Perhaps the police should tackle 'real' crimes

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YOURSAY ‘Norashikin Sahat, remember that name. Here's one of the few magistrates with a conscience, courage and a non-Mahathirised understanding of the law.'

Three Pakatan and NGO leaders released

your say TehTarik: This confirms beyond an iota of doubt that the Malaysian police are acting as the enforcement division of Umno.

First they arrest the three - PKR vice-president Tian Chua, Anything But Umno (ABU) Haris Ibrahim and PAS member Tamrin Ghafar - under frivolous charges.

Then they want to remand them for seven days. Even people facing more serious charges are not remanded for such long periods.

Shame on the police. With this latest act of intimidation and harassment, the police have lost all credibility with this ignominious act. It looks like the police are experts at custodial deaths and harassment of the innocent public.

The problem is not with the ordinary cop on the street who is trying to do his best, but rather at the top. Many of the most senior cops are rotten to the core, and have chosen to be a member of the enforcement division of Umno.

KnockKnock: Inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar, we, the common rakyat on the street, are not at all amused by this kind of "showing off power game".

Let the politicians play their games amongst themselves. If they do mischief that caused hurt and injuries to others, go catch them. Do not qualify your actions on mere assumptions.

If I were to make a report saying that Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali wanted to throw me out of my house, your immediate respond will be: "Has he done any harm onto you or anyone in the family? If there is not, no case. We cannot act on assumptions."

Now, Mr IGP. I'll salute you if you manage to make this country clean from drugs, to begin with. Isn't that a more honourable job rather than catching opposition dignitaries here and there?

Harapanbaru: Norashikin Sahat, remember that name. Here's one of the few magistrates with a conscience, courage and a non-Mahathirised understanding of the law.

Mushiro: Arresting these three on the eve of a public holiday cum weekend is a blatant abuse of the law by the IGP.

It is also the eve of the May 25 people's gathering where Tian Chua and Haris are involved. With this is mind, I think the magistrate has shown complete independence and bravery in her decision.

Haveagreatday: Another gem in our judicial system - a judge who is willing to follow the spirit of the law rather than what the Umnoputras' dictate.

Apa Ini?: Why bother to have Sedition Act when it is so randomly applied? One law for Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Selangor BN deputy chief Noh Omar and another for student activist Adam Adli , Tian Chua, Haris, etc.

Tens of thousands have been hurt by Utusan Malaysia's racist attacks and as far as I can tell, no one there has been arrested.

Ferdtan: This is a vain attempt by the police to show its power to intimidate and harass the opposition to the government using the undemocratic mechanisms of the rule of law. This is an abuse of power of the highest order, using the legality of the law to suppress free expression.

Is Malaysia a democratic country? Yes, only in name. For now, like most spoilt fruit, it still looks good from the outside but rotten in the inside.

It is only a matter of time before the whole fruit will be rotten. Then, would Malaysia or Malaysians be beyond saving?

Timo100: This has to be the 'orientation ragging' and 'initiation slap' for the new minister and IGP. Padan muka (serves them right).

They must learn that they do not have the right to continue to bully the rakyat or their leaders. Go pick on the Umno bullies and the Umno-inclined supporters who make seditious statements and then hide behind Umno and the irresponsible government-controlled media.

Kudos to Tian Chua, Tamrin and Haris. You have the support of the rakyat. Thank you to Norashikin. The rakyat look up to the judiciary to protect them. And Adam, the people are behind you all the way.

Bash: Why is Malaysia still having the outdated sedition law. It is easily abuse as has been seen time and again. It stifles democracy and basic human rights.

Swipenter: There is a tiny ray of light at the end of the dark tunnel. I feel that some in the judiciary are exercising their powers and duties entrusted to them without fear or favour, seeing them acting as a check and balance against official abuses and tyranny against the ordinary man and woman in the street.

Whatsup: There is still hope yet. There are good people still in this evil regime.

Thanks magistrate for being competent unlike so many others, especially one ex-judge, who has shamed the entire judiciary and who epitomises the madness and total decay in decency, civilised behaviour and humaneness of Umno.

Iomar: The police should ask for a remand order for former Court of Appeal judge Mohd Noor Abdullah .

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