Najib, try reconciliation without conditions

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YOURSAY ‘You cannot have reconciliation without first offering and making good on an offer to correct the wrongs.'

PM: Reconciliation possible only if GE results accepted

your say Geronimo: Accept GE13 results? No way. Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak must be crazy to think that if we accept the results, reconciliation can begin. He is back peddling again on the 'reconciliation' matter.

By accepting the GE13 results, we are in fact accepting all the cheating that went with it, the indelible ink, the tainted electoral roll, transferring of voters from one constituency to another, the Bangladeshi voters, etc. Is this what he wants?

Anyway, is there any difference whether we have reconciliation or otherwise? Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali and vice-president Zulkifli Noordin, former Selangor PAS commissioner Hasan Ali, Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia , the former Court of Appeal judge Mohd Noor Abdullah and many other racial and religious bigots are still on the loose and Najib has done nothing to stop them.

So even if reconciliation was to happen, what about these boneheads? Anyway, we too have our condition - there will be no reconciliation until people like Ibrahim, Zulkifli and many like them are brought to book. Utusan's licence should be revoked and corruption should cease.

Anonymous #44199885: The reconciliation proposal is due to the failure by Najib to rein in the extremist elements in BN, Umno in particular, and BN-friendly and sympathetic organisations like Malay rights group Perkasa. They have created the current schism in today's society.

The pursuit by Najib of this proposal is an attempt to legitimise his failure to rein in corruption, the failure to ensure that the institutions of governance are independent and the failure of the Election Commission to carry out its obligations under law and the federal constitution.

You cannot have reconciliation without first offering and making good on an offer to correct the wrongs.

The continued attacks in Utusan and persons sympathetic to Umno against Malaysian citizens of Chinese origin is testament to the fact that the reconciliation offer by Najib is a hollow one.

He has not in the past four years come through on significant reforms expected by Malaysians and so far he has not shown that he is likely to.

Armchair Newspaper: Reconciliation must be built on willingness of Umno to accept truth that the brand of politics that has secured its continued rule is coming to an end.

And if Umno and the opposition want to move forward, they must all move ahead with the common aim to construct a new political framework for all Malaysians - one where all are treated equally whilst accepting the special place of Malays, Islam and the Malay rulers in the constitution.

There is no reason to speak of reconciliation if it aims to perpetuate the old system based on racial, religious and political hegemony of Umno.

Lim Chong Leong: What kind of PM is this who puts conditions on the opposition for reconciliation?

If there is any effort for reconciliation, it should be based on his own initiative as leader of all Malaysians and not wait upon the opposition.

Fairnsquare: The Najib administration must realise that reconciliation is important to regain the people's support. If they wait for the acceptance of the GE13 results, which may never come, their delay in reconciliation will only increase the unpopularity of BN.

This is not a good political approach. I wonder who the PM's political advisors are. Hopefully they are not sabotaging him.

Anonymous #02382443: Acceptance of GE13 results, yes, but surely one can exercise one's right to challenge some results as provided in the election laws.

Why reconciliation? The people have spoken, and if one sees the demand expressed through the popular vote, then one has to do what is needed and nothing else. Failing which, one will face the wrath of the people again in the next GE.

Not Confused: The opposition should under no circumstances accept the result of GE13. To do so would be an indication of acceptance of fraudulent and illegal activities before and during the election.

The country already has a national consultative council - it's called Parliament, and this is where debates on racism, corruption and the myriad of other ills plaguing this country takes place.

Not another quasi-governmental talking shop that will produce nothing, or worse, produce recommendations that will then be ignored and just filed away.

Hplooi: This is conditional acceptance but genuine reconciliation can only proceed when:

1) There is unequivocal apologies for all invectives and racial slurs against the Chinese community post-GE13.

2) All ministers who refuses to apologise are sacked.

3) There is a promise to ensure all ministers refrain from race-baiting and/or negatively targeting any community.

4) There is promise to refrain from unfairly discriminating any community on the basis of voting trends (ie, all allocation must be disbursed fairly to elected representatives).

That may be a start, but I believe item one will probably be a non-starter. Conditional recognition does not preclude legal challenge to voting irregularities when more evidence surfaces.

OMG!!: Who wants a national conciliation more than him to justify the legitimacy of his minority government?

No reconciliation until Perkasa, Utusan apologise

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