Ex-judge Mohd Noor has Umno protection

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YOURSAY 'He's even worse than reported in the media. How did he get to be a judge? How many cases had he ‘mis-judged'?'

Racist? Ex-judge in his own words

your say Tehachapi: Imagine such a crude, low quality, and totally irrational speech from a former top federal judge. There is no hint of cool head or logic in the speech he made. It reflects badly on the quality of the entire judiciary.

How come such an individual be appointed as a judge to adjudicate over serious matters in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural nation. This man is sick and should be sent to a mental asylum. He is a menace to our society.

Hopefully, not all Malay judges think like that. If so, I fear for the future of this nation. We cannot afford to have people like that in positions of authority to influence the course of this country. God help us.

iTalk: It is unthinkable that an ex-judge could be so extreme in his speech. It's a very sad day for our nation for having such type of character.

The IGP (inspector-general of police) and AG (attorney-general) must take action against him. If there is no concrete action taken, it only shows their support for extremism.

Apa Ini?: OMG (Oh my God)! He's even worse than reported in the media. The man must be locked up and the keys thrown away.

How did he get to be a judge? How many cases had he ‘mis-judged'? No wonder, Malaysians have lost faith in the courts.

2zzzxxx: To read the news report of what this ultra-racist said was bad enough. Now after reading his actual speech, I'm shocked that there are people like him in Umno.

Mohd Noor Abdullah, you are a true ultra-racist and the Ku Klux Klan is pale in comparison.

Goblok: Good one, Malaysiakini . Publishing the full transcript will allow the people to judge for themselves, and not listen to the rubbish from those who claimed Malaysiakini has been selective in its reporting. Who is spinning now?

Neutralgrounds: I find it utterly racist and provocative to read this statement from an ex-judge but I can't help but agree with him on one issue - single-stream schools.

Now before you label me a racist, hear me out. The onus is on the government of the day to formulate a plan where SJKs (sekolah jenis kebangsaan) are assimilated into national stream schools just like how Singapore has done - one stream school with the condition that you must learn your mother tongue and is mandatory you pass the test as well.

I believe we already have a set template and the only thing needs to be done is to import that template and tweak it to meet our needs.

I don't understand why there have to be different types of school in Malaysia and we don't need our children to be placed in silos. Please correct me if I am wrong.

That's my take on this issue, other than that I don't agree with what this ex-judge said and it pains me that this sort of speech is still able to find an audience.

Ggg: I can only comment on the part about all children eating together in single-stream schools. Hello, have you been to our schools lately? Can they eat together?

Remember, non-Muslim children got to sacrifice their mother's cooking because their food may contain pork. Come Ramadan, non-Muslim students can't find food in the school canteen. I also heard they are supposed to eat in secluded places. Are you really teaching unity?

H Amri: Since, according to Mohd Noor, there shouldn't be any ‘Chinese Malaysians' or ‘Indian Malaysians', the first thing BN has to do is to disband MCA (Malaysian Chinese Association) and MIC (Malaysian Indian Congress).

After all, if I'm reading his speech correctly, I believe his anger is first and foremost against MCA and Gerakan for not being able to beat off the challenge from DAP and PKR.

Any first-year law student can tell you that this speech is highly seditious. If PM Najib Razak or Home Minister Zahid Hamidi does nothing about it, it means they agree with it.

Elto: Mohd Noor, please get the facts right and put things in the right perspective. The ownership of economy by the bumiputera has already exceeded 50 percent if you include the GLCs (government-linked corporation).

Unfortunately the big majority of the Malays didn't get to enjoy the increased wealth because of the greed of Umnoputra and the corrupt government. In fact, not only the Malays, many of other races also have to struggle to survive.

It has nothing to do with race, language, school or unity and national integration.

Multi Racial: And he was a Court of Appeal judge. My God, our standard must be so low to have such people sitting in our bench. Worst still, he is racist.

One should do a research on all his decisions involving races, I am sure you will find injustice in many, if nor all, of them.

Swipenter: Let me say it crudely what this ex-CoA judge is trying to say. The Chinese and Indians are all ‘pendatang' past, present and future and if they can stay in this country, it is at the mercy and goodwill of the Malays.

Secondly, he is also trying to say that the whole country should be declared a Malay reserve land.

Dpillai: Until today, Najib remains silent. What happened to his 1Malaysia? Was it only an empty slogan meant to woo votes? With comments like this, I am glad to have voted for Pakatan Rakyat and will continue to do so unless BN truly practices what it preaches.

Anonymous #40538199: Mohd Noor appeared to be very confused. He said defend the constitution. But he knew that the constitution allows the citizens to vote for the political party of their choice at their own free will. Or he just trying to hoodwink those who were at the forum?

Anonymous_4056: Mohd Noor, on second thought, I decided that you should get the Umno government to buy all the properties I own. I really want to go back to China where I originated.

Please, I beg you to not to confiscate my property. I am so fed up with this country and with demonic selfish racist bigots like you - and I know there are many of your kind here - I might as well migrate to Australia or New Zealand.

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