Those involved in IC scam can redeem themselves

Modified 1 Mar 2013, 3:33 am

YOURSAY 'We hope those involved in Project IC would come out and tell their side of the story. All of you can be forgiven for telling the truth.'

'I processed thousands of ICs for Sabah illegals'

your say Ferdtan: We notice that most of the personnel involved (at least the lower ranking officers) in the IC scam had been detained under ISA. Why?

It is possible some of them were emboldened by the fact that it was a state-sanctioned ‘crime' and felt that they could make some money on the side by selling the MyKads instead of giving them out for free.

The rest were detained obviously to keep them quiet and to provide a cover for the top schemers who included the top politicians up to the PM himself.

This is like Hollywood movies, after a million dollar heist, the chief robber would eliminate his many underlings who had participated in the robbery. Former Umno member Siti Aminah Mahmud, you should consider yourself lucky you were not eliminated in that cruel manner.

This is a warning to all civil servants; don't play with fire. Crime doesn't pay, even if it is supported by the government of the day and even if the PM personally tells you otherwise.

Anonymous #06659895 : Thanks Siti Aminah Mahmud for coming out to tell the truth. We hope those involved would similarly come out and tell their side of the story. All of you can be forgiven for telling the truth.

OMG!!: Her story seems to be credible, especially the secret code in the ICs (identity cards), which is an open secret in Sabah. The number of IC cards issued is corroborated by the unexplained exponential growth in Sabah's population as compared to Sarawak.

It appears from this piece of information that this treacherous act is committed not by former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad alone, but the entire Umno party. This is madness of the highest order.

Malaysian Born: This is really very disturbing; if it turns out that this is all true, the implications would be a festering wound in the country's credibility for decades.

I think there needs to be a thorough investigation, without fear or favour. The culprits need to be caught and jailed even if it damages BN.

Headhunter: Who else but Umno would do such a thing? They are traitors, sabotaging our democratic system and bringing in illegals who steal the benefits meant for bumiputeras. Of course, Mahathir will say he can't remember.

Stingray: Aminah said she had been instructed to process the ICs for the foreigners as part of a plan to help Umno take over Sabah.

PBS president Joseph Pairin Kitingan, why in heaven's name are you still collaborating with the devil? Is there no judgement day? As for Bernard Dompok, "my hands are tied" is always his reply.

Small Boy : This is madness. The culprits who instructed the officials to issue thousands of illegal ICs in Sabah to overthrow PBS is the present ruling Umno-BN government. These leaders who are responsible and accountable are still alive.

The officials who had been instructed to process ICs were detained two years by the government who instructed them. And this Umno-BN government is facing a do-or-die GE13. Can this Umno-BN who rigged the voting process ever lose in GE13?

Anonyxyz: Umno under Mahathir used this traitorous method to topple the PBS Sabah government, but ever since then PBS under Pairin, the so-called paramount leader of his community, continues to scheme against the Sabah people by continuing to be part of the corrupt government so as to accumulate wealth for themselves.

As such, Mahathir feels he is not guilty because those whom he is accused of victimising have later done worse by supporting his scheme. No wonder, Mahathir can walk around like a strutting peacock.

Fighting: So, thousands of illegals can get all the benefits of being bumiputera, which the Malaysian-born Chinese and Indian citizens are still dreaming of?

Chikadee: If she had taken the cause earlier, she would have vanished, together with her documents and data at the National Registration Department. Would she have dared then? No one would help her - she was even detained under ISA despite helping Umno win Sabah.

Anonymous_3faa : I pity the pawns who had followed orders and were detained under ISA. It is time for the full force of the law to fall upon the traitors who had given the orders. How can the 'innocent' be condemned?

Aniyan: If this happens in Japan, the people involved would resign in 24 hours or commit suicide.

But this is Bolehland so don't hope such thing can happen here. The worst part is that these culprits have the guts to stand for re-election and win easily too.

JT1E80: Something is definitely not right. It is not right for politicians to resort to such illegal activities and it is not right for politicians to steal from the country. And it is no longer right for BN to rule.

Jimmy Ng: It is never too late to repent for your sins, as this woman has done. Still, committing treason is a grave offence, even punishable by death in some countries.

Siti Aminah was only but a pawn in the super high stake game of political control over a nation. I say we go after the hydra's head. Once it is cut off, only then will we all be safe from tyranny, corruption and bankruptcy.

2zzzxxx: We have an illegal government as these illegal Moros with blue ICs were in Sabah during the last elections and they voted the present government into power.

And the coming election will also be tainted as these Moros will again vote for Umno.

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