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'Thanks, PAS, now can you do the same for hudud?'

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YOURSAY ‘PAS needs to say, ‘While we are all for implementation of hudud, Pakatan has not come to a decision on it.'

PAS finally backs down on Kota Damansara seat

your say Wira: Please display posters all over Kota Damansara informing the voters that the PAS candidate has pulled out.

We don't want the BN candidate to pull through even when the combined votes of PKR and PAS exceed that of BN. The PAS candidate's name will still on the ballot paper even though he has pulled out.

May: Thank you for being so gracious, PAS. PSM is very much, a credible soulmate for all of you in Pakatan Rakyat.

Engage each other; work on your strengths and do not harp on your differences. Your pool of talents will grow because of these differences. Celebrate them and not be divided because of them. God bless.

Better My: We could do with more good news, display of solidarity of the good, bundle of arrows that can't be broken so easily. Every seat counts.

Pisasu 7: Well done, PAS. Indeed, PSM's candidate and incumbent Dr Mohd Nasir Hashim, who is running under PKR, is a good man.

Abetterworld: PAS' candidate Razali Ismail, we appreciate your kind gesture to see through ‘Ubah' (Change) and Mohd Nasir, if you get elected, please make sure that you remember that we all do this in support of Pakatan for the good of Malaysia.

Progressive: Great decision, PAS. It shows the party's maturity. Please do the same for your stand on hudud. Being an Islamic party PAS needs to stand by its hudud position. But this is not part of Pakatan's consensus.

So PAS needs to say, "While we are all for implementation of hudud, Pakatan has not come to a decision on it." Period.

Heavenly King: PAS has caused much harm to the image of Pakatan. Please don't take the rakyat's support for granted. Their support is for change, not for your party or its ideology.

And try your very best to accommodate the aspirations of all communities and not impose your will on any particular one. Muslims are not as weak as you think.

High-ranking leaders in PAS - the two Haruns (Harun Din and Harun Taib) - are making uncompromising statements. Are they Trojan horses?

Dr Zero: Dear PAS, your stupid statements on hudud law is bringing utter confusion to non-Muslims. Your bickering with DAP is sending the wrong message. Please stop this nonsense and focus on a united front.

You are dealing with a multi-racial and multi-religious country. Stand up for your principles and your aspirations, but do it only with utter respect for the multi-ethnic situation of our nation. Intolerant bigots among you are bringing fissures.

Rightan: PAS is caught in a Catch-22 situation on hudud - to drop it will incur the wrath of its conservative followers, but to insist on it will lose the support of non-Muslims and liberal-minded Muslims. How?

The solution is to live out of this fear of hudud. We should instead focus on its merits and demerits, drawing lessons from Muslim countries with hudud law to study its effectiveness.

Nobody will reject it if it is a good law, but the actual situation is far from satisfactory, otherwise, all the remaining Muslim countries will rush into implementing it without delay.

Wanderer: PAS has created this unnecessary situation. It has a moral obligation and responsibility as a partner of the Pakatan alliance to take the initiative to inform their members and supporters that PSM chief Mohd Nasir is the official Pakatan candidate. Let us not lose this seat on a self-inflicted technicality.

This overlapping candidates in Pakatan may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Never has a seat generated so much attention and concern. This is really self-promotion for Pakatan. The next step, let Kota Damansara electorate put the icing on the cake.

NoBiTa: Well unfortunately, the Malay votes are slipping back to BN as days pass on. Pakatan should keep its expectations right and focus on being a strong opposition.

LJC: If we want a government that is color blind, it is time we demand the same in the private sector where racial discrimination is a norm. No looking back but only going forward with a cleaner, fairer justice for all Malaysia.

Remember, this is the only land we can call ours, and why don't we strive to make it the greatest place to live in? We can.

Holden: PAS is going to be the reason for Pakatan imploding before the elections. Stop bullying PSM. They have been exemplary in their service to the rakyat.

Stop stooping to repressive measures because of ethnocentrism among some groups within your party. Otherwise, how are you a better alternative?

Ipoh2: All Pakatan leaders should now live up to the rakyat's expectations and go all out to topple the evil BN.

Don't make silly statements and shoot yourselves in the foot. Your supporters are showing great teamwork by coming together at your ceramah. Let us make it to Putrajaya.

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