Expect MCA to backpedal on government posts

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YOURSAY 'They have been rejected by the Chinese community. Yet they go around speaking on behalf of the community and offering advice.'

MCA divided over joining BN government

your say Up2U: Here we go again. MCA leaders, especially those holding posts, are having second thoughts about giving up their precious government positions. They are showing their true colours and their lack of integrity.

A resolution carried and passed at an AGM (annual general meeting) is paramount and members are obligated to abide by it, irrespective of whether they had agreed to the resolution or not.

Here is a resolution carried and passed by two AGMs and now that MCA has done worse at GE13 and their representatives are obligated to give up their precious posts, they are wavering and finding excuses.

This clearly reflects the type of leaders you have in MCA and that is the only reason why MCA candidates did so badly in the GE. If the leaders continue to hold to their posts, then MCA is totally irrelevant.

Boiling Mud: MCA would lose its credibility if its twice-endorsed resolution were overturned? What credibility MCA has since even before the 308 (March 8) polls in 2008?

MCA did not flair too well in the old days when political parties talked about defending and safeguarding the rights of the communities they claimed to represent, thus seeing the rights of the Chinese community being systematically eroded.

In the beginning of the new era when Malaysians are seeking unity through diversity, this same feudal communal politics is not going to sell any better. It is sad to see MCA where it is today. The party indeed needs to reinvent itself.

MW: The refusal to accept ministerial posts was a strategy to threaten the Chinese community to vote for MCA, but it has backfired and now MCA wants to backpedal. How pathetic.

Anon1: It amuses me, it really does. They have been rejected and wiped out by the Chinese community. They even acknowledge this fact. Yet they go around speaking on behalf of the community and offering advice.

Anonymous_3e68: (Tanjung Malim MP) Ong Ka Chuan, DAP cannot represent Chinese interests in the BN cabinet as it is a multiracial party.

Perhaps Kadazandusun Murut paramount leader Pairin Kitingan could be asked to represent the Chinese interests? When will you forget your racial identity and consider yourselves Malaysians?

Human Being: What's with the Chinese this, Chinese that? DAP does not only represent the Chinese, it represents all races.

So, you MCA please do not equate yourself to DAP. You have never once represented the Chinese. Since Tan Siew Sin's days, MCA and him only represent their own pockets.

Limfly: DAP must not join BN as it will be seen as a betrayal of the trust of the people who voted for them. DAP cannot join BN to represent Chinese interests because this will play into the hands of those accusing DAP as a Chinese party ("I told you so!").

And MCA should stay out of the government. Let PM Najib Razak govern without Chinese representation and show us that he is a PM for all Malaysians, regardless of race or religion, and put flesh to his slogan, 1Malaysia.

MockingYou: Only MCA clowns can think about asking DAP to join BN and Umno clowns can think the same about PAS joining BN. The rakyat, who is your boss, is sick and tired of being kicked around by politicians.

Cala: Why should MCA stick to original decision? To my mind, the above report misses "the real thing", on the foundation of the MCA central delegates' decision not to accept any posts in the government machinery should the party fare worse than the 2008 general election.

First, any result that is worse than the 2008 result signifies a lack of support from voters, itself a logical step to consider not accepting any job offer.

Second, more important, the delegates must have factored in the criteria, that is, many policies are simply beyond their control and formed solely in the court of the ‘taiko' (big brother) Umno. Not to be in the government can be deemed a form of protest from MCA.

Thus, Chua Soi Lek when he pushed for the said motion must have considered ways to resuscitate the party in the event of total failure, as it is now. By leaving the government albeit temporarily, MCA can regain the sympathy respect of the voters.

Dappy: There go these MCA power-hungry MPs salivating over lucrative posts of ministers. It is only purely pretense, claiming they won't take up any posts. Chua will ensure his son is the first to be given a ministerial post. MCA is only interested in lining their own pockets.

Onyourtoes: Wake up please, MCA. If you fellows truly understand the sentiment on the ground, there is no one really to blame. MCA would have been wiped out even if Najib was heading it.

But don't worry too much for those eyeing government positions. Chua will make sure some of you, including his son, will be given some deputy and half-baked ministerial positions before he marches into the sunset.

Jiminy Qrikert: There are two types of MCA members - the dishonourable ones and the despicable ones.

Liow Tiong Lai, Wee Ka Siong and Ong Ka Chuan are now scrambling to get a minister's post each. These are the dishonourable ones.

The despicable ones are also dishonourable as well - these are the ones who star in porn videos, cheat at polling and refuse to step down in the face of the most disastrous defeat suffered by MCA.

Louis: In the end, MCA would still clamour for the posts - it's just too lucrative to give up. After all, they have no shame.

Pronto: My early prediction was right. They are trying to get some sympathy from the Chinese. Now the Chinese has spoken - we are all Malaysian, so why must we have MCA in the cabinet?

If the rest can take on the job, let it be. As long as we have the mentality that the each race will look after their own race in the cabinet, then we will remain a nation rule by race.

So what if there is no Chinese representative in the cabinet? The Chinese are here to stay. Like it or not, life shall continue.

Changeagent: Really funny bunch of Chinese politicians. The people have already resoundingly rejected MCA, and cannot possibly make it any clearer that they don't want the party's representation in the cabinet.

And yet these politicians can somehow convince themselves that it is in our best interests that they take up government posts.

RL: I couldn't care less what MCA says or does not say, does or does not do. It is a dead entity, just not buried yet.

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