'It was Umno which killed democracy in Penang'

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YOURSAY ‘Democracy died a long time in the country. Why is the opposition in Penang only realising this now.'

Jahara: Democracy dead in Penang assembly

your say ACR: The Penang assembly speaker clarified that the current session runs from Monday to Friday, following which questions would be allowed.

On the other hand, the speaker of the Parliament dismisses motions from the opposition at whim. Surely 51 percent of the voting citizenry know in which august house democracy is routinely killed.

The 47 percent probably know that too, but like the party they voted for, they are good at pretending.

Kanasai: What is the difference between not being allowed to ask questions, and questions not allowed due to one reason or another?

Subang Jaya: Democracy died a long time in the country. Why is the opposition in Penang only realising this now.

YouAreNotAlone: So now you (state opposition leader Jahara Hamid) know what the taste of "having a mouth and cannot voice" is like? How does it taste?

This is how Umno-BN has been treating the rakyat and the opposition for more than 50 years. You people are lucky as what you have experienced is only less than one percent of the tortures Umno-BN is giving the majority Malaysians from the past till now.

So go try put yourself in the rakyat's shoes and imagine what we have been through all these years and stop complaining about the tiny issue here.

Little Buddha: Two wrongs will not make a right. If what the comments posted say is true then Pakatan Rakyat is no different from BN. Pakatan is not practising what they preach. At the end of the day, the rakyat are the victims. How sad.

Reason: This is Lim Guan Eng's country. He is king, emperor, CM and everything. He will get his coolies to fight for him and slam anybody down that he feels does not toe the line in the king's domain.

In fact, he wants coordinators in every BN seat, so he can control his empire. Trying to prevent BN from getting two-thirds, they gave DAP-Pakatan 80 percent of the Dewan. How strange. So is democracy in Penang dead?

Rakyat Malaysia: Malaysia has a PM with minority votes. The majority votes do not form the government. So what do you say about that?

Before saying democracy is dead in Penang, I'd say democracy has been dead in Malaysia many years ago, starting from 1957 with the gerrymandering technique used and delineation done during Dr Mahathir Mohamad's time.

The Mask: In parliament, the speaker rejected all motions by the opposition members. Cannot speak about the haze, cannot speak about A Kugan's death, etc.

So Jahara, you are only getting a taste of your own medicine. So stop crying like a baby, and stop showing off that you are a "capable" opposition leader. As mentioned, democracy has been dead for a long time under BN.

Black Mamba: The Umno opposition talking about democracy? This word never existed when they were the ruling government. Never mind, Pakatan will give them ample time to ask questions, but the issue here is do they have relevant questions?

Ferdtan: It is strange that there are always news about the states that are Pakatan-controlled, especially Penang and Selangor. Kelantan, too, has less news reported like the other BN-controlled states, unless there are bad things happening or mistakes made by the PAS-led government.

Are the other state assemblies sleeping and not doing any work? Is the game of politics not played in the other states? Even the mainstream media seem to ignore them too.

Maybe Malaysiakini should take a lead in this; station one reporter in each of these assemblies to report some news (if any) to all. Let us give some exposure to the assemblypersons in other states. It is unfair to hear the privileged assemblypersons from Penang and Selangor all the time.

Fair Play: Ferdtan, definitely it is not strange but absolute fear of Penang CM Lim Guan Eng and Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim.

These two individuals have demonstrated in a relatively short time what they could do to improve the welfare of their rakyat respectively. If they continue to perform the way they did, very soon other states would want to follow suit and take a gamble with Pakatan.

A very good example is the fiasco turning Jonker Walk into Jonker Drive in Malacca just to prove a point.

Gods Messenger: Now you feel the chili is ‘pedas'. It was the present opposition which killed democracy during their days of ruling Penang.

Chronos: Finally they get to experience dead democracy.

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