MCA chief is missing the forest for the trees

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VOXPOP 'Can you even begin to understand why hatred is in fact not spread by us but by certain parties who seem to be immune to the law?'

Soi Lek cautions netizens not to spread hate

vox populi small thumbnail Hplooi: MCA chief Chua Soi Lek, I have been a voter in Petaling Jaya Utara since the early 80s and have voted MCA quite often (you will have to buy me a jug of beer if you want to know why then and not now).

But do you mean to say that when certain media and so-called 'tokoh nasional' issued statements like "Chinese tsunami", "ungrateful" and "betrayal" to describe the Chinese community or when a certain firm, which is funded by taxpayer's money, is blatantly screened to depict the Chinese as wholly responsible for May 13 is not incitement?

Did you even comment, when a certain ex-judge incited a group of people from a certain party to hate a segment of the Malaysian community?

Can you even begin to understand why hatred is in fact not spread by us but by certain parties who seem to be immune to civil and statutory laws? In fact, statements such as yours is rubbing salt into our wounds.

Argonist: The strangest thing in Malaysia is that hate is spewed left, right and centre by people in authority or their supporters and nothing is done to stop them from doing so.

Here we have a prominent leader of Malaysia warning netizens to refrain from making comments about this one-sided justice practised in Malaysia. Malaysians know, Soi Lek.

Pahatian: CSL, who is inciting hate? Umno, and to a lesser extent, you.

Which unscrupulous parties are out to incite hate and disrupt the country's peace and harmony for their selfish personal and political gain? Umno, and to a lesser extent, you.

Do I need to say more? Please retire now and live in Sungai Buloh. Batu Pahat is not for you anymore.

Multi Racial: The problem with Chua and MCA is that the more they speak the more they look like running dogs for Umno.

Utusan Malaysia has been telling lies provoking racial suspicious and hatred, Chua and MCA were silent.

Blogger Papagomo has been inciting violence against Chinese, Chua and MCA were silent. Chua has lost all credibility to remain at the MCA helm and so, too, all current leaders of the party.

FairGame: CSL (Chua Soi Lek), your party is irrelevant. Your party comrades are irrelevant. Your Star newspaper is irrelevant. You are also irrelevant.

So what you said is irrelevant. And I'm only commenting on all this irrelevancy to drum into you that you are already irrelevant.

Anonymous$&@?: Chua Soi Lek has the gumption to speak against irresponsible bloggers but doesn't have the balls to tell Umno to stop Utusan from writing headlines that incite racial tensions and hatred against the Chinese.

Did he protest against the controversial film (Tanda Putera) that Communications and Multimedia Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek said will be shown in August? Will he allow the TV series Interlok to be produced?

CSL still doesn't get it why MCA is now a pariah party when every right-minded Chinese can see through the ‘sandiwara' that they are dishing out.

MCA deserved the slap in the face delivered by the recent GE and they will totally be wiped out if they refuse to change.

Rakyat Malaysia: Mahathir spreads racism and incites hatred . Is that okay?

Holden: Chua Soi Lek, perhaps it's time you turned your gaze to BN and provided some advice there. There appears to be a serious deficit of good sense in the ruling coalition.

And instead of sanctioning repression of the rakyat, you better start listening to the rakyat.

Okay to question Agong's speech, says expert

Kim Quek: Thanks to constitutional expert Abdul Aziz Bari and MP-cum-lawyer N Surendran for having given a sound lecture on constitutional monarchy to dim-witted BN leaders exemplified by Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan whose miserable intellect is reflected in the silly analogy of minister-press secretary relationship pertaining to speech writing.

It is high time BN stops the contemptuous practice of using monarchy and royalty to attack and oppress its political opponents.

Such a practice not only degrades our constitutional monarchy, but also drags our royalty into undesirable political controversy.

Anonymous #02382443: HRH's (His Royal Highness) speech, whether it is the opening session of Parliament or on such occasions should always be allowed as a subject for debate.

It should never be seen as seditious for one is not questioning the authority of HRH. Likewise, one can criticise or debate a court judgement without being contemptuous.

Kingfisher: Well done, professor, for the simple but factual clarification.

Many Malaysians are probably also aware that it is possible for irresponsible political powers to subvert and subtly undermine the regal role of a constitutional head of state for political ends.

Many Malaysians will be also wondering as to whether the institution of the monarchy in a constitutional monarchy is sufficiently manned by competent and forthright advisors to advise the monarch on the implication and consequences to the esteem of the constitutional monarchy if any glaring attempts at subversion for political interests alone is not prevented.

Recent discussions about appointments to ministerial positions outside the ambit of constitutional guidelines (should be drawn from members of either Houses in Parliament) comes to mind as well.

Fourtan: Of course, it's okay to question the Agong's speech. This is a needless article to affirm this basic right. But then, this is Malaysia, in which case, this article is most needed and timely.

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