracy, the majority of the citizens is capable of exercising the most cruel oppressions upon the minority."

At times like this we, the non-Muslims, cry out for right thinking Muslim majority such as Siti Zabedah Kasim to stand up for us because as a minority we are helpless.

Msiakini4all: What about the Quran in English? Who are these Muslims trying to confuse?

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