Malays are migrating - from Umno to Pakatan
Published:  May 18, 2013 1:24 AM
Updated: 7:16 AM

FREE YOURSAY 'What a stupid home minister, even telling the Malays/bumiputeras to 'migrate elsewhere' for not supporting Umno-BN.'

Migrate, Zahid tells those unhappy with GE13 results

your say Sali Tambap: What Home Minister Zahid Hamidi says is ironically prophetic. There are many Malaysians considering migrating if they can, not because they do not love Malaysia but because they cannot stand this regime.

That's the primarily reason for Malaysians wanting to get out of country. They will come back after a change of the government, if that ever happen.

God did not make this land for Umno only. All of us - and I say, all of us - have equal share and right to this land, not just Zahid, not just Umno.

Lamborghini: It is precisely because of insensitive, immature statements and actions by arrogant Umno politicians like these that are driving the educated and knowledgeable rakyat away from Umno-BN.

While PM Najib Razak is preaching reconciliation, his henchmen like Zahid is preaching "go somewhere else if you don't like this system".

It certainly is a bad start for this new "transformational" cabinet if you have old dinosaurs like Zahid holding a vital position such as home minister.

Shanandoah: What a stupid home minister, even telling the Malays/bumiputeras to 'migrate elsewhere' for not supporting Umno-BN if they are not happy here.

Indeed, they have already migrated - from Umno to PKR/PAS. And more of them are going that way.

Changeagent: Zahid, you are an idiot. It's not the 'first past the post' system that we are disputing.

It's the gerrymandering by the Election Commission (EC), postal votes by public servants, foreign voters with instant ICs (identity cards) and indelible ink that isn't indelible that the people are unhappy about.

Besides, there is absolutely no precedent in other Commonwealth countries that people who are unhappy with their election results must "migrate elsewhere".

Your absurdity and ridiculousness for even suggesting this raises serious questions about whether you are fit to hold the post of the home minister.

360: But what do we expect from him? Former home minister Hishammuddin Hussein and Zahid bungled and made a mess of the Lahad Datu intrusion, which resulted in many deaths. Najib had to do their jobs for them.

In any other country, there would be a post-mortem and these two ministers would have to quit, but alas this is Malaysia.

JTC: Oh dearie me, and this is the mentality of the home minister? Sounds a bit like racists people who tell others to 'go back to where you came from'. So now we have a Crime Minister as well as a Go-Home Minister.

If this is the sort of idiocy we have in the government, then God help us all. Can you imagine what would happen to the economy of the country is all 51 percent who voted opposition migrated?

No name: When one wins the election, one gets the administrative authority for a term. One does not become the owner of the country. This ‘leave the country' call is ridiculous. I hope someone out there will put this straight.

Tehachapi: Only ignorant feudal lords full of themselves talk like this in public. Zahid is a serious menace to the civility of this country.

Is Malaysia aspiring to become a developed country and joining the ranks of other civilised nations by 2020, or is it going back in time to the dark ages when witchcraft and sorcery were considered as professional practices.

Clearly, the country is now led by a lot of empty vessels with nothing else to show but a lot of hot air. They neither have vision, nor capabilities, nor knowledge and passion beyond committing fraud and hanging on to power by the skin of their teeth to enrich themselves and its cronies through blatant and shameless corruption and embezzlement of public funds.

Yes, so long as there are oil and gas in the ground, the country can go on for quite a while before the final collapse. It is totally wrong to think that you can chase your fellow citizens elsewhere so that you can continue your looting.

Boonpou: Is Malaysia a democratic country or not?

In any democratic country, citizens are allow, if not encourage, to criticise the running of the government if it not functioning properly. This include the critique of how elections are conducted.

Unless Malaysia is not a democratic country and its ruling regime has no respect for democracy, telling its citizen to migrate is nothing short of tyranny.

Why do we always get morons to fill our home minister's position. Truly Malaysia deserves better.

Geronimo: Zahid, let us get something straight. The moment the GE results were known, your president without haste branded the event as a "Chinese tsunami". This was followed by Utusan Malaysia's headline, "What more do the Chinese want?".

Then, there was a call to strip Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim off his citizenship. If these were not bad enough, we have an ex-Appeal Court judge telling the Chinese to be ready for a backlash.

However, the one that really takes the cake was the group of Muslim NGOs urging Malays to boycott Chinese products.

Come on, Zahid, if you all are not happy with your own dismal results, why don't all of you migrate instead of being such a nuisance to everybody. Comprehende?

New home minister wants 51pct to find new home

It's the gerrymandering, stupid

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