Bersih vs NST shows we need to make MSM accountable

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VOXPOP ‘We should do our utmost best to clean up this highly tainted and corrupted media, which is filled with untruths and blatant lies.'

Bersih files defamation suit against NST

vox populi small thumbnail Sarajun Hoda: This is yet another incredibly irresponsible reporting. Have journalism standards in the mainstream media stooped so low?

All of them have been sued by various people to whom they have done great injustice and forced to pay damages, yet they shamelessly continue their rumour-mongering and defamation tirade.

And this is how BN wants to win the people's 'nambikei' (trust)? Have these people no shame?

Is this what the BN government stands for? Yet they go and ask the rakyat to give them another mandate to rule. Only fools will believe and vote for them.

Bijan: Utusan Malaysia , Berita Harian , New Straits Times , etc. do not mind paying for the damages because these newspapers are owned by Umno-BN which is, of course, very filthy rich.

Not to mention that all these mainstream media have been spinning lies time and time again, and had even lost a lot of defamation cases before... why would the home minister still grant them a permit?

Fighting: I am ready to make a donation for Bersih's legal fees.

Tehachapi: We should be justly proud that the right-thinking citizens and NGOs are working together to rebuild the foundation of this nation based on fundamental human rights, truth and justice.

For far too long, we have been manipulated and lied to. This has to stop. Count me in. We should do our utmost best to clean up this highly tainted and corrupted media, which is filled with untruths and blatant lies.

Only the existence of a free press, truthful reporting by unbiased journalists, can assure a clean and responsible government.

The press should be the keeper and guardian of the public's conscience in a civilised society. It is a crime to manipulate the press and distort the truth for selfish ends.

Anonymous #21828131: Bersih, sue them for spinning the facts. We know you will win.

If this sort of reporting is left unchecked, all mainstream media - which are tools of BN - would forever be spinning even during the transition period after GE13 should BN is finally ousted.

The consequences would be more severe then. The mainstream media are just creating false news in the run-up to the general election.

Abuminable: It's all about lifestyle, isn't it? To maintain a certain standard of living, some folks will compromise their principles and become dishonest, just so that their egos can flaunt their infantile and shallow notions of ‘success'.

It is the duty of all intelligent parents to refrain from inflicting such stupid and materialistic ideas of ‘success' onto your own progeny, which will ultimately corrupt their souls.

Cogito Ergo Sum: The New Straits Times has taken a huge dive from its hey days in the 60s and 70s in regards to professional ethics, content, good clear writing, and being a paper of record. Now it is just a record of disrepute.

Anonymous_3ec6: Yes, sue the NST (Non-Speaking Truth) paper to its last cent.

Supporters urged to 'balik kampung' in Ubahmobiles

Merdeka Rakyat-Bangkit: It's a good idea for DAP-Pakatan Rakyat to make use of the Chinese New Year for publicity of GE13.

I personally would convince my friends and relatives during the Chinese New Year to cast their votes for Pakatan. For a better future for our children, this is our duty and responsibility to make the change comes true.

I was born in 1955. We have given 56 years to Umno-BN and what has happened since? Corruption, corruption and more corruption.

Awakening: Yeah, I like it. Let the young ones influence all their suburban and rural relatives to make a change.

Louis: Go sell T-shirts and car stickers. DAP MP Tony Pua, you should do it fast before the general election arrives. The profits can go into the election funds.

I will certainly buy a few to be distributed among my friends. Pakatan has brains. And I hope that BN will not copy Pakatan's idea.

Anonymous #13268827: Good idea, but knowing BN, they'll use the Road Transport Department (RTD) to stop all these cars.

Reason being it is "too distracting, therefore not roadworthy". Have a safe journey and Happy Chinese New Year, everybody!

Being Human: Pua, I think it's too late to get these stickers and drive this message back home. But not to worry, they (Umno-BN) can have the elections tomorrow and we will still be able to throw them out of the government.

MGRJr: Comments on their efforts being "too late" are just not helping. When the objective of such a magnitude as changing the government, all efforts - in any form - should be deemed noble and supported by all. Come on people, be positive.

The game's not over. The score is still 0-0. Come what may, hell or high water... lawan tetap lawan . It's never too late. Never.

Bender: Very nice website indeed (it can teach BN and Rais Yatim a thing or two about graphic design), I send my congratulations to whoever worked so hard on this.

Happy holidays to all, take care and be courteous while driving home (this attitude needs to ' ubah ' as well).

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