Umno ultras run loose, reconciliation Najib-style

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YOURSAY 'The PM should make his stand on the former judge's statement known, especially since this man is reported to have also sat on Umno's disciplinary board.'

Ex-judge warns Chinese of backlash for 'betrayal'

your say 2 Tim 1:7: PM Najib Razak, whose government has been rejected by 53 percent of the people, seems to be using a cheap ‘kampung' trick to bring about what he claims is national reconciliation.

He lets the ultras in Umno and their supporters say the most provocative and racist things about ethnic Chinese and Indian citizens, and when they have said all that they want, he would come out with a vapid statement to the effect that he is aspires to be the leader of all Malaysians.

Why are the Umno warlords running amuck? They fear that their days of nepotism, freeloading and rent-collecting are numbered. And since they have never been accustomed to hard work, they find this most disturbing.

Annonxxx: Retired Court of Appeal judge Mohd Noor Abdullah said, "For the Malays, the pantang larang (taboo) is to be betrayed, because when they are betrayed, they will react and when they react, their dendam kesumat tidak tersudah-sudah (wrath will be endless)."

Mohd Noor, are you God? Only the Almighty God can pronounce something or some events to be inevitable and endless.

Hmmmmmmmm: I dread to think of the judgments that Mohd Noor had made when non-Malays appeared before him in court.

Even if the Chinese have economic power, etc (which is not true by the way), it is no business of his or anybody else who they vote for. Why should they be labelled as ungrateful just because they did not choose BN?

Why don't we go further and cancel all future elections since everybody is supposed to vote BN anyway, otherwise they will suffer a backlash?

Anonymous #06188481: I don't understand Mohd Noor. Both my wife and I are Chinese and we are Christians. My wife voted for Khalid Samad in Shah Alam, while I voted for Siti Mariah Mahmud in Kota Raja. Both candidates are Malays and Muslims. Both are from PAS.

Please tell me how I can be considered a racist and whom have I betrayed? Can someone out there enlighten me?

We voted for MCA and Umno for many GEs ago until it doesn't make sense to us anymore. You see, political parties come and go. My final loyalty is not to any political parties, it's to the Federal Constitution.

Cala: Mohd Noor is using race and racism to camouflage a failed state as a result of corruption, rent-seeking and abuse of power by the ruling regime. Its immoral acts did not go unnoticed by the masses. No matter how much he tries to paint otherwise, facts remain facts.

This ex-Appeal Court judge is a suitable candidate to replace Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali. The former is equally illogical, irrational and racist in orientation.

I am wondering aloud how Najib is going to proceed with his national reconciliation process, given this kind of input.

Dpillai: I am utterly shocked that in this time and age a man of Mohd Noor's standing can make such remarks.

If he is found to have actually made such remarks, he must be held accountable as he himself was reported to have said: "The law must be implemented tooth and nail and anybody who talks about racial disharmony, creating friction among one another - last time there was ISA - now charge them because the sedition law says anybody who creates ill-will among the communities, you can be charged, you can be convicted."

The PM should make his stand on the former judge's statement known, especially since this man is reported to have also sat on Umno's disciplinary board.

Chee Hoe Siew: Here we go again! Another person under Umno's payroll trying to instigate 513 (May 13) to threaten Malaysians. He should be investigated for sedition and if found guilty, locked up for good. Malaysia is better off without this kind of people.

Aries46: I felt that Mohd Noor is not worthy of my comment. He is a sorry excuse for a judge and a disgrace to the Malays, who are generally respected as non-racist, rational, honest and God-fearing Muslims.

There were many of these maggots during the corrupt racist's regime who not only sold their souls but compromised the entire judiciary for personal benefits.

Many have fallen by the way and some are now crawling out of the woodwork as their life of ill-gotten wealth and luxury is threatened. I consider it a sin to honour such parasites with a rational rebuttal.

Speechless: Mohd Noor has shamed the entire legal profession and the judiciary. What betrayal is he talking about? Who have the Chinese betrayed?

Let me remind this brainless ex-judge that Malaysia does not belong to one race. It belongs to all Malaysians. The only betrayal is to disrespect democracy and the rights of its citizens.

Mohd Noor has betrayed all the citizens of this country by spewing highly seditious comments and for threatening the Chinese.

Hear this, Mohd Noor, threats do not work. Your comments will only deepen the resentment towards bigots like you. Shame on you!

Changeagent: Another day, another bash-the-Chinese-bogeyman session. How did the Chinese community betray anyone by refusing to vote for a corrupt and incompetent BN regime?

And where are the supporting facts or evidence that the Chinese are plotting to seize political power? Isn't it proof that the community doesn't want political power when they overwhelmingly rejected MCA and Gerakan, and strongly voiced out against any intentions for DAP to join the BN ruling coalition?

Mohd Noor's statement is both misleading and seditious - the Chinese have not rejected any hand of friendship by the Malays, but rather BN's race-based polarisation, mismanagement of the country and corrupt ways.

IQ900: Can anyone tell me: Must the Chinese vote only for BN, otherwise they will face a backlash?

TehTarik: The number of comments by readers to this report is a record for Malaysiakini . So far 811 comments and over 99 percent are critical of this ex-judge.

They tell us how much the people hate such ultra-racist statements from this Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) adviser cum ex-judge. He seems to have joined the ranks of the Ku Klux Klan.

The demonisation of Chinese in 1Malaysia

Will the ex-judge be charged with sedition?

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