For MCA, it looks like the party's over

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YOURSAY ‘I suppose it will be consigned to the museum after GE13 for not recognising young Chinese want respect and equal opportunities as their basic rights...'

One last chance for MCA to sway voters

your say Starr: Absolutely, it's probably the last MCA outing, which will see the demise of the party despite its last-ditch efforts to stay relevant within the Chinese community.

I see a near-complete, if not complete, wipe-out of the party's candidates in the coming election. MCA as a party purportedly championing the Chinese interests is, in fact, a lap-dog of its political master Umno. They exist at the behest of Umno and serve at its pleasure.

MCA has lost its dignity and self-respect completely. It's difficult to see how it can redeem itself without a strong and credible leadership, which its present leadership is lacking in.

So, it's not its last chance, it's its last outing in this election. It knows it, Umno knows it and the Chinese community knows it.

Fair Play: I suppose MCA will be consigned to the museum after GE13 for not recognising that the young in the Chinese community want respect and equal opportunities as their basic rights as Malaysians, not handouts and being patronised by their 'big' brother.

In this respect, MCA and MIC are their worst enemies for singing the same song over and over again.

2LAN: MCA was already a spent force years ago. Its seats won in the general elections were always in Malay-dominated areas. Except for one or two, it has never been elected by the Chinese.

This is why the people now know it is actually Umno's MCA, working to further Umno's discrimination of non-Malays. Enough is enough. Time to close it up for good.

Ex-wfw: It is hoped the Indian community hears loud and clear the intentions of former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad who wants a two-thirds majority to strip Bersih co-chair S Ambiga of her citizenship. Real desperation, I suppose.

Is the MCA thinking of a similar solution for the Chinese who oppose them?

Anonymous_40c8: If MCA leaders and members do it, it's like in dying they try to save their souls. At least the rakyat won't think so badly of the party.

JMC: The curtains will be down not only for MCA but also for MIC. The final act of drawing the curtain down was by none other than by the most memorable Mahathir, when he asked for a two-thirds majority in Parliament so that he can strip the citizenship off S Ambiga for her role as Bersih co-chair, calling for clean and fair elections.

Ong Guan Sin: In fact, in 2008 many MCA middle-level leaders and members had already done what you suggested - switched sides to help Pakatan win.

This time round, it is a matter of how many more will follow suit, and I think it is many more indeed.

Ketuanan: Rakyat MCA and MIC are nothing more than cronies to Umnoputeras. Hence the 'C' in MCA and MIC can be read as ‘cronies'. It is time for change.

Let Malaysians have a two party Parliamentary system with Pakatan winning the next GE this year.

Telestai!: The Chinese want a party that will partner a major political party to administer the country with fairness while respecting their rights to live according to their customs. While at it, it must cut the corruption too.

Anonymous_40c8: Grassroots MCA leaders should take the advice and help the opposition to wipe out the corrupt BN/Umno government.

Dood: MCA will never abandon its master, Umno/BN. And, even if it did, at this point, it's way too late in the game to do something like this and its motives will be suspect.

I look forward to holding a funeral for MCA in the near future.

Citi: Noble idea, but as you know, the old guards of MCA have acquired the habit of bootlicking and old habits die hard. Working on the middle layer is certainly more effective but time is running out.

Rick teo: A vote for MCA, MIC and Gerakan is a vote for racist Umno.

Giudice: The problem is that so many BN supporters continue to blindly support BN without objectively reviewing BN's actions and omissions.

I'm not referring to the ones who get lucrative contracts, etc, because they would obviously choose not to objectively review BN's actions, as it's not in their own interest.

I'm referring to those who actually derive no benefit but merely blindly support BN because of propaganda, because their parents had supported the BN all this while.

You people have the power to change Malaysia for the better. Make your own objective assessment and decision. Look at BN's record of more than 50 years.

Look at Pakatan's record in only four years or so. Look at the state of the country, crime, education, economy, polarisation, racism, etc, under BN.

Changing the government is not a dangerous thing. It is in fact necessary to ensure that the government of the day realises that its existence is dependent on whether it has served the country the way that the citizens expect and demand.

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