Army double vote another BN fixed deposit?

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YOURSAY 'Isn't there a system in place whereby someone leaving the police or armed forces would have to return their identity card and thereafter, these should be deleted from the system?'

EC deletes Papagomo's phantom record

your say Ferdtan: I thought the Election Commission (EC) chairperson had once said that he cannot delete names from the electoral rolls at will, once gazetted. So how can they so easily delete blogger Papagomo's duplicate record from the database?

See, they can do anything at will. In every correction, the deletions and additions should be reflected in the computer records.

Would someone in the IT (information technology) section of the EC check and print out the user logs to find out who did the deleting? The culprit's name can be identified through the login name.

This is an internal control that most software systems have. To delete a name from the electoral rolls requires higher-up authorisation - surely no lowly officers are allowed to carry out such actions.

Ex-Perakian: Isn't there a system in place whereby someone leaving the police or armed forces would have to return their identity card and thereafter, these should be deleted from the system?

Otherwise, can you imagine the thousands or hundreds of thousands of such army identity cards being used for postal votes?

Is this a loophole or a simple plan to get another bank of fixed deposit votes for BN?

Appum: These pathetic, inefficient, lying and crooked top officials responsible for running a commission established under the Agong cannot be excused for such blatant failures in carrying out their tasks.

They think Malaysians are fools and can be misled now and again. The main point is these two EC clowns keep telling us they can't do anything to the electoral roll once it is gazetted. But now you can see that they can do it - and immediately, if they want to.

We, the rakyat, want the EC to rectify all the discrepancies in the electoral rolls as reported in Selangor, Sabah, etc. Would the EC do it? If not, then please resign now. This matter is absolutely irritating.

KeranamuMalaysia: What the heck? Ex-army and police personnel can be phantom voters? This is a really disturbing revelation, and it shows that the EC is really not clean and not doing its job.

Malaysiawatch4.blogspot: I suppose the question is: "How come the EC cannot uncover such double voters whereas outsiders can?"

It seems that all that is required is a database of all those in the police and army and check their IC details to check for duplicates. It should also be a serious offence to register to vote using two different ICs.

Chipmunk: This is a clear-cut situation where the EC is fully aware of dubious voters on their list but is playing a cat-and-mouse game as in ‘catch me if you can'.

Pakatan Rakyat should now check all the records of police and military personnel to see if there are duplicate records in the system.

If we want to wait for the EC to be pro-active, don't bother as they will not do it. The EC is Umno's tool and their lap dogs. They have no shame and ethical values to ensure a fair and clean election.

Mahashitla: This is clear-cut cheating and the EC is only removing a shovel of sand from a 10-tonne lorry load. The fact that the date of birth differs could be evidence enough to let the computer accept the registration as two different individuals.

Gotcha: The postal list for voting purposes may have already been printed for election purposes and may be ready for distribution with Papagomo's name in both listings. Deleting from the computer system alone may not be enough. He may still be able to vote twice.

Election observers from Pakatan must keep an eye on this guy as the postal listing has already been printed prior to rectification.

Armageddon: That is how they cheat, by blaming one another. Even a small boy knows that retired police personnel have two identity cards.

If the EC is honest enough, they would have checked all retired armed forces personnel's records. Indeed, they are playing a game with the rakyat. If they get caught, they make it right, otherwise they just continue cheating. Shame on them.

Cogito Ergo Sum: This hits right at the core of our democracy. Are we still one? If you can add and subtract names in the electoral rolls so easily, then we are at best a dubious form of democracy, with voting just to go through the motions to confirm a predetermined result.

Come on EC, your antics, twists, spins and perverted actions just confirm that we can't expect a fair end result from the coming elections.

Will EC throw the book at Papagomo?

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