Ghani an asset to BN in these troubled times

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YOURSAY 'Ghani, there is no shame in losing with dignity, but there is no honour in winning by cheating. You have our respect, sir.'

Give Ghani a federal post, DAP tells Najib

your say LittleGiant: Abdul Ghani Othman, the former Johor menteri besar, is one of the very few Umno politicians who is worthy of respect and admiration, not only by Johoreans but by the rakyat throughout the country.

He should not have been fielded against DAP leader Lim Kit Siang (LKS) in the Gelang Patah seat. It was a huge risk that Umno took despite knowing that Ghani's chances of winning the seat were almost impossible.

Lim, the DAP supremo, is magnanimous in asking PM Najib Razak to consider appointing Abdul Ghani to a federal post. Abdul Ghani has to continue serving the nation and he truly deserves a federal post.

Ng Choong Leong: As a famous Chinese saying goes: ‘Hero worships hero, irrespective of difference in political stance.' Hence, Lim's statement "Give Ghani a federal post" is understandable.

May I add that Ghani deserves a senior minister post based on his past records and performance both as a person and as a politician.

I knew Ghani when he was with the Tourism Ministry when I was with MAS. We communicated through our official work, from which I have great respect for him.

The Observer: I agree. Ghani was forced into the ring by his Umno opponents. But this reluctant fighter was restrained in his personal attacks on Pakatan Rakyat candidates and fought a like gentleman unlike his own party.

There is no shame in losing with dignity, but there is no honour in winning by cheating. You have our respect, sir.

Comrade in Arms : He is good man as far as I know, an asset to BN in this trouble times, and a square peg in a round hole. Give him a federal post. People don't hate him, they hate the party

RA 1: Ghani is a typical Malay which the Chinese love and discard when they see fit. He is not capable of safeguarding Malay rights.

He is a classic example of a leader who gives in easily to the Chinese and easily get dumped by them. Good riddance.

By the way, 44,264 Chinese voters voted for LKS which is about the same number of Chinese voters there. It looks like the Chinese voted en bloc for DAP.

Changeagent: It's a chicken-and-egg issue. If stupid people can suggest that "any development aid should be given to other parts of Johor that voted for BN", then it's perfectly acceptable for the non-BN voters to not have to pay any taxes.

On a different note, RA 1, I think your statement is really quite misleading and seditious - "54,264 Chinese voters voted for LKS, which is about the same number of Chinese voters there. It looks like the Chinese voted en bloc for DAP."

I just did a quick search and found that there are 94,865 voters in Gelang Patah, of which 52 percent are Chinese, 34 percent Malay, and 12 percent Indian.

I'll humour you for a second and assume that 100 percent turnout and 100 percent of Chinese voted for LKS (which isn't possible but remember, I'm trying to humour you) - that would only translate to around 49,329 votes at best.

How you arrived at 54,264 Chinese votes for LKS is really beyond me. See, I've proven to you again how really stupid you are.

Aries46: Very true LKS. Ghani ever since his early days in the federal government has come across as a mild mannered, moderate and reluctant politician.

An asset to our multiracial society. I truly appreciate his gentlemanly qualities and hope that he can continue his good work at federal level once again.

iMalaysian: Firstly, I salute statement from Lim Kit Siang. He knows who is the hardworking in Umno. He appreciate this despite the political difference.

Ghani deserves a better treatment from Umno.

-_-": Will Najib have time to do the right thing? Or is he even capable of doing the right thing?

There are lots of knives ready to stab him in the back in his own party, and if he appoints Ghani to an important post - the people in Umno will turn on Najib in a heartbeat because they feel entitled to whatever post it is that's been promised to them.

Good, moderate, hard-working Malays never fare well in Umno, or indeed people of those type never fare well, and are often victims of cliques within parties.

Sad, but true. The good never get their just rewards.

Spinnot: Fielding Ghani in Chinese-majority seat Gelang Patah was a well-calculated move of Umno.

Whether he wins or loses, the aim of removing him from Johor MB post has been achieved (the 'head I win, tail you lose' strategy).

If he loses, his defeat could be blamed on the Chinese (the 'killing two birds with one stone' strategy).

Onyourtoes: I choose to believe you Lim, but I wonder what would Ghani say of you if he had won the seat. Just thinking aloud.

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