What more does Umno want?

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YOURSAY 'Why is Umno not happy with the GE13 results? After all, didn't they obtain more seats than the opposition?'

NGOs urge boycott of 'Chinese pro-Pakatan' firms

your say Vijay47: By daring to vote for Pakatan, the Chinese have insulted Islam, the Malays and the Agong. For this, they surely have to be taught a bitter lesson.

I fully support Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia (PPIM) chief Nadzim Johan's call to Malay NGOs to boycott those Chinese who voted for PKR, DAP, and PAS. Yet I will go one step further:

All Chinese firms must be boycotted in every way we can. Let our NGOs stop buying rice and other essentials from Chinese shops. As we die from hunger, the Chinese customer base will dwindle and they will learn something they will never forget.

We should also not demand shares in Chinese companies at par value nor should we ask for free shares for giving them the honour of sitting on their board of directors.

The only cars we drive must be Protons and never mind if after 30 years the windows still do not work. Our Malay power is much more important that car power windows.

If the Chinese want to boycott Petron and Petronas, it is their loss, not ours. These Chinese will soon come running back to us.

Vgeorgemy: Nadzim still didn't realise Pakatan Rakyat has more popular votes than BN.

The companies associated with BN need to worry about their businesses if Pakatan supporters decide to boycott their products.

Joel: Why is Umno not happy with the GE13 results? After all, didn't they obtain more seats than the opposition?

Anonymous#007: Any remotely intelligent Malaysian will know that this is a seditious remark by Nadzim.

No only that, this move proves that some people simply do not have the intellect to understand that democracy is in essence the freedom to vote for any party without fear of retaliation of any kind.

If the government does not put these people behind bars and deregister their NGOs, it proves that the ruling government does not uphold democracy.

Geronimo: I want to remind these idiots to think twice before embarking on such a foolhardy venture. Remember 2009 in Penang?

As a result of the constant demonstrations by the ‘mamaks' on the island, the Chinese immediately boycotted all the mamak shops and business over a few days dropped by 60 percent, so much so that one worker had to stand by the road with a placard that read, "We are not part of the demonstrations".

Former Penang Umno warload Ahmad Ismail's petrol station was also affected when he called the Chinese "pendatang".

We are now boycotting The Star newspaper and according to insiders, circulation has dropped so badly that the management is now in damage control mode.

Remember this, the blade cuts both ways and you wouldn't want that to happen to you.

Tookarla: I am Muslim and I don't recognise this type of NGOs representing me. What they are doing is very wrong and against the teaching of Islam.

The non-Muslims who voted for Pakatan are not enemies of Islam. These non-Muslims and true Muslims are joining together to fight against corruption, abuse of power and all the wrongdoings of Umno-BN.

Dark Archon: I'm Chinese and I'm boycotting Utusan Malaysia , The Star and Sin Chew Daily simply because they spill venom in their newspapers to cause racial disharmony and stoke racism.

I couldn't care less if they are Chinese-owned or Malay-owned. If they stoke racism, like BN did, I will boycott them. Plain and simple.

Ablastine: Nadzim, can you also include my chain of companies in your list to be boycotted? Also please make sure you circulate it widely so my group can become instantly famous.

I am not interested in your target audience of 'BN Malays' who want Anwar Ibrahim punished for opposing them.

I am more interested in the business from the urban Pakatan voters who has the buying power, and who will no doubt do the reverse of what you proposed. I thank you in advance for the free advertisement.

2 Tim 1:7: In 1967, boxing icon Muhammad Ali refused to be conscripted and sent to fight in Vietnam. His explanation: "I ain't got no quarrel with them Viet Cong."

Now, Malays generally have no quarrel with the Chinese, but the Umno warlords to cling on to power by their divide-and-rule tactic and to continue plundering the nation's wealth must manufacture an enemy so that gullible Malays can project their personal failings onto them.

This is the rationale for the continued demonisation of the Chinese. Umno is following the example set by Hitler. He was able to trick ordinary Germans into blaming the Jews for their personal defects and their national ills.

Never mind that the Jews were making seminal contributions to European culture, science and technology. Like it or not, the engine of economic growth in Southeast Asia are the Chinese communities everywhere. To demonise them is like killing the goose that lays the golden egg.

DontPlayGod: Why are some of these Malays so spooked by the Chinese leaving Umno-BN? After more than 50 years of racial discrimination and of being pushed aside, and even robbed of their industries which the Chinese built up through hard work, what else do these Malays expect?

Why didn't these same group of Malays fight for the rights of the Chinese for the last 50 years? If they had defended the rights and welfare of the Chinese, the Chinese would not have deserted Umno.

In other words, this group of idiots say that the Chinese must only vote Umno-BN and nobody else. This is the democracy that they are talking about.

Gerard Lourdesamy: Good move, Nadzim. Now the Chinese and Indians can boycott Malay-owned companies, businesses and suppliers and let's see who suffer more.

Why not go a step further. The non-Malays should stop paying taxes to the BN government and the BN government need not provide any services to the non-Malays.

The stupidity of these people has no bounds. Please do not defile the good name of Islam which is all about truth, justice and fairness just because you subscribe to the ‘Ketuanan Melayu' crap from Umno.

Zainal: I am a Malay and I want to boycott buying products from companies which have links to BN, be it Chinese, Malay or Indian companies. This is not about race.

It is about voting with my purchasing power. I do not want to support companies which support a corrupt political party.

Speechless: I am still waiting for the PM Najib Razak to issue a statement on the numerous racist and divisive comments made by Umno leaders, the ex-judge , the pro-chancellor and Islamic NGOs.

It looks like Najib's comment on the Chinese tsunami has triggered another tsunami - a tsunami against the Chinese.

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