Patience wearing thin over 'fake' ICs in Sabah

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YOURSAY 'Yes, recall the ICs starting from the time of Project IC. Interview and check each and everyone and issue a new IC to those eligible.'

BN parties want recall of all Sabah MyKad

your say FellowMalaysian: The three BN-aligned political parties representing the KadazanDusunMurut (KDN) people - United Pasokmomogun KadazanDusunMurut Organisation (Upko) Upko, Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) and Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah (PBRS) - have just woken up from their long slumber.

They suddenly realised that they have been deceived and fooled by big brother Umno all along on the issue of granting citizenship to non-Sabahans.

Pakatan Rakyat-linked parties and SAPP will nevertheless join in the fray, though this recall and reissue of Sabah MyKad will somewhat pre-empt the findings of the royal commission of inquiry (RCI) which has not even reached its halfway stage.

This is certainly the first positive suggestion made by the normally toe-the-line BN parties of Sabah. Sabahans will definitely welcome the move as they stand up for their rights against unwelcome intruders who were made citizens by default of their surreptitious stay.

PRSJK: I am sure the rakyat would want a ‘bersih' government to clean up this mess. But it must not stop there. It must also go after the traitors who started selling citizenship to foreigners. It must catch all the small fish, medium fish and especially the big fish.

Thetimeisnow: Upko president Bernard Dompok, PBS president Joseph Pairin Kitingan and PBRS president Joseph Kurup, I am surprised why suddenly, out of the blue, the three of you decided to speak out. Your BN ship is sinking, slowly but surely. You better jump now.

Fernz: This is the most stupid idea that anyone can think of. It's better to offer amnesty as in 1965 in Malaya.

Lodge a police report, surrender all documents that anyone is not eligible or entitled to hold and pay a fine of RM300 (1965 rate). In return, collect a special pass from the Immigration Department, which will still enable the holder to work, go to school, open a bank account, etc.

Unspin: This is a brilliant proposal, assuming that it is not an election gimmick for GE13. If this exercise is carried out, an amnesty should be given to the children of the illegal immigrants born in our country because they are innocent.

Anonymous #19098644: This is the most common sense proposal that I have heard from BN parties in a long time.

Recall the ICs starting from the time of Project IC. Interview and check each and everyone and issue a new IC to those eligible. This will weed out the frauds and the cheats.

For once the Kadazan, Dusun and Murut parties are showing that they care for the community and the state rather than their own political gains.

It's time they stopped being the slaves of Umno. There is no dignity in that, however much they pay or reward you.

Aries46: Is this some kind of ‘sandiwara' by these so-called KDM leaders or is it merely a charade to appease their community into continuing to support the BN at GE13?

Pairin, Dompok and Kurup are behaving as if the MyKad scam in Sabah is a fairly recent discovery by virtue of the ongoing RCI.

As early as in the 90s, Project M was common knowledge and most Peninsular Malaysians knew that former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad was dishing out citizenship to illegal immigrants in Sabah to change the voters' racial demographics in favour of BN in order to shore up his waning power.

And these are the same three KDM leaders, who were well aware of PBS' declining power as a consequence of Mahathir's MyKad project, colluded with BN for power-sharing arrangements in return for ministerial positions.

Pissed: Mr Dompok, with due respect, many of them have already left Sabah for other states. How are you going to collect the ICs from all of them?

One way is to reissue new ICs that are different for the whole country. Like the last exercise where we changed from the plastic ones to the present chip-embedded cards.

This may be costly and time consuming. But that's the price we have to pay for one man's folly.

Anonymous #76965586: How to recall? Issue new ICs which are different from other states? How will the enforcement differentiate old ICs and newly issued ICs?

For those who are poor, who live in remote areas, who will compensate them for the financial loss incurred for obtaining new ICs? Who will suggest who is qualified for new ICs?

Those who obtained ICs through illegal ways, the number could be huge. If they are rejected, can the authorities handle them?

Ontoi: Every applicant shall provide - 1) birth certificate, 2) clinic or hospital record, 3) primary school record, 4) secondary school record, 4) marriage certificate, 5) IC with old and new numbers, 6) passport, 7) income tax number, 8) EPF number, 9) address of places he stayed all these years, 10) employment record, 11) name of friends and neighbours. 12) They will also have to go through an oral and written interview.

Wira: These useless BN component party leaders just woke up from their deep slumber after sleeping with the 'enemy' in Putrajaya.

They are making noise now to deceive their communities that they have started to do something. I bet you nothing will be done by those in power in Putrajaya or Kota Kinabalu. They need the vote of those illegals to stay in power.

Peacemaker: The records of who got the ICs illegally are clear. Just delete their names from the electoral rolls and half the job is done.

Next, arrest and sentence all those whom have been involved in issuing the ICs. As for the Bernard Dompok move, don't trust that opportunist. He's just ensuring his own political survival.

StoptheRot: They now fear a backlash of the Filipino immigrant community due to the way they handle the Sulu intrusion.

Many immigrants feel victimised by the authority. Instead of voting for BN, the immigrants may turn to the opposition. Therefore, BN has to take back the ICs to prevent them from voting.

OMG!!: Why react only now? Feeling the heat of the Sabahans' anger? Why the need to bring it up to the RCI? Isn't it faster to bring it directly to the federal and state cabinets where they are the representatives?

Scared that Umno wouldn't agree? Scared of losing their positions and side benefits? The KDM community should cry for having these kinds of leaders.

Pputeh: I am surprised by this suggestion. GE13 is around the corner. So are all these illegals allowed to vote? How do you separate the grain from the husk?

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