'Noh, we're already living in Umno's jungle'

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YOURSAY 'The big bully the small. The rich rob the poor. It is survival of the fittest, the richest, the most well-connected.'

Noh: Don't like the law? Then stay in the jungle

your say Bystander: Former agriculture minister Nor Omar really has nothing between his ears to tell Malaysians who are not happy with the electoral system to stay in the jungle.

Small wonder, he lost in the general election this time. He wanted to belittle and humiliate the rakyat with such a stupid statement.

But then again, can we blame him when his capability commensurate with his intelligence?

Leecheowhee: No need to stay in jungle - it is beginning to look like we already have the law of the jungle in our streets.

The big bully the small. The rich rob the poor. The leaders duping the followers. The strong are protected. The already rich are rewarded. It is survival of the fittest, the richest, the most well-connected.

Not to mention, peaceful protesters are arrested while the violent ones go free. And they lock up the petty thieves while they put those who rob you of millions into high office.

Jungle? Malaysia has become one big concrete jungle where the law applies only to people who question the BN government.

Penangite: Malaysia is already practising the 'law of the jungle' through its bountiful paid and protected samsengs roaming the streets and terrorising peaceful gatherings in Pakatan Rakyat-controlled states like Penang and Selangor.

Hamisu: I suppose such arrogance will continue until they taste defeat. What has this country come to?

In my opinion, just because the electoral system has been abused to favour BN doesn't mean we don't have any rights to want to change the system. Good riddance to Noh Omar.

JBGuy: A majority of Malaysians voted for change but the flawed electoral system has denied the majority of the rakyat the change that they were seeking for.

BN is a government representing the minority and it would best be remembered by them to reflect on this and act accordingly.

People like Home Minister Zahid Hamidi and Noh Omar should just shut up and work hard to redeem the rakyat's support.

Krish: Noh Omar says the opposition has no respect for the constitution and common decency. At the same time, he asks those who are unhappy with Malaysia's electoral system to live in the forest. That's common decency, I suppose in the eyes of this joker.

I suggest that he be the first candidate to be deported to the jungles of Malaysia so that he can find peace within himself, having lost so miserably.

Wsoi: People are well-educated today and possess various exposure locally and overseas. People compare and contrast, and weigh the situation.

There must be good reasons why 51 percent of the voters went against BN in GE13. Instead of analysing the causes of losing the popularity votes, BN leaders resorted to blaming the voters who are really their boss and instigated racial tension for their inability to win over the voters.

Is this the meaning of ‘rakyat didahulukan, pencapaian diutamakan'? You really need to swallow your own words.

Tehachapi: Who is the lawless one in this case? Fraud and electoral irregularities are against the law. Thus, they are illegal and criminal.

Why the need to chase away good men and women who spoke out against such fraudulent practices. The more you try to defend the indefensible, the more you look guilty and immoral.

Komdunia: I remember Noh Omar on one occasion when he was the deputy minister for internal security. He called for a meeting. On one side of the table sat the Malay participants. On the other side, sat the non-Malays.

He appeared 40 minutes late. For the entire duration of the meeting, he sat talking to one side of the table only (you can guess which side).

When the nasi lemak was served, he happily consumed it for 10 minutes until he noticed no one else was eating, then he paused and invited his guests to "sila".

He left the meeting unannounced for 30 minutes, then came back and carried on with the same routine. Just before 12 noon, he rose to announce his departure leaving the last few presenters wondering why they even bothered preparing their talk.

I remember feeling horrible to have wasted my precious time that day, and what an uncultured fellow he was.

Clearwater: Nor Omar should go live in the prawn farm at Tanjong Karang where he is known to have a personal stake . He will be at home with friendly crustacean neighbours who share his level of brain power.

Max Chin: At first, we have a minister telling us to leave Malaysia if we are unhappy with GE13 results, now we have another minister asking us to live in jungle if we are unhappy with the law. What next?

Speechless: We support the law. We do not support cheating, fraud and abuse of power. Noh Omar needs to realise that his attitude is the very reason he got kicked out by Selangorians.

The tsunami he spoke of was not caused by the opposition. It was caused by the people who can no longer tolerate the condescending and moronic views of people like Noh Omar.

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