Home minister should stop spitting in the wind

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YOURSAY 'It is obvious BN thugs were the cause of the violent. Until now, no BN leaders have came out to calm their supporters.'

More ceramah disruptions likely, says Hisham

your say TehTarik: Hishammuddin Hussein must be the worst home minister in our nation's history. His only qualification appears to be that he is the son of a previous PM. This is often what happens when people born with silver spoons are given important positions.

Pro-Umno militant groups that disrupt opposition rallies are similar to the Brownshirts deployed by the Nazis. In fact, Hitler himself denied any knowledge of the Brownshirts. It's a similar ploy employed by Hishammuddin and Umno.

2 Tim 1:7: Hitler used the paramilitary Brownshirts headed by Ernst Rohm to intimidate the opposition and disrupt their meetings and rallies from 1921 to 1933. The Brownshirts were in no small measure responsible his rise to power as the Reich Chancellor in 1933.

I won't be surprised if the mat rempits, the Barisan Tiga and the violent fringe groups in Umno play the same role in the coming GE13.

Since retired military top brass and senor police officers are joining PKR in increasing numbers, the party leadership should use their expertise to strategise counter moves.

VoteOutBN: The biggest problem are the planted provocateurs in the ceramah crowd. These people can potentially cause serious problems. For example, they may be instructed to stab someone in the crowd.

When a stabbing happens and in a charged atmosphere, there is no telling some people might retaliate. That's when all hell will break loose. And it would be the perfect opportunity for the BN government to "act".

Tholu: This clown should resign immediately from his post as home minister as he is the most incompetent person in the world to be, not only a home minister, but even to hold a clerical post.

Insufficient police, he said. Hello Hishammuddin, the complaint is that even with the police presence during Pakatan Rakyat ceramahs, they do not take any action against the Umno troublemakers. Got it?

Multi Racial: As home minister, he is admitting his ministry is not doing its job. So he should step aside and let someone else to do the job.

It is obvious BN thugs were the cause of the violent. Until now, no BN leaders have come out to calm their supporters. None of them publicly spoke against the violence. Instead they blamed Pakatan supporters who were the ones on the receiving end.

BN is the incumbent government, it is their duty to ensure law and order. There is no exception. Anyone who break the law should be prosecuted, and that include all those BN and Perkasa supporters who have caused the violence.

Krish: "Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein has expressed concern that disruptions at political ceramah events may get worse as the general election draws closer," Malaysiakini reported.

Such a warning coming from none other than the home minister is rather unbecoming. He has already adopted a defeatist attitude. How can the disruptions get worse if the police are doing their job without fear or favour?

The home minister should instead be assuring the rakyat that the police would do everything possible to ensure a safe environment for all to carry on their ceramahs.

For the record, there have been numerous reports about gangster-like disruptions during the opposition rallies. What has been done to curb such undesirable developments?

FellowMalaysian: It's hard to believe Hishammuddin's claim of lacking in police ground force as the reason for the police's inability to control audience disruptions by thugs and gangsters.

Thousands of police officers were mobilised during Bersih 3.0 on March 28, 2012 to disperse the marchers of the peaceful rally and they came complete with water cannons and tear gas launchers.

There is just a feeble volition on the part of the Home Ministry to quell crowd rowdyism staged by gangsters and hooligans bent to disrupt Pakatan's many recent public events, may it be a dinner or an open-field speech.

Hishammuddin's poor excuses in practising bigotry and double standards will not go down well with voters.

Foodforthought: Hishammuddin, you should stop spitting in the wind.

Ferdtan: We thought we have a home minster who is in charge of the police force. You still have at least a month before the general election to put in a system of readiness for the police to control the events.

It seems that either you have given up hope on the police ability to control the crowd, or worse still, you have some sinister plan in place.

It's like you are expecting trouble to happen. If indeed there are, you shall be held responsible.

Apa Ini: The hooligans disrupting ceramahs are clearly organised by BN goons. The police stand by and do nothing.

Bersih's S Ambiga is right: we must pressure our politicians and leaders to sign the non-violent pledge in the coming GE.

Anonymous_5fb: What kind of home minister is he? He didn't condemn hooligans who disrupted Pakatan ceramahs, but said more are to come.

Hishammuddin - a minister for mat rempits

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