Cops, go arrest all 120,000 rally participants

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YOURSAY ‘Umno-BN thinks that through harassment and selective prosecution, the people will be cowed. They are wrong.'

PKR leader charged over Kelana Jaya black rally

your say Maplesyrup: People are tired of the politicking since 308 (March 2008). We would have thought that after GE13, BN can get down to administering since they should be grateful that they have another five years to make improvements to win back the hearts of the 52 percent who rejected them.

In spite of the Peaceful Assembly Act (PAA) and going by Bersih co-coordinator Ambiga Sreenevasan's advice that a notification is not required, we still have the police's action, which ordinary folks like us would interpret as persecution.

Malaysia will be doomed because of the 47 percent who voted for BN. This is because BN politicians will be busy putting down the opposition instead of governing.

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Idris Jala can go do his Government Transformation Programme (GTP), Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) or whatever, but the real government is only interested in snuffing out Pakatan Rakyat.

Touche: I fully support Seri Setia assemblyperson Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad.

Why don't the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) arrest and charge former Court of Appeal judge Mohd Noor Abdullah and new Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi for racist and seditious statements?

In order for the rakyat to exercise their democratic right and freedom to vote whichever party they choose, it is imperative to have public rallies and protests.

It's time for Bersih 4.0. Don't be cowed and intimidated by BN and PDRM. Otherwise, our democracy will be dead forever.

Onyourtoes: The election is over. Umno-BN now thinks it is time to play hard ball again. They think that through the methods of harassment and selective prosecution, the people will be cowed. They are wrong.

I think this minority government has grossly underestimated the resolve of the people and their leaders. No election ever in this country or elsewhere has generated so much passion and demonstrated so much determination.

Renegade Umno-BN has now taken the ‘next' step to contain us. What about we the people? If all constitutional means and the electoral system have failed us miserably, what is our next course of action?

Ferdtan: If PKR communications chief Nik Nazmi can be charged under the PAA, then the 120,000 supporters who attended the so-called "illegal rally" should likewise be put behind bars.

As the police are so efficient in investigating cases related to Pakatan, why were there no similarly quick and equally efficient investigations against the BN supporters?

Until today, investigations had been done on the police report against blogger Papagomo and a reader - Shahrizad Mohd Diah - for allegedly urging all Malays to riot (the unprintable, much stronger word than riot was used) against the Chinese for voting for the opposition.

The evidence of the call for violence and the people who issued the call could be easily identified, and yet the police hesitated?

The police (or is it the Attorney-General's Chambers?), by delaying in charging the duo for sedition, are hoping that the people will forget about those remarks.

Never. We shall keep reminding them. We want these two to be taught a lesson.

MockingYou: Umno-BN is running scared and no amount of postal, army and Bangladeshi votes can save them come GE14.

They're trying to provoke an intifada so that they can root out the opposition once and for all. The rakyat need to keep their heads cool, but we must firmly resolve to beat them in the ballot box.

Another five years is not too long, and time (old coots like me will pass away sooner or later) together with numbers (new and young voters) are on the rakyat's side. Ini kali lah!

JMC: You charge the man who is fighting against gross and blatant electoral fraud, but what about those who committed that major crime of robbing the people of their votes? Why is there no action taken against such ‘daylight robbery'?

From Penang: It seems that there is no intention at all from PDRM and BN to reform following the GE13 results. This is the first indication that we are not going to see any improvement in democracy in this country.

Holden: By charging a representative of the people, you are angering the people. This person is here to serve the rakyat, not to be used as a political pawn in Umno's games.

Stop harassing the people and get down to attending to more crucial issues such as crime, corruption, etc.

Democrat: This will only make the opposition stronger. BN, like the mainstream media, never seem to learn this.

Nonbeliever: Conscience is defined as the "faculty of recognising the distinction between right and wrong in regards to one's own conduct, together with the feeling that one ought not to do wrong".

If you have no conscience, you have corruption. It applies to all, including the police.

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