'Unfortunate' to have clowns running the EC

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YOURSAY 'The rakyat should hold the EC totally responsible and accountable for any unfairness in the elections. I hope this includes jail time.'

EC: Unfortunate if GE comes before RCI concludes

your say FellowMalaysian: The veracity of the electoral roll, the spine and essence of the entire country's official registry of voters, is now seriously called into question with reliable sources claiming that a third of the newly registered voters in Selangor are dubious.

Yet the Election Commission (EC) remains indifferent to calls of review of the electoral roll even though the on-going Sabah RCI (royal commission of inquiry) has shed clear and incontrovertible evidence of dubious voters.

If irregularity is proven after GE13 has been held, will that mean to say that the results of the elections will be rendered invalid and null and void? Whichever coalition wins the general election, such a consequence will be detrimental to the health of the country and the country's affairs will be plunged into dire straits.

Or is this a ploy in using pernicious action hatched by Mahathir & Co should Pakatan Rakyat win GE13?

LittleGiant: I am extremely disappointed with EC deputy chief Wan Ahmad Wan Omar's statement. What if there is no RCI on immigrants in Sabah? Does it mean that the EC will not check and act on complaints about the dubious voters in its electoral rolls in Sabah?

With the 30 percent witnesses who have testified so far at the RCI, there is enough 'rock solid' evidence of a huge number of dubious voters in Sabah and the EC has no reason to delay rectifying the abnormalities.

A lot of 'grey areas' in the EC's electoral rolls for many parts of the country have already been exposed since the last general elections in 2008. Has EC taken any meaningful action to clear these 'grey areas'?

Or is the EC pretending to be helpless and conveniently waiting until the next general elections are over, probably placing hope that the ruling BN coalition will be returned to power, and all of EC's woes will be solved.

Quigonbond: Wan Ahmad is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Knowing full well that the RCI extension will be pointless because Parliament will be dissolved soon, Wan Ahmad is just shedding crocodile's tears about a missed opportunity to clean up the electoral roll.

If he's so concerned, what about the Bersih demands as well as clearly padded rolls in Pakatan-held states that BN is so determined to win back? There will be a day of reckoning, not just for BN, but for people like Wan Ahmad.

Anonymous #40112563: I'm just wondering what is the reaction of the Sabah BN politicians who have been pushing for the RCI to be completed before GE13 to this statement and the fact that the RCI has been extended by six months.

How can you now face your supporters? How can you now explain to them that their status as Malaysians and Sabahans will not be diluted?

Didn't you or your supporters expect this to happen when you supported the BN to carry out this RCI instead of pushing them to clean out the electoral rolls immediately, which was what Bersih fought for?

Clearwater: It is really unfortunate we have clowns heading the EC. But wait, in less than six months' time, even before the re-commencement of the RCI, we may get a new government and a new team heading the EC.

Ahmad Said: The EC appears delighted that the elections are held before there is a need to remove the dubious voters.

The rakyat should hold the EC totally responsible and accountable for any unfairness in the elections. I hope this includes jail time as there needs to be a strong disincentive for cheating.

Starr: What a pathetic stand of the EC in respect of the dubious electoral roll.

They first acclaim that the electoral roll is the cleanest in the world (of course, nobody believes them), then having confronted with the testimonies from the Sabah RCI, they now take a slightly different stand - that they can only do something about it at the end of the inquiry and not before.

It clearly shows their reluctance to take the issue head-on but drag it out as long as possible in order to help their paymasters' cause.

It's pathetic because it's their constitutional responsibility to conduct free and fair elections in the first place and for years, they've been provided with ample evidence of the electoral roll being infested with dubious entries through various scams, and yet they remain adamant.

The fact the RCI has revealed the existence of the IC scam directly linking it to the electoral roll is a damning indictment of the EC's failure to fulfil its constitutional duty.

Onyourtoes: Wan Ahmad, you are talking baloney again. We don't set up the EC for nothing. We don't appoint people like you to suck egg.

So what have you been doing all these years - hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil? Or have you been participating in all these evils as well.

Oh, now you have to wait for the court and RCI to tell you what to do. Did you wait for RCI and court decision before all those illegal immigrants were given illegal citizenship? Did you wait for RCI and court decision before you contaminate the electoral roll beyond recognition?

You know what; you should return all the salary, perks and whatever you have received from the government. You do nothing, you contribute nothing, you are nothing, other than being a parasite.

Dood: Listen here, Wan Ahmad. I think you don't understand the severity of the situation. That the investigation cannot be wrapped up before the elections and that there are so many dubious voters in a crucial election is not what I would describe as "unfortunate".

If you can't do your job properly, then you should just get the hell out.

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