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Wong Tack, don't fight fire with fire
Published:  Feb 5, 2013 12:57 AM
Updated: 6:44 AM

FREE YOURSAY 'Stay on track, do your activist role in a non-violent manner. More people will be drawn to you this way. Quickly apologise, attribute it to your anger.'

Wong Tack threatens to torch Lynas plant after GE

your say Rubystar_4037: Wong Tack, you are now a public figure in Malaysia. Don't be too rash to issue threats. Even if you want to do it, you have no means to fight the juggernaut of the corrupt BN regime.

Stay on track, do your activist role in a non-violent manner. More people will be drawn to you this way.

Once you use threats and violence you lose your supporters as most of them have to make a living and cannot do time in jail.

We are all very angry too at how BN approved this project, where it only benefits a few cronies to the detriment of the environment and our rakyat.

Quickly apologise, attribute it to your anger, and this will pass. Keep your head. A lot of the rakyat appreciates what you have done. Do not throw away their goodwill.

Bijan: I was with you during the last three days of your walk from Kuantan to Dataran Merdeka. I support your green cause. But I hope you do not violate the law as all of us, together with you, love peace.

We will fight the democratic way to get rid of Lynas. We have two missions - macro and micro - one is for Pakatan Rakyat to take over Putrajaya, second is for Pakatan to take over Pahang and form the state government.

If it can't take Putrajaya, at least take Pahang. Then Pakatan can close down Lynas.

Ericlcc: Wong, lucky for you, there is no Internal Security Act to put you behind bars. Also the attorney-general will probably say that the Lynas plant is not on fire yet, so there is no need to take action, as in the bible-burning threat.

But be careful with your language, or else it may negate all the efforts you and sensible Malaysians have put in.

Black Mamba: Wong, like Ibrahim Ali, only threatens. At the end of the day, the AG said that no bibles were burnt and as such, no crime was committed. Similarly, Lynas has not been torched. So no crime has been committed and nobody needs to be charged.

Survivor: Black Mamba, that's exactly the intent and purpose of Wong's comment - to expose the double standards of the AG and to debunk former premier Dr Mohamad Mahathir's claim that Perkasa chief Ibrahim AIi is not the spokesperson of Umno.

Anonymous_3f55: I wonder if the AG will launch a preventive strike against our hero. After all, he has threatened to burn down Lynas. Will he be charged in court? If so, please do the same for Ibrahim Ali, who wanted to burn the Bible.

Wira: Cool down, Wong. You don't have immunity like Ibrahim Ali. Don't issue unnecessary threats because you may turn off some supporters. Just campaign hard for a Pakatan win.

Heavywater: Please don't do such things. If you do, then they have won and you will be just like them. The best way is still to change the government.

Change for the best. If not, then anything would still be better than what we have now.

Abuminable: If I lived in Kuantan, I would help Wong Tack close down Lynas. The best recourse for now is to vote BN out.

I'm sure the new Pakatan federal government will take steps to wind down this obscene plant through legal means, even if we have to compensate Lynas for the cost of the construction.

But because of BN's greed, there will be some toxic waste to be disposed of. It's incredible that they would issue a TOL (temporary operating licence) without a waste disposal facility in place.

Ddeo: Violence anywhere, towards any party, is violence. And violence must be rejected. Wong should be utterly ashamed of himself.

Ferdtan: If that is what Wong Tack said - threatens to torch Lynas plant after GE, then he is deliberately putting himself in the line of fire to galvanise support to vote out BN.

He is not calling for the drastic action now; it is conditional upon the result of the 13th general election. It looks like this is the making of a martyr.

If it is true, he knows the danger of that statement. He knows he would be locked up for good. He is stepping up to offer himself as the ultimate sacrifice for the people of Malaysia.

We just pray that the statement is not true as we still need him to lead the fight against Lynas. We hope he does not have to take that drastic step. We now pledge to him - we shall vote BN out to keep him safe.

Cala: The sacrifice is unnecessary. In his zeal to nip in the bud of Lynas' harmful effect on human lives, Wong Tack has issued a warning that he would burn down the said plant 30 days after the next general election.

I want to believe that he was not serious in making the threat and he had uttered those words at the spur of the moment, something that was not meant to be carried out.

Giudice: As much as I disagree with the proposed course of action, it must be noted that it is a direct result of the government placing its own interests above the people's.

The government and its supporters keep talking about preventing an uprising similar to the Arab Spring but fail to realise that it is their actions that are causing the sparks.

Anonymous #25558299: Wong, please forget about burning now. Instead work very, very hard for a Pakatan win this GE13.

Kuasa Rakyat: This I cannot agree. Don't let this ‘activist' thing get into your head. By all means ‘lawan tetap lawan' (keep fighting) but threatening to burn down the plant?

StoptheRot: Wong, you are a hero. Your fight is much needed by the community. Do not issue such threats. They will use draconian laws against you and you will be a big loss to the community.

Please keep your cool. You have been a great leader and have sacrificed unselfishly.

Anonymous #13268827: What's this idiocy of torching the plant? Stay on course with the shutdown, okay? I'm no nuke scientist but won't a fire have the potential to set off something more dangerous?

Zen: There will be lots of things to burn down. No need for the courts to decide things any more in Malaysia. Just burn it down if you don't like something or disagree with other people. We can all go back to the Stone Age.

Anak JB: Wong, there is no place in civil society to issue open threats and propagate arson. Your rightful place in this instance is in jail. You have crossed the line and should be ashamed of yourself.

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