Hindraf, ask Najib to apologise with full-page ads

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YOURSAY 'Only Hindraf has been trumpeting BN's apology to the Indians. We have not heard a squeak from the BN leaders directly.'

Q&A: Hindraf explains deal with BN

your say Kbe: "No Malaysian prime minister has ever apologised publicly to the Indians for past lapses. No Malaysian government has ever signed anything like this in full public view," writes Hindraf adviser N Ganesan.

That's because no prime minister has ever had to face the real possibility of losing power, except for Najib.

Notwithstanding, even in the face of such adversity, Najib's Umno is endorsing Perkasa veep Zulkilfi Noordin, the very culprit who mocked and insulted Hindus, as a candidate under its wing in the GE.

Given this, how much regard does Najib/Umno have for your MOU, except in using it as a convenient tool to garner Indian votes in the GE, and discarding it away after that?

Changenow: Ganesan, your article is just pure rhetoric. Fifty-six years of "lapse" by BN? Can anyone believe it?

You demanded so much from Pakatan Rakyat but now you are very happy with the dubious MOU (memorandum of understanding) from BN (perhaps it includes a future post for your chief, P Waythamoorthy, under the PM's Department).

2LAN: What a scam. An MOU with BN and not the government? It's a double con. I really pity the Indians if they believe in this.

The reason for the Indians being where they are today did not happen overnight, but over 55 years of bias and neglect by BN. This new deal is like shaking hands with the devil.

Cascara: Enough of these Q&A sessions from Hindraf. Waytha says the PM apologised for past misdeeds against the Indians and has agreed to four out of the six demands.

Only Hindraf has been trumpeting this. We have not heard a squeak from BN directly. Are they embarrassed about this 'deal' with Hindraf or are they planning a quiet exit after May 5?

We would like BN to take out full-page advertisements in the mainstream papers (just like what they are doing daily) and apologise to the Indians for past misdeeds and to detail out what BN and the PM have promised to do for the Indians.

That would be more credible and convincing. Till then, I would advise all Indians to hold back any support for BN and just stick to Pakatan.

Bamboo: It's clear as daylight Hindraf leaders have sold out their Indian rights cause and turned into a spoiler for Pakatan.

In negotiations with Pakatan, they must be given seats to contest, otherwise no deal. With BN, they were willing to set aside some demands for 'later follow-up'. These clever arguments/spin can't convince many.

A Vote For BN Is A Vote For Perkasa: Your English is good and you write well, Ganesan, but most of your reasoning seems to be that of a 12-year-old school kid.

Thank God Martin Luther King did not think like you guys, because if he did, the African Americans would still be second-class citizens, and that is what you have just relegated the Indians to.

Finallychangeisgoingtocome: This is too long an article from Ganesan. It just shows the amount of reasoning needed to cover up the crap they have gotten into. Truth does not need words. Just action.

Soo Jin Hou: This lengthy piece to rationalise Hindraf's betrayal sounds hollow, naive and illogical. The different treatment you gave to Pakatan and BN betrays your true intentions.

Awakened: N Ganesan, you said that the Indian interest is best served by a political alliance. Hasn't the MIC been in a political alliance for the past 56 years?

You continue to say that if Umno-BN can deliver but Pakatan plainly refused to deliver, you are assuming Umno-BN can deliver from now on, even when they have failed for the last 56 years.

Pakatan has not been given the mandate yet, so what makes you think that they cannot deliver? Just because Pakatan does not agree with some of your unrealistic demands does not mean Pakatan cannot deliver.

In fact, Pakatan's manifesto shows that they wish work for all Malaysians and not just Indians. Your betrayal becomes more obvious when Hindraf merely signed an MOU for only a few of the key points in your blueprint.

Che: Ganesan, the straight and simple fact is that the MOU is not a legally-binding document. There are thousands of MOU signed every year and they are not binding on the signatories until a formal agreement is signed.

So if BN chooses not to commit themselves even to the much diluted items in the blueprint, you can ‘MOU' until the cows come home and you will still not get anything out of this MOU.

VP Biden: Great Q&A, now can you tell this to C Sugumar's family, whose body is lying in the hospital for 85 days for an autopsy courtesy of your partner BN?

Unspin: Ganesan's self-penned Q&A essay wants us to believe that the intention of Hindraf leaders is noble and altruistic.

However, if one was to conduct a survey as to whether the Hindraf leaders are (a) PSM Dr D Jeyakumar wannabe, or (b) MIC S Samy Vellu wannabe, the majority of us - including Hindraf members - would choose (b).

Be transparent, reveal Hindraf-BN MOU in full

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