Stay cool, don't be provoked by BN hooligans

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YOURSAY 'They were hoping for such incidents to happen whereby MSM would have a field day to paint the opposition as troublemakers.'

Tian Chua's ceramah disrupted yet again in Malacca

your say Ferdtan: Batu MP Tian Chua, keep on with your ceramah. Let the Umno-sponsored thugs throw eggs and whatever abuses and ruckuses they can think of. Let them harass and intimidate the crowd. It won't work - not in short term nor long.

In fact, it will be the opposite; the backlash of it would hurt BN badly in the coming election. MCA will suffer the most as most of the ‘mat rempits' are from Perkasa-Umno. Many of the chants are racist in nature aimed at the Chinese.

There are many ordinary folks of all races, including Malays and Indians there, and when they see such unbecoming behaviour cause by the obviously state-sponsored thugs, they would be turned off.

We hope the crowd and organisers do not do anything ugly - don't response to them. They were hoping for such incidents to happen whereby the mainstream media would have a field day to paint the opposition as the troublemakers.

The police, of course, will come in - obviously we know which side they will be on. Pakatan Rakyat, be the ‘victim' (you don't have to try hard, you are already one). Trust me, it works in politics.

Thana55: It's time the police took some deterrent action to ensure no repeats of Umno's hooliganism and gangsterism. People are watching and the relevant police officers will soon face the brunt of the law for their negligent behaviour.

MockingYou: Any arrests? If not, then what do you mean under control? Is it like saying, "tolong jangan baling telur (please, don't throw eggs)"?

Heavywater: Tian Chua is targeted by BN, which means that whatever he is doing is good enough to threaten BN's political position. Tian Chua, keep it up. We are with you all the way.

See, BN act like thugs but then talk about May 13. One can only see which way BN is going and who they will use. I still believe that in the very near future, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak will call for martial law.

Black Panthar: This is what's going to happen after Umno-BN is thrown out from Putrajaya. This is only a rehearsal. The real show is after GE13 results are known. It's not the opposition that is going to create trouble, it's Umno-BN.

I clearly remember the 1969 riot. The election was held on Saturday, May 10, 1969 and the riot broke out on Tuesday, May 13.

The Umno ministers are warning us of a repeat of May 13 by the opposition, but I'm dead sure it will only be started by Umno.

Police and army, please get ready. Don't get caught by surprise like the Lahat Datu intrusion.

No Muslim or Islamic sentiments here, please. Protect your citizens and all foreigners who are here in this beautiful country.

Dear voters, please do not even give a chance to Umno-BN to be a strong opposition after GE13. Minimise their seats or wipe them off totally. Give strong support to Pakatan Rakyat.

They are not angels either, but at least they can stop further erosion of our coffers. Give them a chance to govern us for five years. It'll stop the bleed.

Anonymous_4056: This is certainly Umno's culture and not Malay culture. I'm so sorry for this country that it is being led by such people from Umno-BN.

Harapanbaru: There is no greater sin than pretending to be pious while serving the devil's agenda.

Let this be a warning to all Umno samseng and Perkasa goons: for your refusal to follow the path of decency and righteousness, you will be rewarded after your death with being deleted as individual souls.

You will literally become "dust in the wind." I speak with absolute certainty.

Umno Portal: Don't worry Tian Chua. These idiots, through their hate campaign, are convincing the people to vote for Pakatan.

XXXX: Next time, catch a few of these samsengs (gangsters), tie them up and hold them for interrogation until they spill the beans. That is your natural right if they happen to intrude into meetings or onto private land without being invited.

Take photos of them and make them sign confessions. No more Mr Nice. Maybe they are intruders who will later turn out to be terrorists.

Sali Tambap: My only advice here is no matter what BN hooligans do to your ceramah, Pakatan supporters should never ever be like them. Remember, never ever be like them. Let be this culture an Umno culture.

Keneoh: People are generally fed up of the samseng behavior of these Umno thugs. This will eventually backfire on BN during GE.

The silence from the PM and Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein reflects badly on them as it seems that they support such behavior.

TehTarik: Pakatan should keep its cool. Umno-BN are shooting themselves in the foot, by using thugs to disrupt opposition ceramah.

Most Malaysians are peace loving citizens and are disgusted with the behaviour of these Umno hooligans. Come GE13 and the fence sitters will know who to vote for.

Anonymous_4056: Better still, Tian Chua, please wear a full-faced motorcycle helmet at your future ceramah.

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