Another Dr M diversion, who they vote for not the issue

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YOURSAY 'Giving unqualified immigrants citizenship and the right to vote was wrong then and is still wrong today. Period.'

Dr M: Immigrants given ICs don't necessarily vote BN

your say Boiling Mud: The crux of the matter is not whether those immigrants who were given ICs voted for BN.

The issue is the act of granting them the right to vote for BN to stay in power. In so doing, the perpetrator had not only divided the country further, but he had also committed high treason.

In the long run, those who will suffer the repercussion worst would probably be a divided Malay community that comprises people from different ethnic origins with different agendas and ideologies.

These newly-minted citizens are here with the main objective of seeking and building a fortune for themselves. And where they came from, there are no special privileges and no protected position accorded to them.

They will probably rely on their true grit to carve a living in this country that unwittingly opens the floodgate to their influx. Who stands a better chance to advance? Them, or our pampered, dependent lot?

Faz: Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad is throwing another red herring. Please do not get diverted from the core issue.

Giving unqualified immigrants citizenship and the right to vote was wrong then and is still wrong today. Period. Who they voted for is not the issue.

Spinnot: The main issue is whether these foreigners were given Malaysian citizenship in accordance to the law. Some witnesses at the Sabah RCI (royal commission of inquiry) did testify that they were told to vote for the BN in return for instant citizenship.

Whether in the end they voted for BN or the opposition, or did not vote, is another issue.

Tholu: Like a man caught red-handed for his wrongdoings, Mahathir keeps twisting and changing his stories about the citizenship-for-vote scandal in Sabah.

He ought to realise that the people are not naive and gullible - as he may wish they are - to believe his interpretation that Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali did not mean what he said, i.e. to literally burn the Malay Bible.

Mushiro: First, he answered that the immigrants were qualified as they could speak Bahasa Malaysia.

Second, he justified that Tunku Abdul Rahman also did the same in 1957. Third, he blamed the then deputy PM Anwar Ibrahim of being directly involved. Now he is saying that this benefitted the opposition.

Mahathir will give 101 reasons but with none blaming himself. This is our wannabe hypocrite and treasonous "statesman" who has stolen billions from the nation for himself and his children and left Malaysia with a chronic culture of mega-corruption, sub-standard education, subservient judiciary, clueless civil service, corrupt police force and other government institutions.

My advice to him is to return all the stolen money, apologise to Malaysians and submit himself to investigation.

Save Our Currency: They would definitely have been threatened that their citizenship will be taken back if they don't vote BN. After all, serial numbers on the ballot paper are recorded.

They must have been told that the authorities can double check. Moreover, why give citizenship if not for votes.

Also this could be the reason the indelible ink was withdrawn at the very last minute in the 2008 elections - to allow these instant citizens to vote.

I hope with the indelible ink this time, there will be no recording of serial numbers in the ballot paper. NGOs, please make sure of that.

Ferdtan: This is Mahathir's reasoning to downplay Ibrahim Ali's call to burn the copies of the Bible with ‘Allah' on them: "He was commenting on standard government procedures to dispose of publications that contravene laws, that is by burning. I don't think he meant to insult the Bible."

Imagine him talking stupid like that - our PM for 22 years. This is very insulting to us, as if we have no brains to understand what Ibrahim was really saying.

Datos: From producing ICs (identity cards) at his former political secretary Aziz Shamsuddin's backyard, then blaming Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim for this, and now justifying the act by stating that these instant citizens may have voted for the opposition.

Does he think we are all kindergarten dropouts?

Anonymous #49297474: I'm expecting more evil things from BN if it is able to retain Putrajaya. There is no room to remain politically neutral now, when it is so clear that the wrongdoing in BN is so deliberate.

OMG!!: This is the treacherous act of the highest order and it is the mother of all scandals committed by Dr M during his 22 years of iron-fist rule - far worst than the corruption, cronyism and nepotism that he is often associated with.

This issue alone should be enough for all right-minded voters to overthrow this corrupt and treacherous government come GE13.

Oscar Kilo: Indeed, it will be most unfortunate if Mahathir stays silent only after he has passed away.

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