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A tight slap in the face for Najib
Published:  Feb 12, 2013 12:08 AM
Updated: 4:40 AM

YOURSAY 'I thought the PM said this event is non-political. But why must he ask the crowd whether they were ready for BN?'

PM asks: Are you ready for BN? Crowd says 'no!'

your say Artong Penang: I'm proud of the people of Penang for standing up to BN's nonsense. Psy or no Psy, the Penang people have "voted" by shouting a resounding ‘no' three times in response to the prime minister.

Najib Razak, by dressing up in Chinese attire and speaking a little Hokkien or Mandarin to impress Penang people won't win hearts. Treating all non-Malays with respect does.

Starr: I bet Najib did not hear the crowd's response to his call, like the way he remains 'deaf and dumb' to so many national issues, personal scandals, racial abuse and religious bigotry.

He probably realises that not even Psy can save the ultimate demise of Umno-BN. It's absolutely lunacy to think that a song popularised by Psy can redeem decades of misrule by a corrupt regime.

Ex-PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad's advice to Najib to remain 'deaf and dumb' on issues affecting the nation is most irresponsible, certainly unbecoming of a leader of the nation and a recipe for disaster.

Changeagent: At least the people of Penang are honest and wear their hearts on their sleeves.

They will come to watch the free Psy concert, take your ang pows and eat your oranges, but they will also tell you straight to your face that they do not support BN. There's no need to second-guess where they stand.

Ajeekkor: I thought the PM, his deputy and BN leaders said this event is non-political. But why must he ask the crowd whether they were ready for BN?

Pemerhati: When Najib says, "This is a government that cares for all Malaysians, fair and all inclusive", the immediate thought is that he is talking his usual nonsense to try and fool the public so that they will vote his party back into power.

The minorities, who have been subjected to threats and severe discrimination and marginalisation, are sick of BN.

Many native Malays have awakened to the fact that the constitutional Malays like Mahathir, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Syed Hamid Syed Albar, together with many Umnoputras, have been playing the race and religious card to get their political support to stay in power and rob the country blind.

Thanks to the alternative media, they have realised that the BN leaders and their cronies are stealing about a billion ringgit per week and Mahathir has probably stolen US$44 billion.

Quigonbond: Well, Najib's right about great changes in the last four years - increased exposes of endemic corruption under the BN government, incompetence, wastages, abuse of power, collapse of institutions of governance and false reforms.

But hey, there's a bright side - it's also the change of psyche of Malaysians as they realise that just because political parties in power changes, countries do not collapse, and they can in fact do much better, like Selangor and Penang.

Louis: Najib, you seem to be promising the moon to almost every state or community. Are you sure that you can remember, let alone fulfil them? A simple promise to Teoh Beng Hock's family that his 'murderers' would be punished was not fulfilled.

Najib, instead of promising a monorail for Penang, why not the other way round - give Penang the monorail now, and Penangites might give their votes to you in GE14.

Please don't play this ransom games with the rakyat. What you are spending is our money, including the RM1.5 million for you to prance around with Psy.

Don't you feel guilty about burning that much money when there are thousands of Malaysians who could hardly make ends meet?

Onyourtoes: I have seen the video and I think the Psy concert was not worth RM1.50 (let alone RM1.5 million). If this is not mass hysteria and mass hypnotisation, I don't know what is.

Anonymous_5fb: Sometimes I pity Najib. But once a man has lost his integrity and the people's trust, that's it, ‘no' is what he will get. And that's not only what Najib got, the rest in Umno-BN got it as well.

Najib is going to delay the dissolution of the Parliament again. Perhaps he may let the term lapse, upon consulting the old man.

Ksn: The crowd should have responded: Yes, we are ready to throw BN out as government.

Psy keeps it short, sweet and sweaty

Changeagent: Malaysiakini , you should add another adjective to your report - Psy keeps it short, sweet, sweaty and "expensive".

You know it is wasteful spending when the headline act and the crowd head straight for the exit doors right after the performance, even quicker than you can say "op-op-oppa Gangnam-style".

Anonymous #58458950: Was it really necessary to spend so much on so little? Psy is over rated and we fell for it. How silly can we get?

The money could have been spend more productively on helping poor families celebrate Chinese New Year better.

Psy has come and gone, but what's changed?


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