PM jumps the gun in swearing in ministers

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YOURSAY 'What is so difficult to accept that the government has made a mistake? Even DAP admitted they made a mistake in their party polls.'

Am I illegal? Ask Putrajaya, says Paul Low

your say Anonymous_40c3: Minister in the PM's Department Paul Low, please read Article 43(2)(b) Federal Constitution very carefully where it is stated clearly that ministers may only be appointed by the Agong from members of either house of Parliament.

Your appointment is therefore ultra vires the federal constitution. It's being disrespectful to the king that no reference is even being made to the attorney-general (AG) to advise on a point of law by the PM.

If such advice has been sought, the views of the AG should be made known so that this uncertainty does not become fodder for politicking.

By the way, the federal constitution is the supreme law of the nation. Procedurally, the appointment of Paul Low and others as senator by the king will come under Article 45(1) of the Federal Constitution.

To be entitled to be a member of the Senate and attend to participate in proceedings in the Senate, all those appointed as senators must first be sworn in.

So, the question to be answered is, are these newbies at this juncture a member of the Senate? Whilst the president of the Senate is clouded with the authority to preside and run proceedings in the Senate, the president cannot just put things in order by swearing in a senator to cure a defect on his appointment as a minister if the appointed minister was not a member of the Senate at that material time.

The oath before our beloved king should not have been taken as the minister's appointment is defective and arguably not curable by any subsequent action taken. Respect for the rule of law and to our king must be seen in these circumstances where a wrong has been pointed out.

It's not about politics per se, it's of national interest. If it's within the confines of the law, then it's vital for the stakeholders of our law institutions to come forward and dispel the uncertainty surrounding this issue.

Tailek: The AG as the legal adviser to the government should know the law. These individuals were not appointed as senators yet, so their appointment as ministers was illegal.

Rather than beating around the bush and passing the buck, these ministers should step down, get appointed as senators and then be re-appointed as ministers.

What is so difficult to accept that the government has made a mistake? Even DAP admitted they made a mistake in their party polls.

Abasir: Paul 'Ask Putrajaya' Low stands condemned for all time not because he was not transparent with his colleagues in TI-M (Transparency International-Malaysia) when offered a job by PM Najib Razak but because of his sheer hypocrisy and arrogance when responding to queries on the legitimacy of his position.

The only problem now is that he has not a shred of credibility left and will remain the object of ridicule forever.

Krish: Paul Low should represent what TI-M stands for. Mind you, he was TI-M president, no small position. But alas, by his very actions and responses thus far, he is a far cry from TI-M's principles.

As DAP leader Lim Kit Siang says, if he took his oath of office before being appointed senator, then his appointment is illegal.

He should do the right thing by resigning his position with immediate effect to uphold the very principles that he was supposedly fighting for when he was in TI-M.

Slumdog: This is a bad start to Najib's new administration. Umno politicians and their crony NGO organisations always lecture everyone about complying with the law and constitution and to follow the correct procedures.

But as we have come to expect, they are the ones who ignore their own advice and push the boundaries to the maximum with spin and more lies.

Bluemountains: Paul Low had agreed that it is sufficient for those holding public office to declare their assets to the prime minister.

I would urge the former TI-M president to insist on maximum transparency as it involves taxpayers' money. Why are they not willing to declare their assets to the taxpayers? Is it because they have already amassed huge amounts that cannot be accounted for?

He should insist that those who are not willing to declare their assets to the taxpayers must step down immediately. Why can't BN elected representatives do it when Pakatan elected reps had already done so?

Pahatian: Our former and respectable TI-M president is learning the trade fast. Just weeks into his present post as a minister in the PM's Department, he is already practising how to push the ball around.

Michael Soh: Paul Low, you should know yourself what is right and what is wrong. This is so clear cut. And there is no shame to correct what is wrong.

You have the opportunity to set things right with your own appointment and it is important that you clear it up before you move on.

If not, it will render your leadership ineffective. It is a flawed appointment but it can be corrected. Why so difficult to come out in the open to correct it with humility and sincerity.

Adam Adil: Saul who persecuted Christians zealously saw the light of Jesus and was converted and became Paul the Apostle and most famous missionary.

I wonder what Paul Low has seen and embraced - light or darkness?

Cocomomo: We possibly had illegal voters. Now we have illegal ministers.

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