'For Malays Only' rating for Tanda Putera

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YOURSAY 'Just this one dastardly act alone is enough to blight forever any worthy reputation that UIA might have earned itself before.'

Varsity to screen controversial film 'Tanda Putera'

your say Cannon: Rather than serving as centres of learning where lecturers and students enjoy academic freedom to inquire and pursue academic excellence, our universities have become part of the insidious propaganda apparatus of the state.

They are turned into indoctrination centres, applying the same communist methods of mind manipulation and thought control to brainwash our students.

The regime has learned nothing from its ‘Interlok' debacle to propagate Umno's ideology in our secondary schools. It is now more determined to shaft its propaganda inciting fear and race hatred down the throats of our university students.

Our educational system is dragged down the gutter with Umno. What national transformation are we talking about?

An Islamic institution of higher learning, a university at that, is now propagating 'fitnah' and maligning an entire minority community. Chinese viewers are denied the right to watch the movie so that they can rebut the lies, historical distortions and falsehoods propagated about the role of the Chinese in the May 13 incident.

Is this conduct righteous and in line with the tenets of Islam? What have the university lecturers and students got to say about this? What are the views of other Muslims in this country? What is the stand of Muslim clergy on the matter?

And what is the cabinet doing about it, having its ruling set aside by the Umno hardliners who are lurking inside the administration. PM Najib Razak appears too preoccupied doing damage control from the political fallout of the Sabah crisis, to respond.

The cabinet had ruled ‘Tanda Putera' as not appropriate for public screening. Yet the Film Censorship Board gave the controversial movie its seal of approval. It appears to restrict audience viewing, the flunkies of the regime have added their own new movie rating: ‘For Malays Only'.

Kim Quek: This film is a distortion of history, made with the purpose of inciting racial hatred and fear, and intended as Umno's secret weapon to swing electoral support on the eve of elections.

It should have been banned, or the film-makers be charged for sedition.

Now that it is used to poison the minds of our youth at the Universiti Islam Antarabangsa (UIA), shouldn't we make a police report against the organisers exhibiting this film?

Ipohcrite: This is totally sick behaviour - a public university pandering to the corrupt government of the day. Just this one dastardly act alone is enough to blight forever any worthy reputation that the university might have earned itself before.

Saintonthego: Why show the film only to certain quarters? Is this the intention of 1Malaysia - to divide the people, create hatred and scare them before the elections.

Clever Voter: The documentary film is so badly made that it is difficult to imagine that it would make any difference to one's political beliefs and prejudice.

BN is exploiting every single opportunity to strike fear and scare gullible voters and bribe unprincipled individuals. Thankfully, such tricks are not as effective now, especially in the Internet age.

Geronimo: Umno is undoubtedly now beyond redemption. MCA and Gerakan, by their mere silence on the callous screening of this film, show their tacit support. They must be shown the door come GE13.

Simply Red: What good will the showing of this controversial movie bring. What is the agenda in showing to a selected few?

I think we are now dividing Malaysia further. The Malays will ‘hate' the Chinese even more (but on false premises). It is time for MCA, Gerakan and MIC to speak up loud and clear. The only thing I can do is to pray for Malaysia.

Gotcha: As a UIA graduate, I urge the present students not to fall into the trap set by the ruling politicians.

Look at level of corruption in our country. Our bumiputera share of the cake has to divided with Project IC instant citizens. Their cronies have become rich, not us.

My dad got RM500, that's nothing great when the country is being robbed blind.

Wong Kah Woh: I too am a UIA graduate (2004). I want to tell my former university not to live in 1960s. We are today living in 21st century. Stop all this nonsense.

Sarajun Hoda: An Islamic university has become a centre where indoctrination is more important than teaching critical thinking, and where ridiculing and condemning other faiths is more important than portraying compassion, peace and love.

I am proud of my religion, but I never understand what religious values these Islamic institutions are really preaching. And I'm talking about my religion, Islam.

Think_act_live_NOW: Is there no public institution that is not aligned to BN?

Hmmmmmmmm: Merit points given to students for watching a movie? Now we know why graduates from many of our local universities are ill-equipped when they join the workforce.

They probably expect to receive a bonus for watching movies during office hours.

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