Fellow despots across the Causeway are nervous

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YOURSAY 'It goes to show the Singapore's government's fear of a spillover effect should Pakatan take over the federal government.'

Singapore police probe six Malaysians over voting drive

your say MockingYou: I remember a commentator writing that Singapore is afraid of a well-governed Malaysia. How true, as they're taking action against those few bravehearts for not having permits (in their campaign urging fellow Malaysians there to return home to vote in the 13th general election).

Its modus operandi sounds a lot like BN. But then again it's their country, so we have no choice but to abide by their laws.

Ablastine: I certainly hope that the Singapore government does not over-react and unnecessarily punish these few Malaysians in Singapore who did nothing more than ask their fellow countrymen to return to vote.

They are not just individuals - they represent Malaysian nationalism and behind them, are many millions of voters sympathetic to their cause.

Excessive punitive measures against them will most certainly provoke undesirable reactions from across the Causeway, something that Singapore is better off without.

Anonymous #32993250: Singapore's PAP government is very fearful of regime change in Malaysia, since it will have a profound impact in Singapore due to the domino effect.

When our new government opens more democratic space, every political party will soon have licence to operate their own daily newspaper and have their own TV networks just like other democratic countries. Singapore does not practice democracy, hence it's very fearful.

Clever Voter: These six individuals reflect the fast maturing political culture of a submissive society. No longer the government, whether BN or Pakatan Rakyat, can take its people for granted.

Rising awareness and being conscious of the need to be more involved in a positive sign of democracy. This should be encouraged rather than discouraged.

Skeat: It's just investigation. There are laws in certain countries. If you want to perform some actions, it is best you check with the authorities before doing it.

For example, in this case, if those six Malaysians did what they did after they got permits, this won't be an issue.

It's different if Singapore disallowed them the permits. Then I would feel that there is an agenda somewhere. You can't just do anything you like in another country.

Bottom line is that you have to abide with the laws of the country. Or else, there will be chaos.

Haveagreatday: Hardly a surprise, isn't it? The fact that Singapore has been ruled with an iron fist all these years makes their response predictable. Let's hope the authorities won't charge the six for any offence.

LittleGiant: I don't think the group has done anything seriously wrong in urging Malaysians in Singapore to return home and cast their vote in the general election.

But going by the rules in Singapore, it is only proper that they obtain the necessary clearance from the authorities to carry out their campaign.

Malaysia888: It is in Singapore's interest to maintain the status quo in Malaysia. Without the brain drain from here, where are they going to find enough skilled professionals to support their economy?

TehTarik: It is obvious that PAP in Singapore is a staunch supporter of Umno-BN. It realises that the political tsunami for regime change may next sweep across the straits into Singapore.

Hence the Singapore government will do everything to maintain the status quo in Malaysia. The pro-BN editorials in the PAP mouthpiece, The Straits Times , vindicates this observation.

Mob1900: The fellow despots from across the Causeway are nervous; hence a courtesy call from them resulted in peaceful patriots being taken in for questioning.

But at least, Singapore authorities do it in a proper and civilised manner - no 'deaths' while in custody.

Senior: In Singapore, it's an offence not to have voted in two consecutive elections. So why can't we ask Malaysians to go home and vote?

Heidegger & Derrida: It's pretty simple, a Pakatan government will bring major changes including making us more competitive.

The last thing those kiasu (afraid to lose) people in Singapore want is competition. And yes, you're also dealing with a very authoritarian government that doesn't believe in people power.

They believe in 'human capital' to make more money. They think that the people will be happy with economic progress, but even Singaporeans don't buy that now. That's why the PAP lost their last by-election.

Kheng: The Singapore opposition is gaining momentum and winning support by the day in Singapore. It goes to show the Singapore's government's fear of a spillover effect should Pakatan take over the federal government.

Notwithstanding, perhaps they fear being castigated by the BN government and face reprisals against them.

Caesar's Wife: These Malaysians urging fellow Malaysians to return to vote are doing a wonderful job. We salute you and thank you for your civic consciousness.

Mahashitla: These are very minor offences in Singapore and I can see that the police came out rather late, maybe with instructions from above.

Simple, Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong does not want to be seen as going against Malaysian Premier Najib Razak, with whom he has a very good working relationship.

Most Malaysians coming back are expected to vote against BN. This should not be an issue as there are many ways to tell Malaysians to return to vote.

Anonymous #44199885: I can't see how informing Malaysians of GE13 and asking them to return to vote amounts to a campaign or advocating an idea.

I would have thought that Singapore, which is a first world country and which impresses on its citizens to vote, would consider what the six Malaysians have done a laudable act.

Anonymous #11028691: Suggestion - can you print the words on T-shirts and wear it? This will bypass their laws.

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