Perhaps Hindraf may get a better deal from BN

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YOURSAY 'If Hindraf's demands for seats are met, it would mean Indian representation would easily exceed 25 percent.'

Seats demand behind the Hindraf-Pakatan impasse

your say Onyourtoes: In the aftermath of March 2008, we saw Hindraf broken into numerous pieces - Malaysia Makkal Sakti Party (MMSP), Human Rights Party (HRP) and whatever that was left of Hindraf.

How do we deal with this kind of personalities if not with extreme caution? We label MIC, MCA and other minor parties in BN soldiers of fortune. Is Hindraf and its spinoffs any difference?

Their blueprint demands leave no room for negotiation, compromise and conciliation when situation and circumstances dictate.

Their demand for a specific number of seats is even more ridiculous. Even if Pakatan Rakyat is willing to give them those seats, how can the coalition ever trust them for not changing sides after winning them?

May I remind Pakatan that the single most important criterion when choosing a candidate is his or her absolute loyalty. Nothing else matters.

Pakatan, may I urge you to stop harbouring hope on Hindraf and all its spinoffs. Just work with right-minded Indian leaders.

Wira: Now the truth is out. Hindraf wants their leaders to represent the Indians and not those from PKR or DAP because most of the seats they asked are now served by ethnic Indian legislators.

If Hindraf prefers to side with the devils they know, so be it if their community rot for another 55 years, thanks to their selfish leaders who split the community because they want to ride on the urban coattails of the Pakatan coalition.

Chee Hoe Siew: Political seats in return for support? Is Hindraf serious about fighting for its cause? I think Hindraf is more interested in its own political future, so much so that it is willing to work with the devil.

Will Umno bend backwards to give Hindraf the seven parliamentary and 10 state seats? After all, MIC is a goner and BN is in dire need of a replacement to woo the Indians.

I would suggest Hindraf go straight to BN and it will be great to see them devoured by the BN machine.

Dont Just Talk: Hindraf should have asked for the seven parliament seats and 10 state seats presently held by Umno-BN parties instead of demanding those seats won by PKR and DAP.

Be rational and avoid a three-cornered fight to benefit Umno-BN. Hindraf should know that they cannot win any seat on Indian votes alone, which are split further between BN and Pakatan. Stop being arrogant and use your head.

China Racist: There is no harm in asking for seats if they could deliver. Hindraf has such large command of support from the grassroots so they deserve to be part of the equation.

Pakatan are so used to yes men who would dance to their tune. They fear the principled leaders in Hindraf.

Seng Low: DAP, too, is asking for more seats. What is wrong with Hindraf asking for seats? Is it a crime? They ask for it because they could deliver.

If opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim feels they do not have any value, he should say so. Why is he using a paid proxy?

Aries46: If there is any truth to Terence's disclosure regarding the Hindraf's secret demands, it is definitely alarming as this is very much contrary to the organisation leader P Waythamoorthy's often-stated claim that Hindraf was apolitical movement and their concern was mainly to address the plight of the marginalised Indian poor.

Whatever it is, these demands are not only unjustified and conceding such provisions would also be an exercise in futility as Pakatan supporters will not vote race-based Hindraf's candidates at the polls and as such allotting any number of seats to them is akin to flushing the seats down the sewer.

Nevertheless, now that the inner motives of these so-called Indian crusaders are in the public domain, Pakatan is advised to tread very carefully as many of us are still reeling from the betrayal and devious ‘spoiler' role advocated and played out by HRP's P Uthayakumar in the Hulu Selangor by-election, which otherwise was a foregone conclusion in favour of Pakatan.

Aris Moklas: We are abandoning race-based political parties. By accepting Hindraf's demands, it will lead to nowhere but back to square one.

Personally, if we are hoping for more equality, we must abandoned our race-based mentality. But as we always say, tepuk dada tanya selera (ask yourself).

Mahashitla: Hindraf is just asking for too much. They will end up breaking up DAP and PKR rather than supporting Pakatan.

Perhaps Hindraf leaders already have their own agenda and their minds made up - to present demands which Pakatan can't accept so that they can enjoy BN's juicy carrots.

I can only feel sorry for the oppressed Indians whom Pakatan hope to fight for but are being led in a merry-go-round by their leaders.

Mudippavan: There are more than 200 parliamentary and 505 state seats. There is no harm asking for seven parliamentary and 10 states seats.

Rick Teo: If Hindraf's demands for seats are met, it would mean Indian representation would easily exceed 25 percent. Just add the Indian leaders from DAP, PKR and MIC and you have easily 25 to 30 percent. Is it fair?

Ferdtan: Finally we see the leaders of Hindraf what they are. It has nothing to do with the fight for the rights of the people they championed. It is all about self-serving desire to hold power for their lot.

Why demand for so many seats to contest in the general election? We can understand if they are politicians, as power is what politicians most aspire, but they are not. Those who are most suited to power are those who have never sought it.

Mohican: Hindraf, can you feel a hand on your throat? Don't ask for the moon. Take what is given to you and then raise your hand and touch the stars.

Hindraf a political party or rights movement?

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