Be transparent, reveal Hindraf-BN MOU in full

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YOURSAY 'Ganesan, let's end this debate as to whether the MOU is good for the Indians - scan and release in full the MOU so we can read for ourselves.'

Q&A: Hindraf explains deal with BN

your say LittleGiant: If Pakatan Rakyat had signed Hindraf's blueprint, wouldn't N Ganesan, the Hindraf advisor, be singing the same tune to Pakatan that he is now singing to BN?

Wouldn't he be saying all the bad things about Najib, the caretaker PM, and BN and urge the Indian community to support Pakatan in the elections?

Hindraf claims to have had 24 meetings with Pakatan regarding Hindraf's blueprint and demanding that Pakatan sign it. Pakatan could have signed the blueprint in its entirety without any concern and could have easily manipulated it to its full advantage to get the support of the Indian community.

But it did not do that for both good and bad reasons. Perhaps it was a risk that Pakatan was willing to take. BN had only a few meetings with Hindraf and made the ‘deal' just two weeks short of the elections.

Isn't it obvious that BN saw through Hindraf's weaknesses and its urgency? Is it wrong to say that Hindraf in its desperation allowed BN to sign the ‘deal' and use it as an election gimmick?

Mushiro: Why the different set of terms for BN and Pakatan - Hindraf wanted Pakatan to sign their blueprint in totality, whereas BN just signed an MOU for only four of the 18 terms?

And why is Ganesan silent on the demand for seats - was it not a requirement in their terms with BN as it was with Pakatan?

Temenggong: All this misplaced ire is because Pakatan leaders have massively failed to secure Hindraf's support, managed dissidents and mobilised a united opposition. They took Hindraf and the Indians for granted. Pakatan has failed even before they started on the road to Putrajaya.

We cannot have such an opposition for GE14. Pakatan leaders Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Guan Eng, Nik Aziz Nik Mat and Abdul Hadi Awang must exit and take the blame for their failure before GE14. Or else we will repeat this again in 2018.

Anonymousa: It proves one thing here, the weaknesses of humans. It looks like hardly anyone (it applies to all races) can stand the temptation of money.

Now, the rest of the Indians will have to go round and tell the truth about the leadership in Hindraf. Do not let the poor be pawned away anymore. Enough is enough.

Retnam: Hindraf is Pakatan's enemy. When all is said and done, Hindraf is going to support BN in the GE13. Pakatan is not going to get a single vote from Hindraf members and sympathisers.

Is this bad for Pakatan? That depends on how big the number of votes Hindraf can get for BN. It is not easy to estimate this number accurately because the variables are too many.

We will find out after the analysis of the GE results are posted later. Meanwhile, there should be no regret that Pakatan did not succumb to the ridiculous demands of Hindraf. Hindraf going to BN is good riddance for Pakatan.

Jean Pierre: It's a class war really, isn't it? Hindraf thinks of Pakatan as elitists and cater for the business and professional class whereas Hindraf would like to think themselves as championing the poor majority of Indians whom they think need a specific helping hand.

In the end, the winner is BN, not Hindraf, not Pakatan, not the people. There will, of course, be a next time.

Cala: We have had countless number of previously good men who had become the regime's bedfellow, abandoning their earlier ideals and political goals (for example, Lee Lam Thye, Chandra Muzaffar, etc).

In the end, nothing changes, and nothing for the betterment of mankind is achieved. Likewise, Ganesan and gang will be left in the same old position as they are now, for dealing with a regime for which honour, trust, and morality do not exist in their vocabulary.

Malaysian1960 : This Q&A will not help Hindraf leaders to change the public perception that their leaders have been bought over by Najib and BN-Umno.

This leadership problem is a key contributor to the Indian marginalisation. It's the same problem that the Ibans of Sarawak are facing. Their leaders are not interested in helping the poor, just in enriching themselves.

KSD: Anyone who says that it does not matter if Ravana or Rama rules as long as his demands are met is not only a hypocrite of the highest order; he also unwittingly reveals his unsavoury character.

Waytha will not get my vote; the only thing he will get from me is the finger.

Anonymous #44199885: Ganesan, let's end this debate as to whether the MOU is good for the Indians - scan and release in full the MOU so we can read for ourselves the terms of your agreement with Umno and judge whether it is sufficient for the upliftment of the Indian community.

You should be wary of Umno fulfilling its promises when they openly support racists such as Zulklifi Noordin, Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Ibrahim Ali.

What power will you have to enforce the agreement if Umno is returned with two-thirds majority and redelineates the boundaries of electoral constituencies and rendering the non-Malay vote irrelevant.

It is easy for you to come up with multiple explanations for your deal with Umno, but you have failed to explain why you have not done a deal on similar scope with Pakatan. With Pakatan, you asked for the sky but with Umno you compromised and bent over backwards to accommodate them.

Once again, I ask that you release the MOU in full to the public so that we can read for ourselves whether your words on bringing relief and equality to the Indian community are matched by what the MOU provides.

So long as you refuse to do so, all we can deduce is that the MOU is a meaningless piece of paper.

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