Black 505 rally at Padang Merbok or Stadium Merdeka?

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YOURSAY 'DBKL is making a political decision in refusing Padang Merbok. There is no way it will allow Pakatan to use Padang Merbok or Dataran Merdeka.'

Black 505 venue talks with DBKL at a stalemate

your say Anonymous #85701391: Public servants are now ready to sit down to negotiate instead of just succumbing to stupid or thoughtless directives from their political masters of the day.

This is a good sign. At least, now they accept the fact that their salaries are paid by taxpayers and the politicians are just making use of them to do their dirty work.

Dont Just Talk: PKR director of strategy Rafizi Ramli, since during the hour-long discussion with Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL), Stadium Merdeka was offered instead of Padang Merbok, what are you waiting for?

Just accept Stadium Merdeka for the June 22 ‘Black 505' rally before DBKL changes its mind.

Pahatian: Yes, Stadium Merdeka would be a better choice and more meaningful. But then beware of flip-flop and the police rejecting it for cooked-up reasons.

GoodToBeMalaysian: Rafizi, I just drove by Padang Merbok. It can't accommodate 1,000,000 people. Stadium Merdeka is a good option. It's more meaningful too. Don't worry about the cost. The people will chip in.

KnockKnock: Rafizi, we are all for the majority voices and for the ultimate aim of '505', but being an elderly man, let's think wisely. I believe we are all against retaliation and brutality.

If they suggested Stadium Merdeka, take it. If they play nonsense again after, then we go straight to Dataran Merdeka. Let's play their game. Choose the polite way first.

Multi Racial: Basically they just want to make lives difficult for everyone. If Pakatan Rakyat were to ask for Stadium Merdeka, based on their records, they will reject saying that Stadium Merdeka has been booked.

Mushiro: DBKL is making a political decision in refusing Padang Merbok. There is no way it will allow Pakatan to use Padang Merbok or Dataran Merdeka - these are only for Umno-approved functions.

Pakatan has no choice but to go ahead with the rally in Padang Merbok. If the people cannot gather at Padang Merbok then DBKL will take the blame if the people gather along the streets.

Heavenly King: The first and only choice is Dataran Merdeka. There is no other choice. This is a test of strength.

And remember, a top priority is the removal of the Election Commission (EC) supercrooks. This is a make-it or break-it event, so be prepared to be punished. But fear not, for I am with you.

HUMAN BEING: Thumbs up for Rafiz. But please no changes. I am going to book my plane ticket to fly back to Malaysia. Can't wait to attend this historic moment.

Free and Fair Election: Protest on the streets is more effective than in any stadium. Malaysia is our country, we can gather anywhere we want. Ini tanah kita semua (this is our land, all of us).

Pisasu 7: Stadiums are for sports and concerts, worldwide. You can't ask the people to demonstrate in Wembly stadium or New York Yankee stadium.

Only in Malaysia, the stadium is good for a rally, rather than a decent football game. Go ask the new Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar.

Anonymous_40f4: This mayor of the minority government is playing politics for his masters in Umno just like in Bersih 3.0.

DBKL will cordon off the field using their enforcement thugs and the Federal Reserve Unit (FRU), as if Padang Merbok is a very high security area, just like the way they did it with Dataran Merdeka. Shame on this government and DBKL.

WhatIwant: The people have the right to a peaceful assembly. We want our voices to be heard around the world - we are angry with rare earth refinery Lynas Advanced Materials Plant ( Lynas ), miscarriage of justice in the murder of Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu murder, deaths in police lockups , excessive spending, selective prosecution , corruption, cronyism, Teoh Beng Hock's death, and escalating crimes.

And we still want to be a developed country by 2020? Vietnam will have a better chance to be developed before us.

Bystander: Rafizi, just decide on it and announce the official time for the gathering and I wouldn't miss this one moment in time for a new Malaysia.

Jesse: DBKL, a stooge of Umno, is facilitating a crackdown by the police to frustrate the event and the peoples' desire to voice their displeasure at the lack of any meaningful reform.

Zak: Yes, please take the alternative given and plan that properly and nicely. But please tell them that the place offered is final and no more changes will be entertained.

We have to be nice with them as the new place being offered could be well accepted by us.

Toonarmy: We are the majority. This is our country. We will assemble peacefully where we want. We will not listen to the servants of this illegitimate and fraudulent regime.

AkuMelayuIslam: Does the city mayor, Ahmad Phesal Talib, know that close to 70 percent of Kuala Lumpur folks voted for Pakatan? He is a nobody.

The KL rakyat own KL. We tell him what we want. We are not asking him.

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