The sheer arrogance of Shuhaimi Baba

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YOURSAY 'Her bizarre interpretation is that since the film has not been approved for public view, no action can be taken against its content.'

'I'll continue to screen Tanda Putera privately'

your say Telestai!: ‘Tanda Putera' director Shuhaimi Baba, you use public funds to make a movie slanted against the Chinese minority and the opposition intending to stir up racial hatred and yet you have the audacity to insist on screening it as you wish.

Sure, you can go on doing this under the BN government but once they are voted out of power, we will demand that the new government make you answerable for it.

FellowMalaysian: Shuhaimi Baba showed defiance and contempt in ignoring the cabinet's decision in stopping the film from being screened - whether in public or otherwise.

Her audacity that it is okay if screened beforea private audience stemmed from the authorities' inaction against her when the film was shown in Universiti Islam Antarabangsa (UIA) and to Felda settlers recently.

Another of her bizarre interpretation is that since the film has not been approved for public view, no action can be taken against its content. Being a outright self-declared BN supporter certainly has its usefulness.

Saintonthego: It just goes to show that the BN government has two sets of laws - one for for BN supporters and another for the rest. However, even with this, there are people like this who are way above the law.

Whatsup: Shuhaimi, have you no shame to abet the spread of hatred in an attempt to cause mayhem. Is it worth the money you get to go against every grain of common sense and civilised behaviour?

Even if you lack all these, surely it would go against the very teaching of your religion or are you not god-fearing?

Do you not know you are wrong or it doesn't matter as long as you get your millions? Shame on you, Shuhaimi.

Absalom: Shuhaimi, can you, from your deep historical research, show some kind of evidence such as a picture or a report as proof of those episodes which are deemed historically inaccurate.

If you cannot, then, this is as someone in a movie once said, your 'unilateral wet dream' to instigate anger in Malays against the Chinese so as to rally them all into voting for the corrupt BN regime.

Unfortunately for you, Malaysians can see through such devious designs.

What they despise most is not racial disputes of 50 years ago but the bunch of crooks who mismanage the country, misinform the people and swindle the treasury.

Why not make a movie about that?

Ferdtan: Shuhaimi Baba, don't be too arrogant. The BN government is technically no longer the government today - its five years term expired on March 8, 2013. Soon within a month or two there will be a new government - a Pakatan Rakyat government.

Not only you have to look for a new job but you have to defend yourself for your despicable action to allow the viewing of the film to selected members of the public.

You can be sure that we shall demand that the new attorney-general  look into the case whether you have broken the law by defying the cabinet's ban (even if it is from your BN government) on the showing of the racist film to the public, albeit a selected group.

Right now, you are the most hated film director in the country.

MCA, where are you? Where are all the BN Chinese leaders? Lost your tongues? MCA chief Dr Chua Soi Lek and publicity chief Loh Seng Kok, where are you?

Loh only dare to attack DAP but has no guts to take on even a small fry - an Umno supporting film director.

Her film is said to be insulting the Chinese in the country. Isn't MCA a Chinese-based party? Now we know better, MCA is scared of Umno.

Kolopilah: So much money was spent to come up with this film. If it is so nationalistic why the selective audience, why wasn't the film shown to the masses?

All investments must have returns - no returns means it is a failed investment like most Umno businesses. Oops sorry, it's not their money, it's ours.

Progressive: We know what happened on May 13 1969. Innocent people were murdered for political reasons. No amount of film history will change that.

Pakatan should establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, like they did in post-apartheid South Africa, to heal the wounds of May 13, not ignite it by ‘Tanda Putera' and Shuhaimi Baba.

Low Kok Kok: ‘Tanda Putera' was funded by public money via our taxes. Now she wants us to pay for it.

No wonder Steven Spielberg won't do well in Malaysia - only through entrepreneurship in a free enterprise economy, talent will flourish.

Tholu: "If you pay, I'll screen it," says Shuhaimi. BN has successfully passed on its corrupt culture to its minions. Way to go, BN.

By 2020, Malaysia would surely have attained a 'highly moral' and 'ethical' society and thanks to BN, particularly Umno's efforts in ‘transforming' its society to be more ‘cultured' and ‘civilised', not to mention ‘law abiding'.

Lexicon : Anyone can pretend to be a film director. Only people committed to truthful expression can produce art. Shuhaimi Baba is simply a mercenary, the antithesis of an artist. History will not judge her well.

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