Mahathir, your turn to apologise to Ambiga
Published:  Feb 10, 2013 12:51 AM
Updated: Feb 12, 2013 1:52 AM

YOURSAY 'If this is not forthcoming, he must be held accountable and hopefully if Pakatan takes over, he would be the first to be tried for treason.'

Dr M: Amend constitution to strip Ambiga's citizenship

your say Changeagent: Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad wants the government to amend the constitution so that they can strip of Bersih co-chairperson S Ambiga's citizenship.

All because she dared to ask for clean and fair elections. Even in retirement, he cannot mask his true colours as an iron-fisted tyrant who has little or no regard for human rights.

MA: I think all Malaysians must demand Mahathir gives a heartful apology to Ambiga for his comments.

If this is not forthcoming, he must be held accountable and hopefully if Pakatan Rakyat takes over, he would be the first to be tried for treason.

LittleGiant: What Mahathir wants is for BN to regain two-third majority in Parliament so that the coalition can have unrestrained exercise of power, amend the constitution to suit its whims and fancies and eliminate dissent completely.

Why should the government think that S Ambiga, the Bersih co-chairperson, is an errant citizen? I am sure she is not against the government.

All that Ambiga wants to ensure is fair and clean elections since the country's electoral process is plagued with glaring irregularities and lack of transparency.

Now, if Mahathir thinks that is a crime and is punishable with citizenship revocation, what about government leaders alleged to be involved in real and treacherous crimes, corruption and endless looting of the country's wealth, but still enjoying position and power?

Would Mahathir dare to propose that the constitution be amended so that these traitors and looters can be thrown out of the country?

FellowMalaysian: This is vintage Mahathirism rearing its ugly head again and so aptly described by Barry Wain in his book 'Malaysian Maverick'.

Yet again, as what he had successfully done during the 22 years of his rule, onerous laws were indiscriminately enforced to stifle and emasculate dissidents and opponents.

Truly, a leopard can never change its spots. Mahathir has also gone overboard in his utterly racist remarks. It is time that Malaysians put a stop to his incendiary diatribes once and for all in the coming GE13.

Azizi Khan: During apartheid, try as they might, the South African whites were never respected for their "might" no matter how much they tried - and they had a lot more because not only they controlled the politics and the judiciary, they also controlled the economy.

Even if the Malays were to control the economy as well as the politics, respect will not be earned thorough might and fear mongering.

Mahathir's politics are outdated. Mahathir wants to be the white saviour of the Malays - which is why he is ashamed of his heritage and this goes to show how credible he is.

Worried Sick: I feel sorry for PM Najib Razak. Every time he does something good, here comes this senile old man to spoil it all.

I do not seriously think that BN can get a two-third majority this time with this man spewing filth like taking away Ambiga's citizenship.

Who will be next PM then? Does Mahathir have a hidden agenda by sowing discord and thereby gaining from it?

Fantastic4: Aren't we glad that the reign of terror has ceased? In a civilised country, a tyrant like this would be brought to justice. Unfortunately, we have not reached that status, let alone calling ourselves developed.

Can we imagine if this reign of terror continues for another decade? The Malays would really have him to "thank" for the position they are in - being systematically "bred" to depend on the government for their livelihood, thus ensuring that the government remain in power.

Thinking: I think that the sedition law forbids anyone demanding others to be stripped of their citizenship. If this is a seditious remark, what is the attorney-general doing?

By the way, Ambiga is not going against the government per se. She is just asking for free and fair elections for all Malaysians. Is that against the law?

Visu: "On another matter, in his speech, Mahathir explained that Malays have lost all that they owned in their own land because of their lack of industriousness."

Actually Malays and all Malaysians have lost all that we owned because of thieves like you and those in the illegitimate Umno.

Mk: He's trying to divert attention away from the Sabah RCI (royal commission of inquiry). Mahathir should be tried for treason if he's involved in giving citizenship illegally. Then we can send him back to Kerala, India.

Malaysiawatch4: No, I don't agree with the call to strip Mahathir's citizenship over Project IC as that would be an easy way out for him. With millions of ringgit stashed away, he can live elsewhere.

The best is to try him for treason and put him away in jail.

Xiao Zhu: There are 400 comments in Malaysiakini on Chinese New Year's eve responding to this news report.

Sorry, on this auspicious day I cannot said anything bad about Mahathir. Let God take care of him.

It's Dr M's citizenship that should be stripped

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