Is it an invasion by armed terrorists... or not?

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YOURSAY 'Something's not right here. Why are our generals so blase? Maybe they know more than they are telling us. Politics?'

Full weight of law must fall on Lahad Datu intruders

your say Ferdtan: So where are our armed forces when we are been invaded by 100 armed men? We keep on buying weapons like costly submarines, airplanes and tanks when we cannot keep out 100 armed men from the Philippines.

Already more than 10 days have passed and we are still negotiating with them. What for? Have they detained Malaysian hostages with them that we have to be so careful dealing with them?

Give them an ultimatum - get out by nightfall; if not our air force shall bomb them to smithereens. That is the only way to protect our borders and the country's internal security.

If this is the best our armed forces (and government leaders) can do, don't be surprised that when a real invasion with regular soldiers and heavy weapons attack our nation, our soldiers would run for cover.

Something is not right here. Why are our generals are taking the situation so calmly? We are under attack for heaven's sake - where are the responses? Maybe they know more than they are telling us. Politics?

Ericlcc: Every year the government spends billions for the Defence Ministry to modernise and upgrade their defence system. But all these seem to be a waste of public funds when the country can be easily "invaded" by 100 plus militants.

Better use that money to pay off the tolls and utilities. At least, people get to enjoy a lower cost of living.

Anton: This is an invasion by armed terrorists. Why is the army and navy, not doing anything to protect our land?

Our laws punish people for having even part of a gun. There's even the death sentence for possession of firearms. Can PM Najib Abdul Razak or the home minister explain?

Longyan Ren: Has the treacherous act of giving citizenships to illegal Filipino immigrants emboldened the Sulu invaders, knowing tens of thousands of their brethren have already settled nicely in Sabah and waiting for them?

The smart aleck who started Project M to change the Sabah demographics might have also caused an attempted foreign takeover of Sabah.

ABU Member: Why should these infiltrators/terrorists get VIP treatment? When locals were involved in similar acts, they were subjected to the full force of the law. Why the double standards?

We had acquired the most up-to-date military hardware, paid for at super high prices, but we could not even detect these infiltrators and protect our shores.

The defence minister should be responsible for this security lapse. Another issue is, is it possible for the armed bandits to leave the Philippines without detection by their military?

They might also want to take revenge against us for harbouring criminals, such as the super Philippine conman Manuel Amalilio.

Onyourtoes: I have a theory: Maybe it is time for the Philippines to get rid of all the Muslims in the southern Philippines by sending them to Sabah.

In this way, the Philippines could be completely free of Muslims. On the other hand, Sabah is so desperately in need of more Muslims and what better way than to get them from the southern Philippines.

The result - Sabah will be completely Islamised and the southern Philippines Christianised. Beautiful.

Mocking You: What is the standard operating procedure to deal with pirates and bandits?

Am I correct to surmise that any militant group/bandits/pirates can simply walk into Sabah and claim, "We're the rightful owners. So you can't shoot us."

No matter how substandard our armed forces equipment, we out-gun them and we're in the right. Their only recourse is disarm and depart these shores.

Sorry ex-Criminal Investigation Department (CID) chief Mat Zain Ibrahim, may I know what law applies to these so-called ‘landlords'?

Is the Sulu Sultanate part of the United Nations? Nay, these should be treated as pirates and bandits from the Philippines. And armed incursions should be handled by the armed forces, not by the police.

Lover Boy: Mat Zain, I cannot agree with your views on the Sulu Sultanate claim of Sabah. Look at the historical background. It appears that the Malaysian government did pay rent to the Sulu Sultanate for the occupation of Sabah.

In common parlance, we are dealing with the landlord and Malaysia is the tenant. The landlord is merely exercising its right of possession.

The occupiers are not just any terrorists. Like the sultan says, they are going back to their homeland.

You cannot compare this to the Bukit Jenalik incident - those were religious extremists bent on establishing a new government.

DontPlayGod: It is very easy to defuse the situation. Just give them blue ICs (identity cards), if they have not got them already.

And then give each of them RM500 from the BR1M allocation. Make them instant citizens. Not that this had not been done earlier.

Remember a former PM was giving hundreds of thousands of these illegals blue ICs at random. So what's the problem with a mere 100 armed illegals? I'm sure the former PM will agree wholeheartedly to it.

Sabahan: When their numbers reach a majority, they can vote in their state assemblymen and then declare independence from Malaysia - thanks to Project IC.

There is no need to have an invasion. The fact is, we are already been invaded without knowing about it.

Opah: For 30 years, Filipino terrorists have been treating Lahad Datu as their playground and ATMs (automatic telling machines).

In 1985. a group in military uniforms invaded Lahad Datu and robbed a bank and the Malaysia Airlines (MAS) office. Eleven people died in the raid. In 2000, 21 tourists and staff were kidnaped in Sipadan and later ransomed.

Last year, two Malaysians were kidnaped and brought to the Philippines. Apparently we are still negotiating the ransom with their captors.

When will we learn that Sabah will never be peaceful so long as we are incapable of stopping the terrorists? Giving them money will not make them stop; it will only encourage them to come back for more.

Why the information blackout on Sabah intruders?

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