Until MACC acts justly, Taib will stay untouchable

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YOURSAY ‘This is part of the Malaysian ethos spawned by Mahathir's 22 year-legacy. As long as you stay in BN, you will come to no harm.'

Taib: I won't cooperate with naughty, dishonest MACC

your say LittleGiant: The reaction of Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud is not surprising as most BN politicians have no respect or fear of Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

If Taib Mahmud, a state CM and senior politician, has the nerve to tick off MACC, a high-ranking government agency, how does he expect his government officials and the rakyat to fear corruption and the MACC.

If MACC truly believes in wiping out corruption and has the spine to do its job without fear or favour, it should proceed to take the necessary legal recourse to safeguard its integrity and, therefore, seek an apology from Taib Mahmud for saying "MACC is naughty and dishonest" in its investigations against him.

By the way, if a similar statement had been made by an opposition politician, MACC would have by now filed a case against the politician for slander and the BN leadership would push their supporters to file hundreds of police reports.

Jaycee: Obviously, Taib Mahmud thinks he is untouchable. And the reason he behaves like this is because he has gotten away with lying, stealing and looting for the past 30 years. For that, we have Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Umno to thank.

But in the end, justice will prevail and this man is going down. Every sen that he and his family have stolen shall be returned to the rakyat. And the whole family can rot in jail. Change we must.

Paul Warren: But we have always told you that MACC is naughty and dishonest. Now, a BN man is saying the same thing.

Sarajun Hoda: That's sheer arrogance. That's what BN has become. Can MACC touch him? Najib Razak is in power because of Taib's huge contribution in parliament seats to BN. This will change next month when more seats shift to Pakatan.

One thing is for sure. If Najib can arrest this man, charge him and jail him by express, say before polling day, BN may win GE13. If he cannot do that, blame himself. Let this be a lesson, no leader should stay beyond his or her welcome. No more.

Heavywater: That old and arrogant man is completely out of touch. It's not MACC he has to worry about but Pakatan when they come to power. Then he can shout about being a victim till kingdom come.

PingPongTheGE13: To the soon-to-be ex-CM of Sarawak, anyone who watched the video will be convinced about how naughty and dishonest you, your family members, your cronies and even your lawyer were.

What you really care is how to keep your power and of course taking away as much of the rakyat's money as you could.

You don't care or perhaps don't dare to improve the reach of good education to the young generation from the villages because you worry they will know how to search Google, use Facebook and eventually know how to contact a lawyer.

Shame on you and I bet Sarawak will remain the same without much development as long as BN and you are still in control of the state.

I will pray that Sarawakians wake up and show him the true power of rakyat Malaysia, a country I love so much.

Justathougt: This is part of the Malaysian ethos spawned by Mahathir's 22 year-legacy. As long as you stay in BN, you will come to no harm.

All you need to do is to deny the allegations of wrongdoings (even if there is a mountain of evidence in support of them), and that is as good as a full acquittal.

Multi Racial: Look at Taib, based on what he said:

1) Anti-graft panel wants to investigate me, so what?

2) More than two-thirds of Sarawakians continue to vote for me, so what?

This only goes to show that Sarawak's future is in Sarawakian hands. They could continue to endorse his corrupted way and made him stronger. Eventually when the state goes bankrupt, who is to be blame?

It is time for those Sarawakians who are aware of this to spread the news to every corner of Sarawak. Educate them and make them understand. Get them to oust Taib and BN, and vote for Pakatan.

Homosapien: This tyrant should be put behind bars. He is the "Marcos" of Sarawak. Sarawak does not belong to him and Sarawakians should revolt and oust him in GE13.

If Sarawakians re-elect the Taib government, it will reflect the stupidity of the people there, knowing the damage he has done.

Honesty A Lonely Word: Finally a staunch BN ally has condemned the MACC as being naughty and dishonest. These are strong words coming from the chief minister of a state.

Najib owes a duty to MACC and the people of Malaysia to demand an apology from Taib in ridiculing a government agency.

TheSilentMajority: He is a monster of BN's own making. They will come to regret this as he lashes out wildly in desperation, promising to take down all concerned with him.

Today MACC, tomorrow BN itself. I'll buy tickets to watch the show.

'Naughty and dishonest'? What say you, MACC?

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