Will ex-Umno Independents succeed against all odds?

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VOXPOP 'Instead of appeasing their frayed nerves, Najib poured scorn over their attempt. This will lead to the renegades pulling up their socks.'

Rakyat will abandon ex-Umno Independents, says BN chief

your say FellowMalaysian : BN chief Najib Razak is making chicken fodder out of the many ex-Umno members who have ditched their party and contest as Independents in their attempt to uproot the Umno candidate.

The frustrations and disappointment behind those who resorted to 'harakiri' and go for broke, in the eyes of Najib, must be intense.

Instead of appeasing their frayed nerves, Najib went head-on and poured scorn over their attempt. This will lead to the renegades pulling up their socks in their effort and this will likely result in the Umno candidates losing more votes.

To what extent their effort will succeed will be known on May 5.

Mahashitla: The rakyat will only abandon corrupt and abusive candidates, but not honest and sincere ones.

It's just too bad that former Umno Wanita deputy chief Kamilia Ibrahim is contesting as an independent and not on a Pakatan Rakyat ticket. Najib should have fielded her but was afraid of offending Umno Wanita chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil who had the Cowgate scandal hanging over her family.

Kamilia had been outspoken against Shahrizat over Cowgate and may have upset Najib, who himself carries a huge baggage and as Shahrizat had herself said, "Which Umno minister does not have a problem?"

Umno has given the rakyat the impression that if you are corrupt, but stay loyal and be grateful to the party, 'semua-nya' (all) will be okay.

Gotcha: The Umno supporters are going all out to support Kamilia. She is well liked by Umno members in Kuala Kangsar and they have requested Umno members to vote for her in full force.

Survivor: Najib, you are wrong, very, very wrong. Times have changed. Do you understand the meaning of ABU (Anything but Umno)?

The people are no longer standing by Umno-BN's race-based policy. The people are against corruption, injustice, abuse of power, messing with societal harmony and all the wrongs currently perpetuate by Umno-BN.

The people are now embracing and warming up to multiracial entities based on equality with Malays working with their non-Malay partners to administer the country for the good of all Malaysians and an enduring future.

BN should stay as the opposition for as long as they embrace racism until the day they see Umno founder Onn Jaffar's vision as their guiding principle.

Incumbent deputy minister Saifuddin Abdullah shall take the lead and remove Umno of all sycophants. Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad's name shall then disappear into oblivion. That is the Malaysia we dream of.

Anon1: It amuses me how the BN politicians talk on behalf of the rakyat, whom they have cheated, tricked, abused and conned for so long, and make it seem as if the rakyat have spoken to them and said, "Please continue the bullshit on our behalf."

Najib defends ban on use of 'Allah' by non-Muslims

Fair&Just: All must remember who started this ‘Allah' issue when for centuries there were no problems with its use by Christians.

After 56 years in power the arrogance, tyrannical and dictatorial attitude of BN has gone so high that they think they are like god and can use the excuse of god to dictate over the earthly rakyat. Let god decide who can call him by whatever name he wants.

Dood: Only in Malaysia is ‘Allah' copyrighted for use only for specific groups of people. Never mind that the use of the word predates Islam or that even in the Middle East non-Muslims use the word ‘Allah', which is Arabic for ‘god'.

SawPg : There have been many examples regarding the use of word, ‘Allah' by other communities. Seriously, we do not wish to be taken for a ride by the government, though they may be free. Another 1Malaysia treat of sorts?

James Dean: That "Najib's 10-point written assurance that his government would uphold the religious freedom for the country's minorities in April 2011" is a big farce - with this appeal against the court decision, Najib has reneged on his word.

Well, Hindraf leaders P Waythamoorty, N Ganesan and all its supporters, this is what you can expect from Najib after the GE.

Swipenter: No other Muslim country shares the same view as Malaysia where the usage of the ‘Allah' word is concerned, whether you are a Muslim or otherwise. This is the 1Malaysia concept at its best.

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