Pakatan needs to win over conservative Malays

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YOURSAY 'Now we know who the 83 percent who believe ‘Allah' should be exclusive to Muslim are going to vote for. No wonder, PAS did a U-turn.'

83pct of Malays believe 'Allah' term only for Muslims

your say Gen2: The 83 percent of Malays who believe ‘Allah' should be exclusive to Muslims are the same 83 percent of the Malay population which has been raised on a diet of propaganda and slanted news from the mainstream media.

They are also fed a continuous stream of poor quality local TV dramas that do not require or encourage critical/logical thinking. As we know, feeding an infant a poor quality diet will lead to a student/adult with low mental faculties.

This all fits in nicely with the BN strategy to keep the population in a blissful state of the ignorant who are unable to articulate or ask probing questions of government actions, including corrupt practices that surface from time to time.

No wonder they accept that the word 'Allah' is only for Muslims because they are unable to fathom the idea that the word existed and were used by various groups in the Arab peninsula and northwest India even before Prophet Muhammad was born.

Liya88: Now we know who the 83 percent are going to vote for. No wonder, PAS did a U-turn. It's all politics at the end of the day.

Swipenter: Umno has done a good job in brainwashing the Malay populace. They have successfully used race and religion to control the Malay community and this has translated into divisive politics in this country.

What has Umno got except using race and religion to divide and rule over us? How often do we see Malaysian Muslim clerics and intellectuals speak forcefully against corruption, bad governance, abuse of powers, unfair treatment, racism, inequalities, double standards and discrimination.

Those Muslims who speak their minds without fear and favour have inevitably based themselves outside the country. Those who are here are swiftly and mercilessly neutralised by the Unmo-dominated government.

JMC: The Malays from early childhood have been made to believe that they must be Muslims and that ‘Allah' is exclusively for them.

This is what Umno has instilled in them and capitalised on it for political reasons. It is going to be long process to re-educate them.

For that, we need to exercise great patience as the issue is very sensitive to them. We cannot force it on to them.

Hang Babeuf: God is on the side only of His "best community". Exclusively so. And only the members of that best community, not all the other mistaken and "not so good" ones, know Him well enough to call Him by His correct name, "Allah".

The rest, who whatever they may think don't really know Him properly, may identify and address their defective idea of God as they may please - provided they do not call Him by His own name, which is a "brand" that is owned by the "best community" people.

That, simply put, is the position. The position, that is, as the "best community" ownership exclusivists understand it. But it's just their opinion really. Nothing more than that.

In fact, so insecurely is that opinion grounded that those who wish to uphold it must have recourse to legal means, to prohibitions and punishments. How insecure at heart they really are!

How strong really can such an embattled sense of faith be? What is convincing is not its strength but its insecurity. I feel sorry for them.

Ipohcrite: Belief must be supported by facts, but when one is barred from questioning anything that is fed by the powers-that-be, belief rammed down your throat becomes meek acceptance.

PM's popularity rating continues to slide

Starr: Popularity of leaders may be important but is not the single most determinant factor in deciding who will win the next election.

This election is all about the system of governance; the independence of the democratic institutions; enhancing accountability of the enforcement agencies; eradicating corruption, cronyism, nepotism and abuse of power; enhancing greater accountability of Petronas and fairer oil loyalties of oil producing states; enhancing economic competitiveness and the removal of race-based policy; tightening fiscal management of the economy to reduce wastages; enhancing professionalsm and efficiency of the civil service; and greater autonomy for regional governments of Sabah and Sarawak, the economy; the provision of social safety net for the poor, the elderly and the needy; and the provision of affordable housing.

Simon Lee1: Only 45 percent satisfied with the BN? The fact is, Malaysians generally are a conservative lot, who would rather remain "neutral" or "play safe" when publicly asked about their opinion on issues, unlike those the West who are very frank and would not hesitate to speak up.

The 44 percent who are dissatisfied with BN are "hardcore" people who really wants change. Under the circumstances, we can safely deduce 20 percent of the 45 percent who were "satisfied" with BN actually do not support BN.

Cogito Ergo Sum: The showing of the movie ‘Tanda Putera' has backfired. The harder PM Najib Razak tries, the faster he falls.

The Indian support is pathetic. Get whacked, hammered and killed in custody and still thank BN for it!

It shows how well manipulated the community continues to be. Pakatan Rakyat really have to come up with something special and quick to swing them back.

Hermit: The red line (dissatisfied with Najib) and the blue line (satisfied with Najib) will ultimately merge precisely at the point when he has exhausted everything, and the provision of the constitution for GE is invoked.

By which time, Najib's hairline would have receded like his popularity index.

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