What more does Raja Nong Chik want?

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YOURSAY 'He has lost in spite of alleged cheating, the misuse of DBKL resources for his campaign and the huge amount of money spent.'

Voter alleges Nurul committed graft in defaming Nong Chik

EvenSteven: In the Lembah Pantai Parliamentary seat, the whole BN machinery including the kitchen sink were thrown in to wrest the seat from incumbent MP Nurul Izzah Anwar.

This did not work as the massive turnout negated any attempts to steal the seat. In desperation two ballot boxes, from whence they came nobody seems to know, were ferried to the counting centre in a taxi and Proton Waja allegedly to swing the tide against Nurul.

It was obvious to everyone present, including the returning officer - an underhanded last ditch effort to save the day for challenger Raja Nong Chik with what must have been postal votes.

Just as well this attempt was thwarted by the returning officer, who had no choice but to follow the rules. Nurul won fair and square, so what's the problem?

TehTarik: Election petitioner Mohamad Sazali Kamilan is talking nonsense. Why were the ballot boxes being carried in the boots of a taxi and a Proton Waja?

The EC operating procedure is very clear - that the ballot boxes should be placed in the back seat, not the booth.

Why was one of the boxes marked 120, which is the Bukit Bintang constituency? Why were the boxes being ferried, late in the night, when the main counting was over?

I have a hunch that the two vehicles were carrying ballot boxes containing 'postal votes' from another constituency. Can Mohd Sazali explain the origins of these two mystery ballot boxes?

Hplooi: So this is the strategy of the BN government to counter the election petitions by the opposition - lodge counter petitions which are frivolous.

This is like a filibuster where a perfectly valid submissions are blocked by frivolous counter submissions. If we go by their logic, then BN politicians are much more guilty of defamation and in many documented cases, race-baiting, hate mongering etc.

But the objectives of these filibustering petitions are not the truth but to so clutter up the public domain and the courts that the whole point of unfair and one-sided electoral practice is smothered and hopefully forgotten as the public tires of incessant snipping.

To effectively counter such filibuster (only in the court of public opinion, forget about the courts) is to present each petition and argument in well-reasoned explanation and well-researched and documented facts.

The shallow nature of such filibustering counter-petition will defeat itself in the public domain.

Malaysian Born: Election petitions are a healthy part of the system. Unfortunately there will be as many nonsensical petitions as there will be valid ones and all must be considered.

The reality is that only a small proportion of the valid petitions will have sufficient basis to impact on the election results. This one is nothing more than a filler and white noise.

Anonymous_3f4b: If Pakatan can file election petitions in 24 parliamentary seats, what is wrong in BN filing 21 petitions?

If one look closely at the numerical 24 and in the hypothetical situation that Pakatan is to win in all the petitions and the results nullified and Pakatan is declared the winner, this will give them 113 seats which is just enough to form the federal government with a simple majority.

Perhaps this is their political game plan all along but what about those seats which they won by a whisker? Are the results in those seats fair and square and not open to judicial challenge?

Why are there no strong challenges in states won by Pakatan in Selangor, Penang and Kelantan? Are the results in these states free from fraud, cheating and intimidation of voters?

It is all about politics and self-interest rather than challenging the election results for the public benefit.

Vijay47: I think someone else should file another petition against Nurul on the grounds that by her winning her seat, she had insulted Raja Nong Chik by effectively suggesting that he was not worthy of or suitable to be a member of parliament.

Further, since his name includes the title ‘Raja', it is evident that he is of royal origin and any act that places him in a position subordinate to a mere commoner is seditious and treasonous and Nurul should accordingly be stripped of both her MP status and her citizenship and she should be banished to any country as His Majesty the Yang di-Pertuan Agong may decree.

Odin: I think the most sensible thing to do is to conduct the GE13 all over again. With all these petitions coming in from left, right, centre, top and bottom, the courts will not be able to finish hearing them all until after the next GE.

The two closest meanings of graft are bribery and robbery. I fail to see how Nurul's alleged action could be construed as graft.

Kookie: This is good for Pakatan because the election petition supports Pakatan's allegations that the EC has not performed its role efficiently and effectively, and there is no way the courts can accept the petitions filed by the BN and not Pakatan.

Mushiro: Apa lagi Raja Nong Chik mahu? Raja Nong Chik has lost in spite of alleged cheating, the misuse of DBKL resources for his campaign and the huge amount of money spent. Nong Chik now wants a remedy in court. What next, Nong Chik?

Iamleavingbutdecidedtostay: Both sides have filed something like 80 election petitions. There is something terribly wrong with GE13.

The best way out is to dissolve Parliament and redo the election with independent observers or an independent party conducting it.

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