Time to harness the power of the 51 percent

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YOURSAY 'When fatigue sets in, God is showing you who are in the struggle for the rakyat and who are in it for the money.'

Anwar warns of battle fatigue as some reps waver

your say Ablastine: Pakatan Rakyat must play it smart and should realise that street demonstration alone are insufficient to bring about change. It should systematically make its case by first providing irrefutable proof of electoral fraud.

Pakatan can in fact be very powerful given that it has now the majority vote and the majority of the intellectuals and capable Malaysians are on its side. These are the most influential, well-educated and more resourceful part of the population, along with tremendous purchasing power.

Pakatan can bring the mass media or Umno mouthpieces such as The Star to its knees by issuing the order for its supporters to boycott it. It would collapse within a couple of months.

Or it can choose to punish those companies that provided funds for BN to buy votes by organising a boycott of their products.

Once this is done, no companies in the next election will dare to do that anymore. Much more can be done and Pakatan should harness this power which it now has at its disposal.

Hang Tuah PJ: Pakatan is the minority in Parliament - how much can they do other than make as much noise as possible? It is now up to the citizens. The ballot boxes do not serve their original purpose anymore.

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, there has to be a reason for fatigue setting in. God is showing you who are in the struggle for the rakyat, and who are in it for the money.

This is to enable you to sieve out these crooks when we walk with you to Putrajaya. Keep the faith and complete the race.

Open Minded: Anwar, you are not perfect and neither am I. But we do our best and I do believe you do have the best interests of the nation and its people at heart.

Beware of elements within who can undermine your struggle. Remember, Jesus was betrayed by the one closest to him.

Kassim Muhamad: To me, the Salleh Abas tragedy of 1988 made a significant impact on the country and should always be a reminder of how the regime stifled dissent.

In my humble opinion, that was the historic moment when we Malaysians allowed Dr Mahathir Mohamad to trample and crush our judiciary.

In a similar manner, some of us may want to believe that GE13 was just another normal everyday event. At most, it was a dream gone wrong for Anwar Ibrahim. So why bother?

No, personally I disagree. Black 505 is about the destiny of a nation - our nation. Apart from the rallies, shall we think of other ways to fight the regime and its entrenched system?

Kim Quek: This is vintage Anwar - the indefatigable fighter for freedom and justice for this country.

Anwar's caution against those weaklings advocating "moving forward" is timely and pertinent. We were cheated, through and through, of a victory in the last election, so why should we "move forward" without settling the old score?

No, we will not accept the phony outcome of GE13. We shall continue to fight until the injustice done in GE13 is undone.

In the meantime, Pakatan must keep a close watch on those "voices of Umno" within their ranks, so aptly coined by PAS vice-president Husam Musa.

Liew Lean Kut: "The moment citizens stop to support the government; it will die a natural death." So said Mahatma Gandhi. This is precisely the tactic we must use to force the government to change.

JMC: Understand that many of those who follow Anwar are opportunists - win and they come in droves, lose and they leave in droves.

All they want are the perks of being in power. I think it would be naive to have expected BN to give up so easily. As Anwar says, fight for rights and justice needs commitment.

Mushiro: I guess battle fatigue sets in as opportunities for income are missed by many elected representatives. Pakatan should work out a formula for these people in Pakatan-controlled states.

It is a fact that they need funds for their machinery and supporters. Otherwise these people will be easily enticed by the devil. The battle is going to be long and funds will be needed.

It is better for the Pakatan states to make these positions for the elected representatives transparent to stay clear of the BN vultures.

Continue-The-March: To destroy an ingrained corrupted regime of 56 years takes time. Keep on pushing. It is already collapsing.

Now BN cannot claim to represent the majority of Malaysians as more than 51 percent of voters rejected Umno-BN. It will collapse soon.

Just like any great revolution, there will be opportunists and traitors. GE13 has already cleared a group of GE12 traitors. Keep on pushing.

SelangorKu: Pakatan must realise, ‘Money talks and more money talks louder'. Let us concentrate on gerrymandering and the malapportionment of seats .

Apa Ini?: Politicians must sustain the desire for change by leading with effective strategies. Supporters for electoral change can wear black to work, or just a black armband, or keep one index finger nail painted black, until the entire Election Commission resigns.

I'm sure Malaysians will be very inventive once we accepted the idea that rallies aren't the only way to protest.

Meanwhile, Pakatan must become the most united and intelligent opposition the Malaysian Parliament has ever seen. Time to change tactics, not just ‘move on'.

Rahman: Actually Anwar's knees are trembling and withering. He is weakened by his failure to be PM. How can he not be fatigued when he said prior to GE13, he would retire if Pakatan fails to win Putrajaya.

Victory was very important for him to move forward. The absence of Abdul Hadi Awang at Black 505 was a clear indication the PAS president was not with Anwar. Anwar is left with two PAS losers - deputy president Mat Sabu and vice-president Husam Ali.

If at all there is someone from Pakatan eager to hear of an invitation from Umno, it is Anwar himself.

Slumdog: We can all appreciate that to confront defeat in what appeared to be almost certain victory for Pakatan is a very bitter pill to swallow.

Political fatigue is an understandable outcome but now is not the time to give up after all the effort, hard work and deflecting the political obstacles thrown at Pakatan.

To some extent, Pakatan has cause to celebrate the fact that they won 51 percent of the popular vote and Umno-BN won the election through the efforts of the Election Commisson, fraud, bribery, cheating and Umno's ever present friend, Mister Gerry Mander.

Take a break, recharge your political batteries and fight the evil Umno-BN and hit them were it hurts.

Stone Cold: The people who chose Pakatan want their voices to be heard in Parliament where it matters. Pakatan MPs must do their jobs as representatives of the majority. If they fail, Pakatan will fall like it did in Kedah.

Game Changer: The BN government has failed the rakyat again and again, what with corruption at many levels.

There's also KLIA2, electoral fraud, deaths in custody, promoting racial hatred, lies, failing to deal with the current haze situation, need I bring up all the previous failures?

It's time the rakyat come together and demand that the BN government step down. I anticipate more corruption cases will surface in the near future. Just ask yourself, how many times have we been lied to?

Anonymous_40f4: Pakatan must keep fighting to make the elections free and fair. Never waver and disappoint the rakyat who just want clean elections and a clean government.

So please don't let down the rakyat who have high hopes for Pakatan and Anwar.

Gen2indian: Anwar, you are our only hope to bring this corrupt regime to its knees. I will attend every protest event as long as I am alive because I don't want my children and grandchildren to ask me "why did you not fight?"

Sir, keep up with the good fight. For if God is watching, this evil regime will self-destruct sooner or later.

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