Mahathir turns logic on its head over Project IC

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YOURSAY 'Why fight for independence when we invite foreigners into our land and give them citizenship wholesale?'

Dr M: Immigrants given ICs don't necessarily vote BN

your say Lamborghini: We must work together to expose and erase the evil deeds and reverse the curse this man has singlehandedly brought to our beloved nation, and especially to Sabah.

It has been our nation's greatest misfortune to have this wicked man rule our nation for 22 years.

He has destroyed democracy and shown himself to be the greatest traitor by making illegals instant citizens in order to realise his evil plans.

And now he blames everybody else and tries to justify his evil actions. There is no use getting upset and angry with his lies.

Just ignore them but do our part to dump people like him and his kind into the wastebin of history or better still let his past evil deeds catch up with him and let him rot in prison.

Intheair: In the Sabah RCI (royal commission of inquiry), it has been proven that those given citizenship illegally are more than keen to vote.

The reason is simple - they are ensuring their illegally obtained citizenship will not be taken away by a new government.

Do you think the illegal citizens will vote a different government into power?

AkuMelayuIslam: Using Mahathir's ‘logic', let's give drugs to our youth as not all of them will take or use it; or give guns to the public, not all of them will shoot somebody with it.

Bash: Why fight for independence when we invite foreigners into our land and give them citizenship wholesale?

Besides, this is may be seen as social engineering verging on criminal activity.

Fair Play: As always, he is trying to muddy the issue without realising that the game is over for him.

Starr: What a baloney to defend the Project IC scam. It's not only typical of Mahathir's way of defending his administration, but also characteristics of the person he is in shifting the blame onto others and not taking any personal responsibility.

If everything was done legally as intended, why all the secrecy? Why the repeated denials?

No, the scam was done in 'darkness' as a clandestine operation involving deputy ministers, civil servants and Umno operatives, not as the government's public policy.

Given the massive scale of the exercise, there was neither  public consultation, nor any inter-government consultation on matters clearly encroaching on the state's immigration powers.

In fact, the state government was kept in the 'dark' as pleaded by Harris Salleh.

Say what he likes, Mahathir has lost his 'pocket change'. The scam was done out of the ordinary but designed to shift the demographic of Sabah with political objectives.

How these 'new citizens' have voted is irrelevant - it's a matter of conjuncture.

Kgen: Mahathir still thinks he is lying to gullible ‘kampong' folks. Come on, the foreigners given citizenship know which side to vote for.

They also appear highly motivated to vote which is odd if everything is above board.

But nothing is above board as they have been given citizenship in exchange for their votes.

The Observer: The issue is not who the illegal voters voted for. It is about an illegitimate government elected through fraud and electoral manipulation and the criminal act of those in power being agents and perpetrators of this high treason.

Swipenter: What is the purpose of granting citizenship in such big numbers clandestinely in a relatively a short period? Let me guess:

1) To vote for Umno-BN in order for them to retain political power.

2) To increase at a artificially fast rate the Malay/Muslim population of the country in order to have numerical superiority over other ethnic/religious groups.

Both of the objectives have been largely achieved but the consequences to the country are yet to be fully experienced and played out as the show is still ongoing.

If this is not racist, then what is? Mahathir is a closet racist and extremist posing as a faux democrat.

Cala: By his own admission on the citizens-for-votes scheme in Sabah since the 1980s, one can conclude that the BN state governments since then are largely illegal in nature.

It is time for someone to file a motion in court to declare as such even though it means retrospectively, but at least for history's sake.

Caripasal: Whether or not the immigrants vote for BN is secondary. It is your evil intention that matters. Granting them citizenship to buy their vote is an act of treason.

Most of the immigrants will cast their vote for BN out of the fear. It is people like you that should have your citizenship revoked.

Tehachapi: Dr M, you are a fraud, a manipulator, a schemer, a habitual liar, a thief, a traitor, a provocateur and now in your dying days, instead of seeking forgiveness from your creator and your fellow Malaysians for the evil deeds and treasonous acts and repent, you still want to inflame the sensibilities of the people, treating everyone as idiot deserving your scorn.

You are wrong sir, your crimes and your sins will catch up with you and visit your descendants until the seven generations.

Repent and seek forgiveness from God and from the people before you breathe your last and hopefully God in his mercy and compassion will forgive you.

A Selangor Voter: Mahathir, remember the Likas by-election? Why did you go to Parliament and pass a law that the electoral rolls cannot be challenged by the court?

Another Dr M's diversion, who they vote for not the issue

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