Let not our 10 security members' deaths be in vain

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YOURSAY 'We should not let the 10 Malaysian security forces who lay down their lives for all of us die in vain. They deserve better and more competent political masters.'

Intruders had planned attack during GE, claims Utusan

your say Mohamad Abdul Malik: If it had come from other sources, there might have been some truth in the matter. But when it came from Utusan Malaysia , one might as well believe in the Gila-gila comics. At least they have more credibility.

But why do we negotiate for three whole weeks and let the terrorists plan their attacks ruthlessly?

Even former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has remarked that our initial analysis of their strengths was less than perfect.

It seems that Utusan has been more advanced intelligence then our security apparatus.

But do bear in mind that their previous 'sources' have all failed them miserably, going by the number of court cases that Utusan has lost so far.

Mahashitla: This is the mother of all spins by Umno to implicate Pakatan Rakyat in potential chaos at the 13th general election.

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has been deliberately delaying the general election due to his lack of confidence, whereas Pakatan wants the general election to be called now.

What sort of rubbish information do Utusan and Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin have?

Any chaotic situation in Sabah will only benefit BN and allow Najib to extend BN's already expired five-year term, which is exactly what Pakatan does not want.

We do not buy this story. It is only raising more suspicion that Umno-BN is buying time to further delay this general election just to get their fraudulent plans into place.

Anonymous #19098644: An Umno minister said that they are not militants or terrorists , but fellow Muslims.

Then they claimed that they had everything under control . Two members of the police force had died, and they still said that they were on top of the situation.

The next day, six more police officers were slaughtered and mutilated. After that, they claimed that the enemy was surrounded.

However, when attacked, most of terrorists had mysteriously disappeared. Suddenly, they ordered the journalists in Sabah to describe them as terrorists.

On Thursday, PKR vice-president Tian Chua was charged with sedition instead of been sued for defamation for blaming the Lahad Datu incident on Umno.

What is clear is that they don't know what is happening, and they are not in control.

How can Malaysians believe and trust them, and continue to let our future and security be left in the hands of such incompetent politicians?

We should not let the 10 Malaysian security forces who laid down their lives for all of us die in vain. They deserve better and more competent political masters than this bunch of clowns.

Malaysia888: Unfortunately, due to the systematic dumbing down of the population over the years (primarily readers of Utusan ), most of them will believe in this journalistic trash.

Ghkok: I see... BN is really getting more and more creative by the day.

DPM won't show proof of GE disruption claims yet

Tholu: Blogger Papagomo claims he has information obtained from genuine sources that Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim plans the murder of an Election Commission (EC) official on polling day and instead of reporting such a serious matter to the police, he wrote about it in his blog.

It is a criminal offence under the Penal Code to withhold information of a potential crime from the police. The police should arrest him immediately and charge him in court for the offence.

If Muhyiddin reveals the same information later, he, too, should be arrested and charged for the same crime as Papagomo. This is a very serious allegation and the police should act on it immediately.

If they were quick to act against Batu MP Tian Chua, they should also show the same swiftness against Papagomo. Meanwhile, Anwar should initiate legal action against Papagomo for accusing him of plotting a murder.

Thetruth: They are very, very desperate. They are staring at defeat in the upcoming GE13. Their usual race and religion tactic is not working anymore. They have to try anything that will give them some hope of staying in power.

They forget they are the ones who said the intruders were not dangerous and delayed taking action for 17 days.

No government on this planet will ever tolerate armed intruders for such a long time without taking action.

Only they can answer on what they did. Then we have lots of questions needing answers, particularly the history of the relationship between the Muslim separatists and the Malaysian government.

If this is in the 90s with all the media controlled by them, it would be easy for them but now we are living in the era of the Internet. Truth is no longer easily buried.

However, most of all, we must salute and remember the heroic action and the sacrifice of our police and armed forces in protecting our nation.

Tpn: The ruling party is already causing havoc at opposition's rallies. So we know who will be the troublemakers.

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