Is it normal for EC to take 28pct pay cut?

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YOURSAY '28 percent is more than a quarter of the number of new voters. Would any government department tolerate a 28 percent error?'

EC: Normal to have 28pct new voters unidentifiable

Appum: Oh my god, a 28-percent variance is an acceptable statistic? Where did you learn your statistics from or is this your own definition of a tolerable standard of fault in your statistics?

By any standard a 2 to 5 percent variance is tolerable but surely not 28 percent. How can the people of Malaysia believe in such idiots running such an important commission in the nation?

You might as well say 50 percent variance is normal in the electoral rolls. No wonder this country is going to the dogs and to the devils.

Cogito Ergo Sum: 28 percent is more than a quarter of the number of new voters. Would any government department tolerate a 28 percent error?

It is an error when you cannot identify them. No wonder you won't allow independent observers in GE13. On this statement alone, you should be sacked for dereliction of duty.

Wak Kanto: Given the role of the EC in registering foreigners as voters in Sabah in the past, I think Wan Ahmad is less than honest to state that it is normal for Selangor to have 28 percent unidentifiable new voters.

This is especially so when you have registered so many voters having the same addresses. Allah knows your intention in doing so. You can spin and spin now but when the time comes, you shall be held accountable. Just you watch.

Keanjin: If there are new voters who can't be identified, it is the Election Commission's job to clear the issue up or delete the records. Don't tell us this is normal. What Harakah said is correct, Wan Ahmad cannot be trusted.

YF: Normal? Next time get a brain surgeon who has a 28 percent variance of dead patients to operate on your brain if that is to your liking. Deputy chief Wan Ahmad Omar is the worst EC official ever.

LittleGiant: It is important for the EC to support its statement with relevant and proper statistics, that it is "normal" for 28 percent of new voters in Selangor could not be traced or identified.

Can the EC show the percentage of unidentifiable new voters in Selangor, and in fact for all the states, prior to the last general elections in March 2008? What about "unidentifiable new voters" statistics for all elections held so far?

Can the EC provide some historical or properly documented evidence to substantiate its claim that it is "normal" for a certain percentage of new voters to go "missing" or "unidentifiable"?

Unless there has always been some consistency in a substantial or a large number of new voters to be "unidentifiable" during all the elections, it will be extremely difficult to believe and accept EC's claims.

Ferdtan: Wan Ahmad, do you know that 28 percent of untraceable new voters works out to 140,000?

It is mathematically impossible for these huge number of new voters who registered, the earliest been over four and half years ago, to move around in the country, changing jobs, graduating (as you said) in such a short time.

Do we have a nomad tribe or race around in the country that has no permanent homes? Or are these 140,000 homeless voters?

Wan Ahmad is stricken with an Umno disease called stupidity. When they are cornered they give the darnedest answer which defies any logic. Even a primary school student would not give that kind of answer to justify these alleged phantom voters.

KL112: Wan Ahmad complained that the state government had gone to the press with the news, but the state government has the right to do so, whether it is for publicity or to get political mileage or to inform the rakyat. It is none of EC's business.

The EC's job is to clear up the electoral roll. Wan Ahmad has to understand that the EC is not a political party. Please do your job and stop playing politics.

Gobsmacked : Pakatan has to resort to going to the media because based on past experience, the EC has proven to be uncooperative in trying to resolve irregularities in the electoral roll.

Worse, by its words and actions it has shown partiality towards the ruling party which is really unbecoming of a public institution which needs to have the full confidence and trust of the rakyat, which it does not have at present.

If the EC is committed to be professional and objective and seeks to gain the confidence and trust of the public, it should be prepared to cooperate with anyone to clean up the electoral roll and not pretend to sulk just because the state governments have gone to the press first.

I call for the removal of the EC chief and his deputy as a first step towards cleaning up the electoral rolls and regaining public confidence.

At present the EC stinks as far as its integrity and objectivity are concerned. The more statements made by the EC chief or his deputy, the stronger the stench.

Jimmy Ng : Twenty-eight percent of new voters in Selangot cannot be traced? Wan Ahmad is either a moron or a most cunning and evil man.

He is undoubtably a BN supporter and yet he is allowed to hold the position of deputy chief in the EC and continue with all his gerrymandering, phantom voters and illegal voters schemes.

Bersih, why isn't there a clear and concerted action plan to ensure that this foul and evil man is removed from his position to ensure a clean and fair elections, or perhaps it is already too late?

Sarajun Hoda: Wan Ahmad, who is in power - you or the Selangor MB? So who works for who? Who is answerable to whom? Can you please make some sense or have you sold to your soul to BN lock, stock and barrel?

Gotcha: These 28 percent voters will be dropped from the sky at the polling stations by chartered buses on polling day.

So volunteers from Pakatan must be ready at every polling station with video recorders and handphones to capture their arrival.

Kim Quek: Perhaps someone should make a police report against Wan Ahmad for uttering barefaced lies over the 140,000 ‘untraceable' newly registered dubious voters in Selangor.

He should be investigated for committing, or abetting in committing, a massive fraud in the electoral roll.

Kenneth_3486: Wan Ahmad, based on what standard do you think it is normal? If that is the case, I think it is normal to cut 28 percent of your pay.

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