On Project IC, all fingers are pointing at BN

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VOXPOP ‘The video sure is amusing. It reflects exactly what BN is capable of. The smiles of the Bangladeshis were truly sweet.’

Umno sec-gen livid over video linking BN to Project IC

vox populi small thumbnail LittleGiant: BN secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor says "God save us all". I agree with him. God has to save us all from the Umno-BN politicians who have no shame at all to ‘spin’ any amount of lies.

Tengku Adnan obviously has no time to know anything about Project IC in Sabah and the RCI (royal commission of inquiry) proceedings going on there. May be he is too interested and preoccupied with the sorting of Umno and BN candidates for the upcoming elections.

Fair&Just: Tengku Adnan can't even appreciate a satirical piece. As the saying goes, there is no smoke without fire.

Surely BN is responsible for the issuance of ICs (identity cards) to the foreigners as no Chow Kit peddlers or any Ah Kow can issue such documents where the holder can even vote in the GE.

Amalgam: Tengku Adnan, why be so defensive if you are innocent?? Why not just follow your PM’s footsteps and avoid making any comments? Stop taking rakyat for fools - we will not be fooled by the Umno government anymore.

Onyourtoes: The video may be fake, but the principle and nuance of it is genuine, got it, Tengku Adnan?

And do you know why the video, although fake, may be effective? It is simple: the government, the police, the National Registration Department (NRD) and Election Commission (EC) have lost their credibility and respect. Think deep or not at all.

Victor Johan: This video is obviously a parody, the satirical message is pun-intended. It is meant to mock and ridicule Umno-BN.

Black Mamba: The video sure is amusing. It reflects exactly what BN is capable of. The smiles of the Bangladeshis were truly sweet. With a little money, the Bangladeshis can be counted on to vote and act accordingly.

Lim Chong Leong: More sinister is the video of a pot-bellied DSAI (Anwar Ibrahim) from Datuk Trio.

And all Umno machinery went into full force, saying there was no tampering of the video and that the video was original, everything except that the pot-bellied man was Anwar.

But what has happened with that video after all the hoo-ha of releasing it at a top hotel in Kuala Lumpur and the swearing at the mosque under police protection along with bullet-proof jackets?

Multi Racial: The issue is not about who produce this video. It is about the content of the video which is true and is happening in this country.

The Sabah RCI has confirmed it. The question is what the EC and the relevant authorities are going to do about it. Nothing so far.

Those are acts of treason and their ring leaders must be immediately prosecuted and the EC and NRD must work together to immediately strip the citizenship and voting rights of these fake citizens.

Otherwise, even if BN wins this election, it would be illegitimate.

TehTarik: If it is proven that the elections have been rigged to favour the ruling party, then it irrefutably shows that BN is no different from the pre-Arab Spring regimes of Egypt and Tunisia.

There will be a great period of political and economic uncertainty if BN wins GE13 by cheating. I don't think that the opposition is going to accept the results. The stock market could tank, and capital and talent will flee.

2LAN: Which part of the video is slander? Too few IC recipients shown?

Permanent resident voted in three elections, RCI told

Anonymous_3e86: Why didn't the RCI conducting officer ask Omar Mohd Subair the reason for wanting to be a registered voter?

Obviously the RCI is a farce. It didn't want to point the finger at BN as the culprit behind all this illegal registration. This RCI is another ‘sandiwara’.

The conclusion at the end of the RCI may identify the people who carried out this illegal registration to vote, but it will not give the reasons for such registration - just like the Altantuya murder, there is no motive.

Fair&Just: Oh, there is nothing wrong or criminal with the Sabah electoral roll as they are only technical faults and had been rectified?

Everything is clean, no need to name the detergent to wash the electoral list as all faults have been corrected. Yes, even cows can fly in Sabah.

TehTarik: The EC is the referee in a game between two teams - BN and Pakatan. Like match-fixing in soccer, our EC appears to have accepted 'bribes' from one of the teams.

This is to ensure that BN wins the game even if the Pakatan players are much more proficient and skillful. Also the goal post is of two sizes. The Pakatan goal post is ten times the size of the BN goal post.

And it appears that even the linesmen (Immigration Department and the police) are in the pockets of BN.

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