Najib, what say you on Americk's revelation?

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YOURSAY 'This revelation will have an adverse effect on our justice system, where the law and the people that serve and uphold them are manipulated and used as pawns.'

Najib instructed Cecil on SD2, Bar AGM told

your say Cala: What has come to light is the second statutory declaration (SD) of the late private investigator P Balasubramaniam (who made an about-turn after his first SD) was allegedly prepared by lawyer Cecil Abraham not under the instruction of his client, Bala, but someone else.

In so doing, he had allegedly acted against his professional ethics because by acceding to the instruction of a third party, his client had sign the second SD under duress.

Cecil now stands accused of being an accomplice to a crime because the purported second SD carried no truth as Bala had claimed.

PM Najib Razak has plenty of clarifications to make - about his role in the case and the interest he derived from the sudden change in Bala's SD.

Louis: When Deepak Jaikishan made the allegation, Najib said he was not credible because the former was a carpet seller. Bala also made the same allegation, but it was not reliable because he was a mere PI.

Now that it has been made by none other than a very senior lawyer, what have you got to say, Najib?

Relevancy: This is a black chapter for the legal fraternity. This revelation will have an adverse effect on our justice system where the law and the people who serve and uphold them are manipulated and used as pawns.

Heavywater: More and more information is coming out each passing day implicating Najib, yet no action is taken. But in the case of Batu MP Tian Chua, they took immediate action and within days based on a mere accusation.

Forcing someone to sign a SD under duress is a felony offence. Why are the police not taking action?

Whatsdown: Sorry Najib, each day you delay in dissolving the Parliament will not give you additional advantage. Such delay is in fact to your detriment.

More and more Pandora's boxes are being opened each passing day and you now have no time nor power to close them. What goes around comes around.

Well done, lawyer Americk Sidhu for your courage. We are willing to forgive Cecil if he was really doing it under the order of the most powerful man in the country. Cecil must now come out and tell his side of the story.

CQ Muar: I'm in agreement with ‘Whatsdown'. He said it all - the way I felt about Americk for his righteousness, the ensuing pardoning of Cecil by the former on condition that he, the latter, stands by his confession.

The bottom line is, those responsible for taking Altantuya Shaariibuu's life must pay a price for their heinous crime. He who sows must reap, and may her soul and that of PI Bala's rest in peace when justice is finally served.

Louis: Cecil Abraham, you are a gentleman. You have our respect for telling the truth. There is nothing wrong in admitting your mistake.

Now Deepak has come out with the truth. Bala had also done his part. You are the final piece of the jigsaw. Let's see if you are brave enough to own up.

Open Minded: The PM has revealed the seven sins of the opposition, but I want to ask him a simple question, are you a good human being yourself?

If I remember well my Bible teachings at the early stages of my life, which goes like this: Let the person who has not sinned cast the first stone.

We know very well from the turn of events as to who is right or wrong or who is righteous or a false pretender.

Let us not talk about sins, of which we have no control over because of our lust, greed and a ravenous appetite for power and fame. Focus on what you can do and let the truth prevails.

Human Being: Tears streaked across my cheek. I cried with joy that there is still hope in justice. Sorry, I was not around during the Bar's AGM (annual general meeting) yesterday, but thumbs up to the Bar Council and especially Americk.

Anonymous_5fb: Americk Sidhu, you did the right thing here. If not, Bala's quest for justice through your 'pro bono' efforts in preparing SD1, which took months, will be in vain, destroyed by the hastily prepared SD2 by Cecil Abraham.

I believe Cecil understand the situation that Americk was in, and will do the right thing.

Simply Red: In most other countries, the PM will quickly tender his resignation for any wrongdoing.

If he does not, then he is duty-bound to clear his name, whether he likes it or not. He must set the record straight and do it immediately. There is no such thing as ‘elegant silence' in this case as the credibility and integrity of the person holding the highest post in the country is at stake.

Shame the devil, Mr PM, if you have done nothing wrong. Blaze your guns at those out to ruin your chances of being elected as PM. Otherwise vacate your post graciously as we don't want a PM who has a tainted background and reputation.

You owe a duty to the rakyat to respond to the allegations. The ball is now at your feet. The spectators expect you to do something with it.

Ferdtan: Americk, it takes a lot of courage to do what you did. Breaking your promise to another fellow lawyer for the greater good is the least of your problem.

Indeed, God works in mysterious ways. In the wake of Bala's untimely death, He finds another hero to take Bala's place. Altantuya is dead and gone, but like some gothic ghost, she is haunting her murderer/murderers, crying out from beyond for vengeance.

There is no escaping. Justice has to come ultimately. Ultimately.

Anonymous #76965586: Life is short. Hence, we should live a meaningful life. We don't want to wait the day we pass away remorsefully.

Do something for the society before we leave the world. Fear in this world is just temporary. The world can't threaten us anymore when we leave this world.

However, we don't want to leave with remorse. We don't want our children to be reminded of the mistake we make in this world when we leave.

Nes: In England, a politician is jailed because he asked his wife to take the rap for his parking offence. And that was 10 years ago. What more can I say?

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