Now it's father vs son as political intrigue continues

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YOURSAY 'When did Saiful's father wake up to this realisation? He had been adamant and was pressing the AG to appeal the court decision in acquitting Anwar.'

Saiful's dad apologises to Anwar, claims his son used

your say Vijay47: Unfortunately, nothing of this will matter. PM Najib Razak, Umno and their partner, the attorney-general (AG), will say that Malaysia subscribes to the concept of justice and that is why we have a judicial system that strives to obtain the truth so that our commitment to righteousness remains unblemished and unparalleled.

Our judiciary is neither flippant nor shallow, it is a beacon of honour and integrity.

Thus statements made outside the courts by persons unrelated to the charge and the issue at hand must be rejected out of hand, especially when they are obviously tools of the opposition out to discredit our government, a government duly elected by the people it is destined to serve and guide.

Our beloved prime minister will not be deterred by these distractions and falsehoods, he will not stray from his sacred duty to uphold the sanctity of Islam and to protect Malaysia from foreign military threats or the treacherous enemy within.

Remember, folks, you read it here first.

Whatsup: Shame on all those involved in this shenanigan - the judiciary, the AG's office, Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM), doctors, lawyers, the media, Umno government and its leaders, and others who collaborated to break the laws (some of them who are supposed to enforce and maintain law and order) and fabricate and plant evidence to incriminate an innocent man.

How could this have happened? Shame on all these people - they must all resign.

Changeagent: Thanks for confirming what was already very obvious to many right-thinking Malaysians.

The fact that different doctors couldn't find any proof of anal penetration, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan did not defecate for up to three days just to preserve the semen evidence, his easy access to Najib and wife Rosmah Mansor, as well as the Australian forensic pathologist's findings that Anwar's supposed semen had contained up to half a football team's DNA, today's admission by Saiful's father will go a long way to convince some people who still have any doubt about Anwar's innocence.

Abasir: If anyone had wondered why the budget allocation for the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) is so high with such a huge headcount, now we know the reason - all these conspirators, their handlers and supervisors have to be paid.

Thirdeye: Something may have gone wrong somewhere, so hold your judgement. Deepak Jaikishan spills the beans. Now Saiful's father, Azlan Md Lazim.

Janji tidak ditetapi ? Are Najib's internal rivals working hard against him? However, whatever it is, it is good for Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan Rakyat.

Ferdtan: Most of us know the truth but there are pockets of diehard BN supporters who believe otherwise - that Anwar was implicated in committing sodomy with Saiful.

Now Saiful's father has come out with an apology for the wrong done to the opposition leader.

We don't care the reasons why he is coming out now to clear the air - that is his between him and his Maker - but this public statement from him is worth a million to Anwar's image and reputation.

No longer can the rakyat doubt him anymore. The timing is superb. Onward Pakatan to Putrajaya - there is no stopping now.

Cannon: When did Saiful's father wake up to this realisation? He had been adamant and was pressing the AG to appeal the court decision in acquitting Anwar.

He owes the public a full explanation, not just a mere apology to Anwar, for his turnaround. Confess and tell all if he is sincere in making amends.

Who is behind the conspiracy, how and when did he finally realise Anwar is innocent? Saying sorry is not enough. The public wants to know the whole truth.

Quigonbond : We may never really know the truth - but it's all relative - a consistent story versus a wavering story.

Everything seems to culminate into a perfect storm to drown BN and they seem helpless about it except contemplate doing the worse possible thing - declaring emergency. Should that come to pass, BN is toasted, forfeiting even a fighting chance.

Father a victim of Anwar's machinations, counters Saiful

KnockKnock: Saiful, who prepared the text for you at your press conference? It sounds like a professional script. Are you that proficient?

We don't expect you to come out in public that fast. It was even faster than P Balasubramaniam's second SD (statutory declaration)...

Inspektor Klueso: What a father-and-son tag team. The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) should immediately offer them a contract.

Just like everything that goes on in the WWF matches, where the fights are carefully scripted down to every single blow, punch and counter punch, the Azlan-Saiful act is marvelously entertaining.

Voiceless: Saiful, the court has already acquitted Anwar of your accusations, so why should he be desperate? I believe your father came out to apologise to clear his conscience.

Taikohtai: Are you ready for Sai? Najib: Yes! Yes! Yes!

Will Saiful's father make an about-turn?

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