Will Saiful's father make an about-turn?

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YOURSAY 'It's good that they are telling the truth but let us keep them at a good distance. You can never tell when they will flip to the other side again.'

Saiful's dad apologises to Anwar, claims his son used

your say Pemerhati: Now what is the real reason behind Azlan Md Lazim's statement and apology to Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim?

Could it be that PM Najib Razak had promised Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan and his family a large reward for their cooperation in fixing Anwar but he had not kept his end of the bargin?

So now an angry Azlan is spilling some of the beans in the hope that Najib might get scared and keep his promise to Saiful so as to prevent him from telling the truth.

Najib in his speeches often says that he and BN keep their promises (janji ditepati). But the actions of Altantuya Shaariibuu, P Balasubramaniam, Deepak Jaikishan and now Azlan suggest that Najib reneged on his promises to them and that is why these four angry and disappointed people have revealed the truth.

What is very clear from this is that Malaysians who believe Najib's promises made prior to the elections are likely to be just as disappointed and angry if they vote for BN.

Blackknight: I agree with Pemerhati 100 percent. I suspect that promises were reneged and these people are spilling the beans and spewing bile in revenge.

It's good that they are telling the truth but let us keep them at arm's length. You can never tell when they will flip to the other side again.

Cala: Of course, many amongst us are delighted to learn from Saiful's father that the entire Sodomy II had been an orchestrated act directed by the powers-that-be fearful of Anwar's rising political influence.

Naturally, certain quarters will cast aspersion on the about-turn of Saiful's father. The truth ultimately will prevail nevertheless.

In the meantime, the question to ask is why is this case so persistently pursued by the Umno-led BN regime at the expense of so many other issues of national importance?

Anonymous #68219004: Lesser men would have crumbled under the organised and repeated onslaught which Anwar and his family have suffered.

This revelation will open the eyes of all right-thinking Muslim Malaysians just how sleazy, corrupted and tainted their "brothers and sisters" are in government. And, what cruel injustices have been done to Anwar and his family all these years.

Tancc: I will be very careful about this man. He could be a red herring and later bite Anwar by saying he was bribed/threatened to say so. He was dishonest the first time, can you trust him now to say the truth? Maybe tomorrow he will do a U-turn.

Starr: Lying to defame one's character and sexuality is most contemptuous, let alone a political opponent.

Such is the immorality of Umno-BN and its leadership is 'unfit for high office' as Dr Mahathir Mohamad had once said when justifying the sacking of Anwar for allegedly involving in sodomy.

Vijay47: Azlan, much as I welcome what you said, you should have kept your mouth shut. These additional statements of yours will not be believed by anyone and please, spare us this loving father crap.

You mean to say that all these years, all those days when you faithfully accompanied your son to court as he and his accomplices churned out lies after lies about Anwar day in and day out, it never occurred to ask your son even once, "Did it really happen?"

Suddenly your religious convictions prick your conscience? All these last few years you were not a Malay and a Muslim?

You have not done any service to the millions who want the truth. In the entire shameful sodomy episode, only one person stood out with honour and pride - the non-Malay non-Muslim Burmese doctor.

Cantabrigian: Vijay47, his guilty conscience directed him to make a public confession since the damage on Anwar's reputation was public in nature. Yes, he may have been a tacit accomplice in the past but that does not mean he has no chance to repent.

Are you saying that you are doomed once you have committed a wrong and can no longer ask for forgiveness? And stop inserting racial and religious elements in your statement as it is very distasteful and irrelevant.

This episode reminds me of the P Ramlee's movie ‘Anakku Sazali' where the father called the police to arrest his son in order to redeem himself after being a bad father.

Azlan Mohd Lazim, you are now a free man. You have done your duty as a responsible father. May God gives you what you deserve.

Chee Hoe Siew: While I applaud the father to come out and reveal all, I somehow is skeptical on why the sudden U-turn on the matter.

He stood by his son during the trial while knowing the whole thing is a set-up, why the sudden righteous appeal against this now?

If he is indeed a loving father who has just realised the scam, shouldn't he be persuading his son to reveal all instead of doing this himself?

Muak: "No matter how noble the objectives of a government, if it blurs decency and kindness, cheapens human life and breeds ill will and suspicion - it is an evil government." - Eric Hoffer, ‘The Passionate State of Mind', 1954

Anonymous1000: Let's hope there is no second SD (statutory declaration) from Azlan.

Now it's father vs son as political intrigue continues

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